April, 2016
The East PTO Digest is a monthly recap of all the great activities, events, and initiatives the PTO sponsors. Special thanks to Mrs. Case and Mrs. Doolittle for their contributions to this month's edition. A big thank you to PTO volunteers  Allison Koskinas,  Zoe Pirnie, Deirdre Anderson,  Abby Theis,  Karen Deane, Laura Accettella, and  Kirsten Moore  f or making all of these special events happen.  Thank you also to Mary Norton, Cindy Barrett, and all of the pre-K and Kindergarten teachers who helped out at the 1001 Book Club event.  We hope you enjoy it!
Birds of Prey
First graders enjoyed a visit from a variety of owls, a turkey vulture, and a red tailed hawk from New England Reptile and Raptor in Taunton. As a naturalist and falconer, Marla Isaac shares her rescued and rehabilitated birds to teach children about their biology, physiology, and function in the ecosystem. 

Super "Son"Day
On Sunday, April 10, East School boys enjoyed a special day bowling with their family members and friends at the South Shore Country Club.
1001 Book Club Breakfast
There was a special breakfast event for preschoolers and kindergartners to spread awareness of and celebrate the 1001 Book Club at East. Encouraging future and current readers, the 1001 Book Club allows families to sign up online, receive a progress chart with stickers, sign out one bag of 10 books at a time from the library of 2000 books located in the East Multi Purpose Room, and receive milestone awards along the way. 

Author Visits
This month we had three local authors visit East including Bill Alberti who visited the 2nd Grade, and Sarah Thompson and Matt Tavares who both visited the 3rd grade.
Out and About

Dreams of Freedom Field Trip
On April 27, the 4th Grade took a field trip to the Mapparium and Dreams of Freedom immigration exhibit at the Skywalk Observatory in Boston.  The students enjoyed the view and were thrilled to see Boston from a different perspective. 
Getting To Know . . .
Becky Case (Assistant Principal)
Q:  What do you enjoy most about your job?
A:   I most enjoy the community that has been established at East School.  We have an enthusiastic staff who truly enjoy teaching their students.  The parents are extremely supportive.  The students take pride in their school.

        My job gives me flexibility throughout my day.  I may have plans to complete certain tasks and then find my day goes in another direction.  I truly love greeting the students as they walk into school in the morning.  You can tell a lot by how the students come into school.  I love to see projects they are bringing in, books they are reading, or conversations they are engaged in.  I also notice who may have had a tough time the night before or on the way to school.  It gives me the opportunity to check in with them to see how their day is going throughout the day.  As I walk through the classrooms, I notice how engaged the students are in learning.  I create a monthly slideshow to play for the students in the cafeteria.  As I take the pictures, the students are so proud to show off their work.  Truly, it is the students, staff, and parents who allow me to enjoy my job.

Q:  If you weren't an Assistant Principal, what would you like to be doing?
A:   If I weren't an Assistant Principal, I would find myself doing something in the field of education.  After my second son was born, I took a leave.  Due to his multiple disabilities, I spent a lot of time with Early Intervention learning how to help him meet developmental milestones.  At that time, I also found myself volunteering in my other son's school.  I was recruited to run the churchschool program at my church in addition to teaching churchschool.  I returned to HPS as the Preschool Coordinator and was able to use my special education background as well as my time with Early Intervention to have a clear understanding of the parents' vision for their children.

Q:   What is the best gift you have ever been given?
A:    I have two wonderful parents who have devoted their lives to each other as well as their children.  They have guided me through the toughest of times as well as cheered me on during the happy times.  Their love and support is a true model which my husband and I strive to follow as parents of three beautiful children.

Q:  What is your dream vacation?

A:   As a person who loves to travel, I would love to go to Thailand.  I have a dear friend from Thailand who loves her country and wants to share it with my family.  To truly experience it, she says I must stay there for a month.

        Someday, I hope to carve out a month of time to experience her culture through her eyes.
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