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June 5, 2019
In Case you Missed it. . . FAF Files Suit
On Tuesday, May 28, your First Amendment Foundation joined by the Miami Herald, the Tampa Bay Times, Gannett, and GateHouse Media filed a complaint against the Florida Cabinet for violations of the Sunshine Law related to the scheduled Cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.

FAF and our partners are committed to preventing these in-the-dark, unnecessary, inaccessible meetings from being held outside the state of Florida in the future.

Despite push-back that stated otherwise, FAF President Barbara Petersen affirmed, “There is nothing frivolous about our concerns regarding the constitutionality of last week’s Cabinet meeting."
"Just don't do this, that's the point. Don't do it . . .The issue is holding a Cabinet meeting somewhere other than Florida."
Show your support to ensure no future Florida public meetings can be held out-of-state by giving here today.
“Without educated, well-spoken advocates like Barbara Petersen and the Florida First Amendment Foundation, citizens would not have a chance against self-serving members of the legislature or those who would be bought and paid for by "dark money" lobbyists. When the cat's away, the mice will play.”  
- Michael Gold, Editor, Historic City News
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