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Welcome, New Employees
Letter to Staff: Patient Experience
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School Dental Programs Shine in Fundraiser
TIC Corner: Keeping Your Cup Full
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Welcome, New Employees
We welcome our latest group of new hires to the Greater Seacoast Community Health family. Take some time to see who you might run into and remember to introduce yourself and welcome your new teammates. 
Sally Vanderploeg, RN
Mobile Health Team at Families First
Maggie LeBlanc, LPN,
HCH/MAR Nurse at Families First
Tracy Jasneski, MA
at Goodwin
Jerri LeConte, RN
Per diem prenatal nurse at Families First
Breanna Brann, Social Worker
at Families First
Danielle Eldon, MA
at Families First
Madolyn Williams, LPN
at Families First
Denny Freitas, SOS
Criminal Justice Peer Recovery Specialist
Tricia Guilbault
Dental Receptionist at Gooddwin
'Yours is the intelligence and caring that people hope they’ll find here .'
This is a message to staff from Sara Garland, Integration/Patient Experience Manager. If your team or department has a message that you would like to share in this newsletter, please send it to Mike Vinci for consideration.

Dear fellow staff members,

You are whom patients and families see when they arrive here. Yours are the eyes they look into when they’re frightened and lonely. Yours are the voices people hear when they try to remain calm and when they try to forget their problems. Your voices are what they hear on their way to appointments that could affect their destinies, and what they hear after they leave those appointments. Yours are the comments people hear when we think they can’t. Yours is the intelligence and caring that people hope they’ll find here.

If you’re too busy to notice people, so is our practice. If you’re so task-oriented that you seem impersonal, so is our practice. If you’re wonderful, so is our practice. Patients and families can’t know the real you unless you let them see it. All they know is what they see and hear and experience.

We all have a stake in your performance and in the collective performance of everyone who works within our practice. We are all judged by your performance. We are the care you give, the attention you pay, the courtesies you extend.

Thank you for helping our practice to create legendary patient experiences!

Sara M. Garland
Integration Patient Experience Manager 

Our New Org Chart
We have an updated org chart! Follow the filepath below to see where it is saved on the P: Drive . With so many new faces and changes in titles, it can be hard keep track of everyone and everything. This org chart can come in handy when you aren’t sure who to reach out to, or if you’re trying to place a name to a new or familiar face.

P:\Org Chart
An Author Among Us
Elizabeth Carmer, the second-floor receptionist at Goodwin, has recently had two books published, titled They Are Almost Invisible and Halfway Friends for Decades . As described on her publisher’s website, “ They Are Almost Invisible is a collection of poems written about childhood and the transition to adulthood, with special focus on adolescence, that strange time lost in between. At times serious, at times comic, and always a bit pleasantly eccentric, this new collection from Elizabeth Carmer is endlessly surprising.” The books will be available on Amazon soon. Congratulations, Elizabeth!
School Dental Programs Shine in Fundraiser
The Development Department raised $6,000 for Giving Tuesday this year. This was much more than the combined total raised by Families First and Goodwin last year, and there was a match from Federal Savings Bank. The money will go towards our school dental programs, where we send hygienists to educate and screen children at schools and preschools. When they see a child whose oral health needs are not being addressed, they offer in-school cleanings, fluoride treatment and sealant application, plus referral to a dentist for further treatment or ongoing care.
Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) Corner
Keeping Your Cup Full
People who do the kind of work we do are at risk for something called “Vicarious Trauma.” Vicarious trauma happens because you care about other people who have been hurt, and feel committed or responsible to help them. Over time this process can lead to changes in your psychological, physical and spiritual well-being. Essentially, you become transformed as a result of your empathetic engagement with traumatized clients and their reports of traumatic experiences.

Research shows that vicarious trauma can:
-impact our ability as caregivers
-lead to higher rates of staff turnover
-be treated with self-care strategies which can lower levels of secondary trauma
and reduced turnover
Core strategies for preventing vicarious trauma through self-care are:
-Pleasant activities
-Diet and nutrition
-Managing procrastination
-Social network
-Sleep hygiene
Create Your Plan to "Fill Your Cup"
-Be specific
-Consider your strengths and challenges
-Consider your capacity
-Consider your community supports
-Review and revise as needed
-Be gentle, curious and consistent.
Mark Your Calendar
Holiday Potlucks
Dec. 19, 12:30-1:30 @ Goodwin
Dec. 21, 12-1 @ Families First
Includes optional Ugly Sweater contest at both sites, and white elephant gift raffle at Goodwin. (Families First is doing Secret Santa all week instead.) We have lots of new people at both sites, so this is a good opportunity to introduce yourself.

