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An estimated 23 million pets live with their families in poverty in the United States, unable to access essential veterinary care and wellness resources. Pets for Life (PFL), a core program of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), recognizes that people's deep connection with their pets transcends boundaries of socioeconomics, race, ethnicity and geography. No one should be denied the opportunity to experience the benefits and joy that come from the human-animal bond.

Through door-to-door community outreach and facilitating pet support services, PAAC Pets for Life provides veterinary care, supplies, services and information at no cost to people and their pets. The program builds trust, positive relationships and long-term community partnerships.

The pets for life program is a crucial aspect of PAAC's outreach efforts. In underserved communities nationally, Pets for Life data shows that 70% of pets have never seen a veterinarian before. Not because people don’t love their pets but because systemic poverty and structural inequities create barriers to veterinary care and pet resources similar to the challenges many people experience in accessing healthy food, education, jobs, health care and housing.

What is the goal of Pets For Life? 

PFL works towards increasing equity in access to pet resources for people experiencing poverty or living in underserved communities; and to examine the intersection between companion animal welfare and racial and economic injustice.

To make the future of companion animal welfare more community-based.

What is Pets for Life?

“It is incredibly important that our program honors the love people have for their pets and removes barriers to pet services that far too many people face.

-HSUS, Pets for Life

How is PAAC involved? 

PAAC has demonstrated an impressive initiative to address the inequity in access to pet resources that people in underserved areas experience and was chosen as Pets for Life Mentorship Partner in 2018 to provide community outreach and pet owner support in Corpus Christi, TX.

Since then PAAC has served over 7,400 pets, provided over 33,000 supplies and services and in the last three years, 92% of the pets have been unaltered and 68% have never seen a veterinarian before.

Through the program, 71% of the unaltered pets have been spayed or neutered, highlighting that people desperately want this service but have not been able to access it without subsidized support.

The Humane Society of the United States is proud to support PAAC in working towards a more just and fair animal welfare movement.

-HSUS, Pets for Life

Pets for Life: Keeping pets and families together

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PAAC is proud to participate in Coastal Bend Day of Giving, a 24-hour online matching fundraising event administered by Coastal Bend Community Foundation.

The event will be held Tuesday, November 14 (12:00AM – 11:59PM).

You can donate early during Early Day of Giving November 6th - 13th!

Mark your calendars because we will need your help! We will be joining more than 60 local nonprofits to raise money together. This year, 25 local funders have pledged $1.4 million in matching grants.

The amount donated will be matched and doubled, up to $22,500 per organization, each raising at least $45,000 in just 24 hours! 

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