October, 2017
The East PTO Digest is a monthly recap of all the great activities, events, and initiatives the PTO sponsors - thanks to your Annual Appeal contributions.  A big thank you to all PTO volunteers but especially Jen Doan, Chrissy Roberts, all the moms who organized the Mom's Night Out events and all the enrichment coordinators Special thanks to Mrs. Day and Mrs. Vernon for their contributions to this month's edition.   We hope you enjoy it!

Halloween Bash
Sponsored by the East PTO, the annual Halloween Bash was a huge success as East families enjoyed pizza, dancing and games for all.  

Mom's Night Out
This month, almost every grade organized a "Mom's Night Out," so parents could mingle, socialize and get to  know one another.  The Fifth Grade event had a raffle and the lucky winners went home with wine donated by East School families.
Out and About
Plimoth Plantation (Grade 3)
To coincide with their social studies curriculum, the Third Graders took their annual field trip to Plimoth Plantation to visit the Wampanoag Homesite, where they were surrounded by the sights, smells and sounds of the 17th century.
Animal Adaptations Presentation (Grade 5)
The Fifth Grade had a visitor from the Museum of Science who brought in three live animals and taught them how these creatures adapt and survive in their environment.  The students used this experience to write an essay about Adaptations.

Musician David Coffin (Grade 3)
David Coffin made his annual trip to East School for a Music History Presentation to the Third Grade.  Widely known for his rich baritone voice and his impressive collection of wind musical instruments, he provided the students with a memorable and entertaining enrichment experience.

Annual Appeal
Gym Teacher for the Day
Our first Annual Appeal prize drawing was held at All School Meeting and one student from each grade won "Gym Teacher For The Day."  Winners included:
Kindergarten - Pixie Windsor,  Grade 1 - Maisie McPherson,  Grade 2 - John Connelly,  Grade 3 - Elizabeth Bastardi,  Grade 4 - Ben Holtschlag and  Grade 5 - Pippa Jiranek.

Getting To Know . . .
Emily Day (Kindergarten Teacher)
Q:  What do you enjoy most about teaching?
A:   I love that each day is a new day with my class and I never know how they will surprise me!  I love being with my current class and the visits I get in the morning from former students.  The best times are when a student understands something we have been working on and I see that it has "clicked".  They are so pleased with themselves.  I am very lucky to be a part of that moment!

Q:  If you weren't teaching, what would you like to be doing?

A:  This is a tough question for me.  As a "career changer" already, legal field, I have found teaching is what I love to do.  To answer the question, I would be a therapist working with children or own a pet sitting/dog walking business.

Q:  What is your favorite book?
A:   My favorite book is All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot.  I am an avid reader and I always seem to gravitate back to this book from my childhood.

Q:  What is your favorite way to spend school vacations?

A:   I may do a vacation to the Cape to visit my parents and do short trips from there to Newport, Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard.  Aruba is one of my favorite places so I try and go there whenever possible.  I spent a couple weeks in Hawaii with my husband and friends this summer.  Basically, anywhere with a beach and family or friends is my favorite way to spend school vacations!
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