Bonus Holiday!
December 24 @ all GSCH sites
Contact : Sherry Trask
All GSCH sites will be closed on Monday, Dec. 24. Please note: We will be open on December 22. If you are eligible for holiday pay, it will be auto-populated in your timecard except for Christmas Eve. For this bonus holiday, you will need to use the drop-down menu to select Holiday. If you are unsure if you are eligible for holiday pay, please contact HR. Please note: There is a maximum of 8 hours of holiday pay per holiday. If you work less than 40 hours per week, Holiday pay is pro-rated by your FTE. Earned Time can be used to make up the difference. Flexible work schedules should be coordinated with your supervisor.

Staff Appreciation Party
Thursday, Jan. 10, 2-4 p.m.
@ 3S Artspace, Portsmouth
Sponsored by the Board of Directors to show appreciation for all GSCH staff. We will close early that day. If you attend the party, you’ll be paid for your normal shift. (If not, you will need to use earned time.) 

BANFF Film Fest Tix on Sale
Now until March 14 @ The Music Hall, Portsmouth
Contact : Elizabeth Clemence
Purchase your tickets to the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival March 13-14 at The Music Hall here . They make great holiday gifts for friends and family, and proceeds benefit Families First and Goodwin!
Pass it On
Please refer your clients to these programs
Somersworth Family Morning Out
Open to: Children ages birth to 6, with parents or other caregivers
Fridays, 9:30-11 a.m., January 4 to March 29
@ The Flanagan Center (25 Bartlett Ave. Somerswort h )
This free group includes creative activities, songs, snacks, storytime and the chance to make new friends, young and old.

Somersworth Home Visiting
Open to: Somersworth parents and pregnant women
Contact: Beth Searle-Spratt (422-8208 x115 )
Home visitors provide information and support to parents and pregnant women who want or need help meeting basic needs such as food, housing, transportation and more. M ore inf o

SOS Healthy Guardians and Grandparents
Open to: Grandparents, family members or loved ones raising grandchildren or providing care as a legal or informal guardian
Second Thursday of each month, 5:30-7 p.m 
@ Rochester SOS Community Center (63 Main Street)
Contact: Register here
Facilitated by a grandparent with legal guardianship, this peer-led support group will include education and discussion on topics such as how to file for legal guardianship, what type of reports need to be filed, issues that may come up with the Division for Children, Youth and Families, and resources available for childcare, financial aid and transportation. Dinner and child care will be provided.

Family Programs
Open to: All parents, grandparents, guardians and children
Weekday mornings and some evenings
@ Families First
Contact : 603-422-8208 ext. 2 or click Calendar button below
Families First offers parenting classes, playgroups, support groups and family programs in Portsmouth and other towns (sometimes including Somersworth). Parenting classes coming up in Portsmouth are: Mother-to-mother postpartum Group, Babytime, Rochester Sober Parenting Journey, Keeping the Happy in Holidays, Terrific Twos Playtime, Parent Recharge, Exeter Family Morning Out, Preschool Playtime, and more. Check the full list of classes and groups here .
Follow the links below for complete program listings:

Work Anniversaries
Erin Ross 16
Cheryl Hamilton 15
Jennifer Jestude-Malone 15
Shannon Feger 12
Jaime Murphy 7
Crystal Bonias 6
Coreen Toussaint 6
David Lunianski 5
Diep-Anh Nguyen 4
Jacquelyn Collins 3
Cynthia Hackett 2+
Eva Leyer 2
Corinna Moskal 2
Kevin O'Connell 2
Ashley Ciampa 1
Brenda Creteau 1
Lucy Garfield 1
Benjamin Goldrich 1
Keri Nickerson 1
Laurie Sorensen 1
Michael Vinci 1
Job Postings
New Jobs for You and Your Friends
The button below links to current open positions at GSCH. (You can also always find this link on both Families First and Goodwin websites.) Take a look and see if any are right for you or someone you know. (There are referral benefits in many cases.) Right now we have about 20 openings, including physical therapist, acupuncturist, van drivers, behavioral health specialists, and more.
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