Digital Intelligence Report
January 2021
PROGRAMMATIC/DISPLAY: Cookieless solutions aren't all the same and many are launching. Right now, the cookieless world will be a rich get richer scenario. MORE ... Performance marketing sounds uber intelligent but not when you are relying on fraudulent analytics. MORE ... Agility is the key to 2021 programmatic. We're going to have to be nimble as we dodge all of the privacy issues while taking advantage of the flexibility within the growing programmatic offerings. MORE

SOCIAL: There were some seriously bold social media campaigns in 2020. Let's remember some of the best. MORE ... The same reasons people follow influencers are the reasons marketers are leery. MORE ... Section 230 looks to be unmodified by the FCC for now. MORE ... But it remains in the political crosshairs. MORE ... As the social platforms fight for users and engagement, they have started to look and act similarly. MORE ... Wondering if your social media efforts are doing anything? Power up your Google Analytics to answer that question. MORE ... Get on board for livestreams with your influencers. MORE
  • Clubhouse: The audio-based, cocktail party-like experience, is gaining traction despite its exclusivity. MORE
  • Facebook: There are financial headwinds ahead based on the current Apple aproach to privacy. MORE ... Facebook blocked President Donald Trump because "on balance we believe it contributes to rather than diminishes the risk of ongoing violence." MORE
  • TikTok: Like it or not, TikTok offers the quickest route to viral of any social platform. MORE
  • Twitter: Twitter locked President Donald Trump out of his account for at least 12 hours based on their "Civic Integrity" policy. MORE
CONTENT MARKETING: Good B2B content marketing doesn't typically highlight a specific product. MORE ... Looking for some February ideas? Don't forget ice cream for breakfast day on the 6th! MORE ... Start 2021 off well by removing under-performing content that gets in the way of the good stuff. MORE ... #contentmarketing was most often married with #digitalmarketing, #marketing, #seo, #growthhacking and #smm last year. MORE ... Is your content agile? MORE ... The biggest internal challenges content marketers face are changing priorities, interference and resources. MORE ... If blogging is a part of the strategy, check out these helpful (albeit basic) tips. MORE

SEARCH: SEO is a killer trend in 2021 for a couple of reasons. First, the bulk of the work can be done cheaply and internally. Second, SEO is going through some serious changes in 2021 (AI, voice and local) necessitating more work. MORE ... Set up your PPC programs in a new, more powerful manner. MORE ... SEO insights aren't just for SEO. Share them with marketing, sales, content, executives to know where your brand or products are scoring. MORE ... How do you improve your Google results? Disavow bad links, notify Google of stolen intellectual property or just remove the pages. MORE

MARKETING TECHNOLOGY: You can't market without the right tools and the right tools need strong marketers at the helm to work smartly. MORE ... Natural language processing will fuel current and future tech and make things quicker and faster. But what is it? MORE ... Upgrading and full utilization of the tools you have should be your focus this year. MORE

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: For AI to explode in digital marketing, we are going to need MarTech to bring it to us. There aren't enough use cases and capabilities to deploy it on its own. MORE

DATA: We have CDP problems. First, everything out there isn't a CDP. And everything we need a CDP to solve is not solved. MORE

ANALYTICS: From user experience to driving actual sales, the 2021 trends in analytics will push us to greater places if realized. MORE

VIDEO: Google is testing a search result that aggregates TikTok and Instagram videos. MORE

AUDIO/PODCASTING: If you are thinking about kicking off 2021 with a new podcast, think it through with these five key elements. MORE

PRIVACY: More legislation and more penalties in 2021. MORE ... Here is a basic overview of the problem and where it is headed. MORE

DIGITAL MARKETING: How do you keep track of your competition? Google Alerts, SEM Rush, Alexa, Moz, Ghostery, Moat and others are helpful in the process. MORE ... Digital transformation is more than updating your web site and creating an app. MORE ... Here are a handful of upcoming webcasts that you can access to learn more.
Cookie – A small text document storing data on a user’s device that is pertinent to a specific web site.
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