Digital Intelligence Report
May 2020 v. 3
Last year, we had the idea of a digital marketing and sales conference for agriculture and knew it was too good of an idea to pass up. That's when Ag Marketing in the Digital Age was born.

We painstakingly set the date for late March to avoid numerous other meetings and travel responsibilities for people in our industry. We set the agenda, marketed the registrations, added a Rooster level of fun to the day, pulled the speakers together and were ready to go. Then COVID-19 hit....

That booted us to July. But, let's be honest, the world is still getting its footing. The idea of a virtual event sounded sort of appealing, but we think this is too important to be left to Zoom.

So, we are now ready to put a solid date together for an in-person experience. Most if not all of our speakers are on board again for the event happening Tuesday, Oct. 20 in St. Louis.

We will adhere to all the recommendations around Coronavirus keeping everyone safe, but we want to get together. It's time to ramp up everyone in agriculture on digital.

For more information on the event, including speaker roster, agenda and registration information; Check out
SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter and one of its most famous and aggressive users (President Donald Trump) sparred late Thursday over a tweet about the Minneapolis protests. MORE ... Twitter earlier ran into a "small problem" when it added a fact-check notice to a pair of the President's tweets. MORE ... Facebook is leaving the determination of truth to the reader. MORE ... An executive order calling for investigation and legal considerations happened in retaliation to the fact-check action. MORE
  • Facebook: Facebook's new group phone chat software now has a name an an app. Welcome to CatchUp. MORE ... Music-activated effects? Cool. MORE
  • Instagram: Instagram users can create group rooms ... that ultimately land you in Facebook messenger. MORE ... IG TV is coming up with new monetization options. MORE
  • Pinterest: According to a recent Centro webcast, 97 percent of searches on Pinterest historically are unbranded. That makes it a topic or keyword playground. MORE
  • Reddit: Did you know there are 17K Reddit members on the agriculture subReddit? MORE
  • Influencers: Six keys to a good influencer strategy -- Platform selection, Transparency, Long-term thinking, Offer freedom, Trust, Study. MORE

EMAIL: The design of your email matters, and the lower right quadrant is not a place to put your best content. MORE .. .Marketing automation isn't just creating a matrix of when to deploy the next email. Include other triggerable media as well. MORE ... Take care when inserting emojis into subject lines. MORE

PODCASTING: One expert says the recent investment from Spotify and others could move the industry into two types of ad types -- the endemic, host-read ad unit; and the programmatic, scripted unit. MORE ... Thirty-seven percent in the past month (against 55 percent all-time) is not a bad adoption rate for an alternative media offering. MORE ... Meanwhile, advertising on podcasts is set to pass 1 billion by next year. MORE ... Amazon wants to get into the game, as well. MORE
MOBILE MESSAGING: The average response time on an SMS/MMS message is 90 seconds. MORE ... T-Mobile now can send RCS style messaging. MORE ... But will RCS ever really happen at scale? It should, and it might. MORE ... Smartphone use is up 75 percent this year (not a surprise). MORE

CONTENT MARKETING: Content may be king but a king has to be wrapped in the right garments. The form of the content can't be ignored. MORE ... 63 percent of marketers don't have a centralized content hub and waste time pulling content assets together. MORE ... Anyone can post a blog or launch a podcast. Authority and expertise are ways to stand out. MORE ... Read this before you write your next audio or video script. MORE

DIGITAL MARKETING: What position do you need to hire next? Here's a map on how to structure a strong digital team. MORE

PROGRAMMATIC: LiveRamp, the first-party data on-boarder, is apparently stock worth watching. MORE ... Another area gaining financial interest is the API software world, where much of our MarTech will pull from to make everything work better together. MORE ... As bid prices decrease (lots of inventory, not as much spending), some of the key tools protecting the validity of the buys can't fit into the mix. MORE

SEARCH: Automate your sitemap or risk downgrades. MORE

VIDEO: YouTube has 1 billion hours watched every day from 33 percent of the world's population. MORE ... There are some intrusive programmatic video options that may work well in certain circumstances. MORE

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: A dating app (Iris) has launched that predicts mutual attraction. MORE ... Can AI and company data/communications every coexist? One expert says no. I tend to believe there is just a yet unseen missing link in the chain. MORE

WEB SITES: Site download speed can be a key contributor to traffic increases or decreases -- especially when reaching rural audiences. Test yours today. MORE

PRIVACY: We celebrated the two-year anniversary of GDPR this week. The majority of the complaints have bee n for telemarketing,  promotional emails  and video surveillance/CTV advertisements. MORE ... The post-COVID-19 landscape of privacy is going to look different. MORE
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The goal of the Rooster Strategic Solutions Digital Intelligence Report is to provide intelligence around the digital product landscape. What is coming next. How to use what you already have. Who might be doing it right.