As we reflect on what we've accomplished together this year – more than $100 million in grants awarded to individuals experiencing financial hardship – we are so proud, and we're grateful for your dedication to helping your own through difficult times.

From all of us at Emergency Assistance Foundation, we wish you and yours a joyful and safe holiday season and a very happy new year.
“I was at one of the lowest lows in my life and in a significant amount of pain.
Trying to figure out how to pay my medical bills while recovering from surgery was scary and depressing. This grant made such a challenging time a lot easier. I don’t think I will ever be able to explain how much you impacted my life!”
Below, we've outlined our recommendations as you evaluate 2020 Fund performance and prepare to maximize next year's success.
> Analyze 2020 Fund data and analytics. Tableau, your real-time diagnostic reporting tool, provides essential insights.

  • Evaluate applicant behavior. If 2020 application volume was lower than expected, consider planning for additional employee engagement campaigns in 2021. If it was higher than expected, it might be time to revisit the Fund's grant criteria.

  • Review 2020 donation and grant volume. If needed, reconsider the grant criteria to better balance expected donations with expected grants to be made in 2021. To boost donations, consider offering payroll deduction if the option is not already available.

> Share 2020 successes. Compile donation, application, and grant data highlights to share through internal communication channels. Express gratitude for donations and include grant recipient testimonials.

  • Remind employees that the Fund is there for them, and direct them to the Fund website for information and resources. Review and update the available resources, including FAQ documents, if needed.

> Plan for 2021 employee engagement and communication. Consider sharing Fund highlights throughout the year at company-wide meetings or in internal newsletters.

  • If you don't already have one, create a Fund oversight committee that includes representatives from various departments who can help boost program awareness.

> Visit our Fund Partner Portal for additional resources.

  • Review the EAF Communications Archive to easily access past disaster alerts, monthly updates, and other useful information that's been sent to our Fund Partners via email.

  • Get ideas for employee engagement campaigns to increase donation and/or application volume.

> Schedule a meeting with your Relief Fund Senior Advisor.