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It's a sad day for Alaska.
Last night, the House Majority passed one of the largest budgets in state history - over $12 billion. With no time for review, deliberation, public comment, dialogue or discussion and less than 12 hours before the final day of the special session, the operating budget was introduced as an unheard of  89-page amendment to the capital budget. It was available to the House Majority members Wednesday and shared with the Republican Caucus only a short time before going to a vote late Thursday evening. 
This is not what compromise looks like.
The House Majority ran the clock down on negotiations with delays and inaction. They placed their agenda, to fund a bloated state government by taxing the working people of Alaska, above all else. With a shrinking deficit, more oil in the pipeline and strong growth in the permanent fund generating over $15 billion in reserves, we do not need an income tax.
Actions taken last night set a terrible precedent, showed lack of leadership, and bring us no closer to keeping the state functioning after July 1.

Second Special Session 

The Senate concluded the first special session this morning, without accepting the House Majority's actions. Shortly after their adjournment, Governor Walker called the legislature back to work to address the only item the legislature is constitutionally mandated to pass, the   operating budget

30th Alaska State Legislature Second Special Session Proclamation

Public Input 

Despite last evening's actions,  a government shutdown can still be avoided and I will be working diligently with my colleagues throughout the next special session to ensure a better outcome for our state . Your input is important to this process and I encourage you to contact House Majority members and let them know the people of Alaska deserve better than an ultimatum to either accept broad based taxes or face a government shutdown. A complete list of House members and contact information can be viewed  online

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