Digital Intelligence Report
May 2020 v. 2
Of all of the digital media tactics, the easiest to get right is email. How can something so easy to get right, be so wrong most of the time?

The components are simple:
  • Respected sender (person or brand).
  • Informative subject line
  • Body copy that is readable, quick to comprehend, and fulfills the subject line expectation.
  • A way to interact, if desired.
  • A way off the list, if desired.

There are pitfalls at each stage but it's also pretty easy to swing over each of the pits. There is loads of wisdom on subject lines and engagement strategies ... that many ignore ... but what really boggles the mind is the actual content and design.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to deliver content to an audience via email. You do it every day to friends and family. I have one friend who will say every email is TL;DR but normal people have learned over decades how to compose an email.

If you are sending business emails, check them against the three core needs -- readable, comprehendable and fulfills the promise. If it doesn't, change what you are doing. Your audience will appreciate it.

Admittedly, it's kind of bold to talk about how to do email correctly in an email. If you have thoughts on how to make this one better, let me know!
EMAIL: It's always good to check your subject lines against tactics that trip spam filters. MORE ... Click segmentation is among the tactics we should be doing to be better and smarter with digital. MORE ... Grow trust, communicate based on the data you have, build value with every new subscriber and know privacy rules. MORE ... Here are 22 blogs devoted to email marketing. MORE ... Here's a resource to inspire your next email design. MORE

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CONTENT MARKETING: What do you do if the topic is just BORING? There are still ways to use it. MORE ... Does your content strategy answer the what, where, who, why, when and how? MORE ... A combination of evergreen content and content based on current events or trends is the best approach. MORE

DIGITAL MARKETING: Google is testing its first post-cookie-era cookie successor. MORE

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PROGRAMMATIC: Some publishers are holding back inventory to avoid decreasing cpms. Smart. There is a point where the revenue has less ROI than house ads or blank white space. MORE ... A recent study showed publishers reap a little more than thought of the programmatic spend . The fees were divided up between media agencies, demand-side platforms, demand-side technology, sell-side platforms and supply-side technology. MORE ... The study has created an uproar over some missing money, as much as 15 percent. MORE ... Programmatic display has fallen below $2 cpm and premium video is sitting at roughly $21. Skippable video is around $10. MORE

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ANALYTICS: Oh gosh. The first encouragement here (in the post-cookie world) is to trust and use vendor metrics? Scary. Surely we will come up with a better answer! MORE

PRIVACY: With the pandemic placing a greater pressure on digital tools, calls for greater privacy legislation are already being heard. MORE
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