The trajectory toward one-to-one marketing is fierce and is absolutely led by digital due to its efficiency and nimbleness with data. But one-to-one is extremely hindered by a capabilities knowledge gap often managing the marketing purse strings and an equally detrimental disconnect with the creative strategy. Additionally, the marketers who best close the gaps here are highly sought and move around and up quickly. Then, there’s the fear of the Big Data creepiness and potential negative brand lift it could bring. Finally, once you have a personalization strategy in place, implementing it only on one or two channels is deflating and less impactful.

Because of these speed bumps, marketers are often left saddened by the results of an aggressive personalization strategy and settle on segmenting as deep enough. They’re resigned to the executable rather than the exceptional.

Let Rooster help bridge these knowledge gaps for you and carry you (and your customers) to a real personalized marketing strategy.

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