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Washer & Dryer  – Joshua’s Place is in need of new or gently used appliances for their home...

Items Needed for Veteran Housing Clients  –  LINK of Hampton Roads  is in need of various new or gently used items...

Food Pantry Items Needed  –  THRIVE Peninsula

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FANS Available to Seniors  - To learn more,  click here .

Rent and Mortgage Relief Program  - provides financial assistance for housing stability to those directly impacted by the COVID pandemic. To learn more,  click here .
Medical Supplies & Equipment Available for Individuals  -  click here  for more information.

FREE COVID Testing for Uninsured  -  Olde Towne Medical Center . Please call 259-3258 for details.

Cooling Assistance  - applications will be accepted until  August 15 . The maximum benefit for electricity payments is $300. To learn more,  click here .
DID YOU KNOW   that in the recent update to the  Race to Lead Report: Confronting the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap , 79% of respondents believe the problem is that nonprofit leadership does not represent the racial/ethnic diversity of the United States. To learn more,  click here .

As mentioned in recent  e-Newsletters , we have begun curating  Resources for Education and Action  to help better understand the issues around inequity and racism in our communities and in the nonprofit sector. These first steps are steps we are committed to taking as we plan upcoming conversations, trainings, and actions to address these issues together.
As you may have read in our original  STATEMENT  in response to the death of George Floyd and subsequent protests across the country, we continue to work on our  Call to Action  to  DO THE WORK  to better educate ourselves and to reflect on how the leadership and members of  NetworkPeninsula  can better work together to impact real and lasting change to systems and processes that continue to be inequitable, unfair, and incredibly damaging to the fabric of our communities. For us, the first step is becoming aware of the issues, the history behind the issues, and the role we can play in the work that needs to be done. We have compiled a page of  RESOURCES  that we have found helpful and that we hope you will find of value as well. This is a living document, one that will continue to be amended with new resources as we find them, or as they are sent to us.

We also promised to share our platform with our nonprofits, in an effort to help amplify their voices. Here again, this  PAGE  is one that will continue to be expanded as our nonprofits work with their staff, clients, and communities.
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