September, 2017
The East PTO Digest is a monthly recap of all the great activities, events, and initiatives the PTO sponsors - thanks to your Annual Appeal contributions.  A big thank you to all PTO volunteers but especially  Christina Strahle, Ashley Kalish, Heidi Collins, and Jess Buonagorio  and all of the parents who volunteered at the Back to School Bash.   Special thanks to Ms. Ross for her contribution to this month's edition.   We hope you enjoy it!

Orientation and Open House
We welcomed back East School students with an open house where they visited their classrooms and met their teachers before the official start of school.  Incoming Kindergartners had a welcome party and a bus orientation where they learned the bus safety rules and took their very first ride. 

Back to School Bash
The 9th annual Back to School Bash was a huge success.  East School families enjoyed hamburgers and hotdogs, cotton candy, a bouncy house and obstacle courses. The fifth grade held the annual floor hockey tournament and Mrs. Joyce's class was the winner.  
First East PTO Meeting of the Year
President Suzanne Kracunas kicked off the first PTO meeting of the year with a great crowd. Held monthly, these meetings are the best way to learn about all the fun events and programs the PTO sponsors and how you can get involved.
What's New at East?
Reading Boat
Inspired by East School's Library Teacher Elizabeth Thorsteinson and made possible by a generous grant from the PTO, the Dorothy Galo Library at East School has a new nautical themed reading nook, used and enjoyed by all grade levels.
The PTO has sponsored the online news magazine "Newsela" for this school year.  After learning that several East School teachers were using Newsela and paying out of their own pockets for their class subscriptions, the PTO gave a $2,000 grant so all grade levels may access the magazine for the school year.  Newsela has replaced the Time For Kids reader in the fourth grade.  Fifth grade is using Newsela as part of their weekly curriculum.  All of the teachers will have the opportunity to participate in several training sessions on Newsela during the year. Thank you for your generous appeal contributions to make this grant possible!
Getting To Know . . .
Maggie Ross (Integrated Pre-School Teacher)
Q:  What do you enjoy most about teaching?
A:   As a preschool teacher, I love being part of a child's first school experience. That crazy, silly, loud classroom you hear down the hallway is filled with young children learning and growing. Preschool should be a time where children love coming to school. They should feel capable of learning everything they can and taking on new tasks. I love being the one who facilitates this important time in a child's life and I love experiencing my students' joy for school right alongside them.

Q:  If you weren't teaching, what would you like to be doing?
A:   If I weren't teaching, I think I would still need to be working with other people or with children. I would likely be a social worker or work in counseling.

Q:   What is your favorite childhood memory?
A:    My favorite childhood memory was visiting my Great Aunt and Uncle's local convenience store with my Grandfather and splitting a chocolate milkshake with my little brother, Ben.

Q:  What would people be most surprised to know about you?

A:   I have been playing the piano since I was three! I'm not as good as I once was, but it's something I enjoy and try to keep up with.
We Need You!
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