Welcome to the April Challenge
Healthy Habits
Get ready for 30 days of taking baby steps that will lead you to big changes!
I'm so glad you decided to make time for YOU! The next 30 days are about working together to help you figure out the little things you can do each day that will make your life healthier and happier.

We often think that good results require BIG CHANGES. I don't know about you, but that makes me feel overwhelmed every single time. If you can relate to this all-or-nothing thinking, then welcome to a group that totally gets you!

Starting tomorrow, April 1, we will start our 30-Day Challenge by coming up with the first draft of a 1 to 3 new daily habits you want to incorporate in the first full week. Notice I said ONLY 1 to 3. We're looking at QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Trust me. We're building for success.

Attached below, you will find a printable habit tracker for the first week of the challenge. Just double-click on the image and print it out. Or, you can create your own. Don't overthink it.

If you like techy stuff (like me), there are plenty of free smartphone apps or websites you can check out to create a habit tracker. I use Habit Tracker for the iPhone. There is a version for Andriod devices, as well. I don't get a kickback. It's just a tool I use. But, paper/pencil works fine!

Before we begin tomorrow, think of a few habits you want to work on this month. Do you need to stop hitting the snooze button so much? What about getting in a daily walk? What about getting enough water? Reading more? Try a new hobby? Cook more at home? Brainstorm a few ideas and then tomorrow, we'll decide on which ones to focus on during the first week.

I will post on The Lighter Side Facebook page each day with the hashtag #AprilChallenge. You'll see my habit tracker and I'm asking everyone to check in at least once a day. That is part of the process. The accountability of posting helps and I love sharing ideas, feedback and just chatting about what's going on. The more engaged we are, the better the progress. So, be on the lookout for those daily posts and share, share share!

Are you ready for an Awesome April! Let's do this!

See you tomorrow!