June, 2016
The East PTO Digest is a monthly recap of all the great activities, events, and initiatives the PTO sponsors. Special thanks to Mrs. Shanahan and Mrs. Donovan for their contributions to this month's edition. A big thank you to PTO volunteers Jen Doan, Michelle Paterniti, Julia Whitney,  Heather Clark,  Vicki Bernstein, Joanna Varholak, Jen Platt and Jenny Packard  f or making all of these special events happen.  Thank you also to our fearless leaders President Chrissy Roberts and Vice President Deirdre Anderson, the rest of the PTO Board and all of the wonderful PTO volunteers who worked all year long to make this year a smashing success.  Have a wonderful summer! See you in September!
Physics Olympics
On June 15, the Fourth graders participated in the Physics Olympics, an annual event in which the students work collaboratively on physics experiments and demonstrations.

Field Day
East School's annual Field Day was a blast!  An exciting  fun filled day for all students in grades K-5, Field Day took on an "Olympics" theme this year.  With more than 150 parent volunteers assisting throughout the day, this event could not have been a better day for East students.
Out and About
Boston Tea Party Museum and Class Picnic
The Fifth Grade finished the year with a field trip to the Boston Tea Party Museum in Boston and a picnic at the Hingham Bathing Beach where they enjoyed ice cream from the Nona's truck, a 3-legged race, Spikeball and Twister.  They ended the afternoon with a tug of war competition.
Getting To Know . . .
Callie Shanahan (School Nurse)
Q:  What do you enjoy most about being a school nurse?
A:   What I really enjoy about my job as school nurse is the students and getting to know them throughout their years here at East.  Also, the staff at East School are by far the best people with whom I have ever worked.  They are dedicated, kind, friendly, and overall a very funny group.

Q:  If you weren't a school nurse, what would you like to be doing?
A:   I think I would like to work at an art museum or library.  I must be seeking peace in some part of my brain!

Q:   What makes you laugh the most?
A:    My kids make me laugh every day.  I have a son who is a Junior at Hingham High, three daughters who are Freshman at Hingham High, and a step-son who just graduated from Penn State.  They spend a great deal of time together and the way they interact with each other is hysterical.

Q:  What is your favorite way to spend school vacations?

A:   My favorite vacations are with family, no matter where we venture.  I have five sisters, my husband has five brothers, we have five children and twenty-five nieces and nephews (lots of #s).  There is always a large, boisterous crowd with a lot to do and never a dull moment!
We Need You!
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