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Wohler Curves or Fracture Mechanics
Endurica uses a fracture mechanics based description of rubber’s fatigue behavior, rather than the classical Wohler curve (ie S-N curve) approach. This is why:

  1. Wohler curves in rubber show the combined effects of several nonlinear processes, but they do not easily deconvolve into useful information about the individual processes. READ MORE
Integrated Durability Solutions for Elastomers
Will the durability of your new rubber product meet the expectations of your customers? 

Do you have a comprehensive capability that fully integrates all of the disciplines required to efficiently achieve a targeted durability spec?
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Rubber Compounding for Durability
Are you challenged to make your rubber products last longer?  Rubber compounds are complex mixtures of polymers, reinforcing fillers, oils / plasticizers, curatives, stabilizers, and other additives that are combined in relatively quick mixing processes. Durability is impacted by all these ingredients, their interactions, and the quality of the mixing .
This one-day course will teach compounding strategies to improve the strength and lifetime of rubber components.  This specialized training will benefit materials engineers, compounders, rubber chemists, product development engineers, R&D scientists, and rubber lab managers at manufacturers of tires and rubber parts and companies that supply raw materials.
Course Objectives
  • Understand how rubber fatigue and failure characteristics are influenced by materials selection and compound structural features
  • Learn compounding strategies to improve strength and fatigue lifetime
  • Know the right testing methods to characterize rubber durability efficiently in the lab
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Training Opportunity Offered in Spain
Rubber Necking - a special addition of things that make us look twice!
Another cool thing that made us look twice
Temperature Scanning Stress Relaxation of an Autonomous Self-Healing Elastomer Containing Non-Covalent Reversible Network Junctions 
Where is Endurica (and @EnduricaWill) Bouncing to Next?
May 8-10, 2018
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

May 21-23, 2018
Courses to be held at Leartiker
in Markina-Xemein

May 24-15, 2018
Markina-Xemein is in the Basque region of Bizkaia, Spain

June 12, 2018
Akron Polymer Technology Services
Akron, Ohio, USA
This one-day course will teach compounding strategies to improve the strength and lifetime of rubber components. 

June 12-15, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Endurica will be part of the MSC Technology Partner Summit at the MSC North American User Conference.

June 18-21, 2018
Boston, Massachusetts USA
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"Giving Arthritis the Finger: Customized Medical Device, Optimized for Durability." Presenter: Robert Stupplebeen

October 9-11, 2018
Louisville, Kentucky USA
Our thanks to everyone who joined Will for his presentation - Computing Remaining Fatigue Life Under Incrementally Updated Loading Histories - at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress Experience. You made it the most attended presentation of the day!
SAE World Congress Most Attended Talk
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