June, 2017
The East PTO Digest is a monthly recap of all the great activities, events, and initiatives the PTO sponsors - thanks to your Annual Appeal contributions.  A big thank you to all PTO volunteers but especially  Jen Clow & the Green Team,  Jen Doan, Julia Whitney & Michelle Paterniti and all of the parents who volunteered at Field Day, and the Enrichment and Fifth Grade Chairs.  Special thanks to Mrs. Barrett and Catherine Devlin for their contributions to this month's edition.   We hope you enjoy it!
Out and About

Heritage Museums and Gardens (Grade 4)
The 4th grade class visited Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich to participate in a workshop called "Soil to Seed Plant", and toured the beautiful 100-acre gardens. 

Bike/Walk to School Day
The Green Team had another very successful Bike/Walk to School Day on Friday, June 2nd. This year the PTO hosted a coffee and muffins morning meet up on Rosie's island for all the parents who survived the morning drop off by bike and on foot.

Hingham Food Pantry (Grade 5)
Members of the 5th grade class had the opportunity to visit the Interfaith Hingham Food Pantry on Wednesday, June 7. There were a total of 49 students that participated and together, they donated 384 pounds of food!    The 5th grade students worked together to stock the pantry with donated food, toured the facility and learned the importance of giving back to the community.

Field Day
East School's annual Field Day held June 20 was a HUGE success!   With a carnival theme this year, the students enjoyed lots of games, a BBQ lunch, dancing, a magic show, and a visit from the Hingham Fire Department to cool everyone off with the water hose! This day would not be possible without the help of more than 100 parents volunteers.

East Kids Care Fun Run
As a prize for participating in the East Kids Care Fun Run, the children earned the chance to "slime" Mr. Keady and Ms. Case.  Officer Walden, the East School Safety Officer got to join in the fun too. The proceeds from the inaugural East PTO Fun Run benefited the Hingham Police Department's K9 program.
Getting To Know . . .
Cindy Barrett (Reading and Math Tutor)
Q:  What do you enjoy most about your job?
A:   My position as a Reading and Math Tutor allows me to follow students from Kindergarten through Grade 5.  Being able to see them grow academically and socially through their journey at East School is really special.  The way a student's eyes light up when the reading of a book changes from a struggle to a joy is a special time for staff, students and parents.  I love getting notes from parents about their child picking up a book on their own and reading to every member of the family including the family pet.  We try to give our math students multiple tools to solve problems and when they find the one that fits them we all celebrate.  I am also lucky to work collaboratively with a very talented staff who pride themselves in being here for all our students.  

Q:  If you weren't a Reading and Math Tutor, what would you like to be doing?
A:   If I weren't a Reading and Math Tutor I would continue to work with children.  When my children were young and I was able to stay at home, I volunteered with the Special Olympics.  I loved seeing the pure joy and excitement when they crossed the finish line .  Given my skills in the car loop, I would also be happy to work as a traffic controller at the airport.

Q:   What is your favorite way to spend school vacations?
A:    My extended family shares a home in Wolfboro, NH.  My children have enjoyed vacationing there in the winter and the summer with cousins and friends.   We are able to walk to downtown to shop, eat, and enjoy my favorite ice cream spot, Baily's Bubble.  My five children are now 19-26 years old and the best times are still when we can all sneak away for a family weekend in Wolfboro.

Q:  What would people be most surprised to learn about you?

A:   People may be surprised that I am a Hingham townie and married a fellow townie.   We were fortunate to purchase a home in Hingham and watch our children move from Foster through the middle school and graduate from Hingham High School.  
We Need You!
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