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Keynote Speakers and Panel Presentations

From our recent successful HI-POCT Conference, all keynote and panel sessions were videotaped. The videos are now available for each day:

Call for Participation: IEEE Brain Data Bank Competition
December 9, 2017 in Boston, MA, USA

This is the last in a series of challenges and competitions sponsored by IEEE Brain Initiative in 2017 that explore various brain/neuro datasets. Datasets for the Boston competition are provided by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and were collected as part of a broader intervention-based study via funding by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) under the Strengthening Human Adaptive Reasoning and Problem-solving (SHARP) program. The full datasets can be downloaded from IEEE Dataport.

Cash awards will be given to top winners.

IEEE Life Sciences Conference
December 13-15, 2017 in Sydney, Australia
Keynote Speakers

Chin-Moi Chow

Professor, The University of Sydney, Faculty of Health Sciences

Carolyn McGregor, Ph.D.

Canada Research Chair in Health Informatics, University of Ontario, 
Institute of Technology UOIT

Katina Michael, Ph.D.

Professor, The Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences at the University of Wollongong
ISBI 2018 
April 4-7, 2018 in Washington DC
One Page Abstracts - Submission Opens November 20th
IEEE Journal Papers on Biomedical Imaging Published in 2017
All peer-reviewed IEEE journal papers published by SPS or EMBS societies during 2017 whose topic is in the biomedical imaging and image analysis domains are eligible for presentation at ISBI 2018, subject to space availability and approval by the ISBI Program Chairs. Requests for presentation of such papers should be made by submitting a one-page abstract of the paper through the ISBI 2018 website on or before the submission deadline ( January 8, 2018 ). Approved requests for presentation must have one author/presenter registered for the symposium according to the ISBI 2018 registration rates. The final format of presentation (oral or poster) is the decision of the ISBI 2018 Program Chairs. The accepted abstracts will not be published in IEEE Xplore or indexed otherwise . "

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Keynote Speakers

Sam Achilefu
Surgical Glasses and Probes for Image-guided Cancer Surgery

Transcranial Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound

Tackling World Health Problems Through High-throughput Microscopy Imaging and Analysis

Computational Imaging for 3D Microscopy
EMBC 2018
EMBC 2018 will be on July 17-21, 2018 in Honolulu, Hawaii 
Keynote Speakers
Workshops, Tutorials, Invited Sessions, Mini-Symposia 
and Special Sessions

EMBC 2018 Proposal Submission Deadline Extended - November 19, 2017

Proposals for Workshops, Tutorials, Invited Sessions, Mini-Symposia and Special Sessions are invited. Submission opens on September 1, 2017 and closes  November 19, 2017. The activities are subdivided into pre-conference and during-conference. Pre-confere nce activities will be held on  Tuesday, July 16, 2018, from  8.00 AM - 5.00 PM.

If you have already read the instructions and are returning to this page to submit a proposal, GO TO PROPOSAL SUBMISSION

EMBC'18 is accepting proposals for the following sessions:
            • Workshops (pre-conference)
            • Tutorials (pre-conference)
            • Mini-symposia (during conference)
            • Invited Sessions (during conference)
            • Special Sessions (during conference)
Sponsorship's Opportunities Now Available
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Call for Contributed Papers at EMBC 2018
Author Instructions for Contributed Papers - Full

C ontributed Papers-Full are presented either as an oral presentation or a poster presentation. The type of presentation will be determined by the Conference Editorial Board based on factors such as the reviewer's suggestions and topic of the paper. All presented and contributed papers will be published in IEEE Xplore and indexed by PubMed and Medline.

At least one author of the paper must be registered at the appropriate full conference rate (Member, Non-member, Student member, Student non-member) in order to upload the final paper. If complete payment of a registration fee is not received, authors will not be able to proceed with uploading their final manuscript. While any author of the paper may be registered, only the designated "corresponding author" may upload the final paper. Once a manuscript has been uploaded, the registration fees cannot be refunded. Please be sure that the attending author completes payment and uploads the final paper. This means that they must be the "corresponding author".
Housing now OPEN for EMBC 2018
Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki
Beach Resort

Approximately 15 minute walk to Hawaii Convention Center

2005 Kalia Road  Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
Tel: +1-808-949-4321  Website

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BHI - BSN 2018
4-7, March 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Keynote Speakers

John Glaser, PhD, 


Sylvia Plevritis, Ph.D.

Stanford University


Adam Seiver, MD, PhD, MBA, 


Chris Van Hoof, PhD,

KU Leuven

 Imperial College London

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Publications Spotlight
Reading Minds
When you see or think about an object, your brain engages in a unique pattern of activity tied specifically to that object. That's how you know a cat is a cat, and not a dog or a house or a cloud. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and other techniques, scientists are not only able to measure those activity patterns but are also deciphering what each pattern means. Essentially, they are beginning to read minds.

That doesn't mean we all have to start wearing aluminum foil hats to keep our thoughts to ourselves, but it does mean that scientists are creating an increasingly better instruction manual for the brain and its amazing processing capabilities. Such a manual can then be used to begin developing a brain- computer interface device that may help someone with a motor dysfunction to operate an exoskeleton for mobility or devising a system that can bypass a blind person's nonfunctional eyes and transmit images directly to the brain for translation into sight. It may also aid in the evolution of devices that permit faster and better recovery from stroke and other brain injuries or technologies for earlier diagnosis of such neural disorders as autism.
Neurofeedback Control in Parkinsonian Patients Using Electrocorticography Signals Accessed Wirelessly With a Chronic, Fully Implanted Device
Preeya Khanna, Nicole C. Swann, Coralie de Hemptinne, Svjetlana Miocinovic, Andrew Miller, Philip A. Starr, Jose M. Carmena
Parkinson's disease (PD) is characterized by motor symptoms such as rigidity and bradykinesia that prevent normal movement. Beta band oscillations (13-30 Hz) in neural local field potentials (LFPs) have been associated with these motor symptoms. Here, three PD patients implanted with a therapeutic deep brain neural stimulator that can also record and wirelessly stream neural data played a neurofeedback game where they modulated their beta band power from sensorimotor cortical areas. Patients' beta band power was streamed in real-time to update the position of a cursor that they tried to drive into a cued target. After playing the game for 1-2 hours each, all three patients exhibited above chance-level performance regardless of subcortical stimulation levels. This study, for the first time, demonstrates using an invasive neural recording system for at-home neurofeedback training. Future work will investigate chronic neurofeedback training as a potentially therapeutic tool for patients with neurological disorders.
Early Access Article from JTEHM
Special Issue on Point of Care Technologies
The IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine (JTEHM) Is pleased to announce a Special Issue on Healthcare Innovations and Point-of-Care Technologies (HI-POCT) 2018 to be published in September 2018. JTEHM is an open-access journal ( indexed in PubMed, Scopus and IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

The JTEHM HI-POCT 2018 special issue will focus on healthcare innovations and point-of-care technologies for precision and personalized health with their translation to address challenges in global healthcare in clinical (hospital, emergency, acute, chronic and primary care), non-traditional (consumer) and under-resourced settings.

We invite you to submit expanded manuscripts on your presentations with additional significant results and discussion for consideration of publication in the JTEHM special issue. The deadline for submitting full-length manuscripts is March 15, 2018
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