Countless Stretching Options!

Good riddance to one-dimensional stretch ropes, bands, and straps!  Active-Stretch produces a high-quality, multi-faceted dynamic stretching tool to aid and enhance athletes’ warm-up and cool-down regimens. The product uses continuous motion during stretching to increase bloodflow to the targeted muscle groups and increase range of motion.

This affordable, patent pending design incorporates 3 basic areas with specific purposes:

  1. Elastic loop end with foam handgrip
  2. Ergonomic plastic handgrips in the middle of the apparatus
  3. Static webbing loop

The plastic handgrips are available in a variety of colors and each stretching tool comes with a post card that displays over a dozen stretches and the website  features more than two dozen instructional video clips .

Join the many satisfied customers, professional sport teams, universities and high schools who have implemented Active-Stretch into their training routines! 

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