October 3, 2017
Remembering Hurricane Matthew

GoServ Global: Impact of Safe T Home during Hurricane Matthew & beyond
GoServ Global: Impact of Safe T Home during Hurricane Matthew & beyond

As we near the anniversary of Hurricane Matthew, we are thankful for everyone who donated this past year and we PRAISE GOD for your faithfulness! Altogether, YOU gave more than $622,000 for Hurricane Matthew Relief!!  

Hurricane Matthew destroys the only building on the property of Bethel Orphanage.
GoServ Global built 4 Safe T Homes, a gazebo, a kitchen, bathrooms, and dug a well.

Harvey and Irma remind us how devastating hurricanes can be. (GoServ Global is raising funds for Houston and plans to send teams there.) As we remember Hurricane Matthew that ravaged Haiti one year ago today, images of total devastation come to mind as 90%
Thanks to the new well, children at Bethel Orphanage no longer have to cross a busy road to fetch water.
of traditional structures in the area crumbled. 

But, we rejoice in the solid design of the Safe T HomeĀ®, engineered by Sukup Manufacturing, where 100% of the 200 homes withstood the 145 mph winds! 

This past year, GoServ Global focused relief efforts on housing. Thanks to YOUR donations since the hurricane, GoServ Global has built an additional 60 Safe T Homes in Haiti with more on the way. 

"Because Haiti is a country of natural disasters, people have in their minds that their homes are temporary," shared Eddy Constant, GoServ Global's Haiti Director. "But, the Safe T Home has changed the mindset of the people, so not only are they living in safe homes, they are also living with peace inside of them."

We employed dozens of Haitians who built the homes, working alongside several GoServ Global mission teams. The homes have been built at several orphanages including Bethel, Citadel, and the Center of Help, along with the most needy in the community including  the La Brise and the Bamboula communities. 

In addition to building Safe T Homes, here is a sample of some of the ways GoServ Global was able to use your donations ...
  • Built New Homes/Helped with Home Repairs for many staff members & Centre de Vie Church members (where 95 out of 108 families lost homes)
  • Built a New Dining Center/Kitchen at the Consolation Center Orphanage and Installed a Security Wall
  • Built a Kitchen, Bathrooms & a Security Wall around the property of the Center of Help Orphanage            
  • Purchased Land at Village of Hope to build 10 Safe T Homes                             
  • Rebuilt 6 Gazebos at GoServ Global Orphanages
  • Replaced Roofing for 5 Projects and Replaced Many of the Solar Systems that were destroyed at numerous GoServ Global projects 
  • Purchased Large Quantities of Building Supplies
  • Covered Shipping Costs for Homes and Supplies

One of the 33 mission teams to serve in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. This team from Algona, IA built a home in memory of GoServ Global Ambassador Tim Bowman.

GoServ Global sent 33 mission teams to Haiti since Hurricane Matthew hit last October! Teams worked with local Haitians building Safe T Homes, replacing solar panels, repairing a variety of items, replanting crops, loving on all the children and adults at the orphanages, and encouraging the national leaders through prayer and simply by coming to Haiti.
La Brise
One of the communities most impacted by your donation dollars is the community of La Brise, a small fishing village wiped out by Hurricane Matthew.

The remains of a house in La Brise after Hurricane Matthew.
After the hurricane devastated the area, it was difficult for our Haitian Leader - Eddie - to know who to help since everyone had such dire needs. 

Prayer led Eddie (and Ken DeYoung and Conwell Larson) to La Brise, a community of 31 families. Working with a local man who lived in La Brise, Eddie tasked him with coming up with a list of the most needy families there. 

"Through a series of events that can only be attributed to the Lord putting all of this together, we were able to build Safe T Homes to replace homes destroyed from Hurricane Matthew," shared Ken. "There aren't words to describe the gratitude of those receiving homes."  

After building the first 12 homes, a dedication was held with Pastor Vionel preaching and some of the girls from the Consolation Center singing. Many people came up to accept the Lord after the service. Each family received a bible and a bucket with needed items and the group prayed in each home after the service.

Suzanne, pictured above and to the right, accepted Christ the day of the dedication. She was so excited to receive a home that she scaled a cactus fence to give GoServ Global Ambassador Rick Brown a hug as seen to the right. 

As GoServ Global continued to followup with the community, Ken shares that one day he and Conwell visited La Brise. Afterward a couple boys told Pastor Vionel, "The 2 blan (white people) who came ... was one of them Jesus Christ?"
Another time Pastor Vionel drove to La Brise and before he could get out of his vehicle, a man came up exclaiming that he'd been reading his bible and said, "I want to accept Christ!"

Because the community members are so hungry to learn about God, together, Eddie, Ken, and Conwell came to the conclusion that a church should be built. 
"It is so exciting to watch the Lord work in ways my mind would think impossible," says Ken. "We have a God that loves to work in impossible ways!"

A team from the Albert City E-Free Church in Iowa held a VBS at the La Brise community.

Steven Stepec, Albert City E-Free Youth Director, noticed a simple flower growing in the sand at the beach when he brought a youth team to serve Vacation Bible School to the children of La Brise.
Through the meeting of physical needs of the community, doors were open to share the love of Christ and the good news of salvation.  "It was a blessing to be a part of that, bringing the Gospel to the children, and demonstrating the love of Christ with the time we were able to spend there," he shared. "Even through difficulty and what might appear to be a desolate situation, God can bring about beauty, like the picture of the flower in the sand."
More Needs to Meet
What's left of the homes in the Les Angles community.
The needs are still great in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew, even a year later. 

The community of Les Angles, located on the southwest end of Haiti, was hard hit as their traditional homes weren't sturdy to begin with. This community has not had much help in the past year. Fifty Safe T Homes would make a huge difference in this community.

In addition, security has become a big issue since the hurricane. GoServ Global has  built security fences around the Consolation Center and Center of Help Orphanages, but fences are still needed for the Joshua House and James 1:27 Orphanages. 

Originally GoServ Global's goal was to raise $1 million. Thanks to your generosity, we just need  $378,000 more.

We invite you to continue walking this journey with our Haitian brothers and sisters. 
100% of donations go to the Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund.
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We also invite you to pray for our friends in Haiti, and especially for Eddy as he gets an overwhelming number of requests each day.

In Service,

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