Time to Cool Down?

Summer flew by and often after the busyness of summer vacations and conferences, autumn seems like the perfect time to take things slow.

In a single word, don't. This is an excellent time to take a look at your business and personal development to determine what practices you have put into place that have made a positive impact and what changes need to implemented to round out the remainder of the year successfully.

This installment shares the importance of adopting new technologies, how to thoughtfully consider the history of appraisals, business networking tips, and more!
NSREA would like to take this opportunity to again thank our presenters and all those who  who attended our Annual Recertification Conference this summer in Atlanta.

In addition to the USPAP Update and Investment Analysis courses, a full day of business enrichment was offered which included the following sessions: Forensic Appraising with Mr. Robbie Wilson, Financial Literacy for Small Business Owners with Mr. Earl McMillan, Running a Successful Appraisal Office with Mr. Vincent Wimbish, Transitioning to Commercial Appraising and Today's Technology with Mr. Oscar Sistrunk.

Stay tuned for upcoming NSREA events and we certainly hope to see you at the next Annual Recertification Conference!
What's Inside?

  • Heading for Another Market Bubble Burst?

  • Decoding Depreciation

  • Stats, Graphs, Data and Science. Are they really necessary?

  • History of Appraisals

  • Networking Tips Every Appraiser Should Know

  • Mortgage Fraud Becoming More Prevalent?

  • Market Conditions Addendum No Longer Required

  • NAREB Presents State of Housing in Black America Forum at CBC

  • The Healthbeat: 5 Tips Toward a Healthier You

  • Upcoming Events
Heading for Another Market Bubble Burst?

No doubt you have either participated in or been around the conversation surrounding the rebounding real estate market. Generally, there is a sense of anxiety typically involving speculation as to when the so called bubble will burst, but is the anxiety sensible? What factors should be considered?

Check out Peak Prices & "Bubble" Conversations from Ryan Lundquist as he discusses prices very similar to the peak in 2005, increasing inventory, seasonal slowing, inflation, and many other factors impacting the real estate market and whether or not they truly are indicators of another bubble.
Decoding Depreciation

Depreciation can be quite a complicated matter and knowing which methods to use in order to determine depreciation is key when considering improved pieces of real estate.

In his article "Demystifying Depreciation" , Edward Martinez defines depreciation, discusses different types (physical, functional, external) and also discusses two methods, straight-line and extended life, for determining the impact of depreciation on value. Click here to read the full feature.
Stats, Graphs, and Data: How Necessary Are They?

The battle between remaining comfortable with one's methods and processes versus learning and applying new technologies is ongoing. It is a daunting task to learn anything new and just the thought of approaching unfamiliar technology can be enough to make anyone run for the hills. In addition to all this, there is the seemingly ever present threat of an AVM takeover.

Times are changing and new technologies are available which means new information is available and therefore new tools to sharpen the skills and efficacy of the appraiser. This industry like any other is evolving and learning how data science works and how to effectively utilize it within your business is not optional if you want your business thrive.

Click here to read George Dell's take on how and why stats, graphs, and data science matter. To read the entire series George Dell has written start here with Part I of the VI.
History of Appraisals

With the rise of new technologies, potential for AVM implementation to increase, regulatory changes and other factors contributing to the evolution of the appraisal industry, it can be quite useful and informative to take a look at how the industry has handled these types of changes in the past.

What has contributed to the evolution of the appraisal industry up until this point and how does this inform reengineering valuation methods and processes today? Click here to read Appraisal Buzz's interview with Edward Pinto discussing the history of appraisals and his discoveries from the original FHA forms.
Business Networking Tips for the Appraiser

As the saying goes, "no man is an island", this is especially true when it comes to your business as an appraiser. In the Appraisal Buzz feature, 5 Business Networking Tips Every Appraiser Should Know, Melissa Candolfi details the importance of networking to further professional growth, business opportunities, one's support system and as a means to improve the industry as a whole.

Candolfi explains the importance of being involved in appraiser organizations that offer Continuing Education and USPAP, like our very own National Society of Real Estate Appraisers. We also see the value of social media with its various blogs and forums as a resource for more contacts. Click here to read 5 Business Networking Tips Every Appraiser Should Know .
Mortgage Fraud Becoming More Prevalent?

Click here to check out REALTOR Magazine's feature on the rise of mortgage fraud and the specific types of fraud that are becoming more prevalent this year.
Market Conditions Addendum No Longer Required

With the release of its new Selling Guide updates, Fannie Mae no longer requires appraisers to fill out a market conditions addendum (Form 1004MC). This form has been a requirement since 2009, implemented as a response to the housing crisis. Click here to read more about this change and click here to review the Selling Guide updates.
NAREB's State of Housing in Black America Forum

Last month at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation NAREB (National Association of Real Estate Brokers) gathered an expert panel to present a forum on SHIBA, the State of Housing in Black America. Click here to view the forum.
Price, Cost, and Value: Interchangeable Terms?

As an appraiser especially, it is important to not only understand the difference between these terms but there is also a responsibility to use them correctly to promote clarity.

In this feature, Dustin Harris, The Appraiser Coach, gets back to the basics and discusses the key differences between each of the terms. Need a refresher? Click here.
Appraiser Waivers, Here We Go Again

Same story different state, this time it is Governor Doug Bergum and commissioner of the Department of Financial Institutions, Lisa Kruse, of North Dakota requesting temporary waivers.

As with the waiver request of Tristar Bank in Tennessee, they are declaring an appraiser shortage and again appraisers must not remain silent on this issue. Click here to read the waiver request letter and get more details on how many appraisers are actually in North Dakota.
Health & Wellness Made Easy: 5 Tips Toward a Healthier You

While it is of course important to focus on the health and development of your business and yourself professionally it just as vital, if not more so, to pay attention to one's personal health and fitness.

Are you constantly seeking out a new diet plan or making new fitness resolutions and goals that never seem to be accomplished? Is next week always the week you're going to start "doing better"? How exactly can we go about striking a balance between the demands of being a busy business professional and becoming a healthier individual?

The simple answer is to start with small, actionable steps. Colleen Jolly's feature on The Exec Ranks, lends just that with 5 easy steps you can take toward a better you starting now. She discusses: drinking more water, moving more, eating less processed food and sugar, working as a team, and cutting yourself some slack.

Click here to read more about the impact these 5 simple steps can have as you strive to become a healthier you.
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Date: Friday, November 30th, 2018
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Date: Friday, May 3rd, 2019
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