Fall Greetings from the FuseSocial Team
As we move into the fall season, navigating new challenges and adapting to a constantly changing world together, know that we remain committed as always to supporting the social profit community.

Despite our inability to host and attend our usual face-to-face gatherings, it's been business as usual at FuseSocial and we've been working diligently behind the scenes on our regular programming and services. Which is why we are so excited to share with you all of our upcoming networking and learning events, support for your volunteerism efforts, provide opportunity for mentoring and leadership development, as well as the continuation of our Shared Services program.
As always, we invite you to reach out for support or to share your resources, upcoming events and learning opportunities with us at hello@fusesocial.ca.

In Collaboration,
The FuseCrew
Academic Calendar Sessions
We're pleased to release the Fall Academic Calendar
A complete list of our upcoming programs and workshops is available in our newly released Academic Calendar.
Improve your efficiency and productivity in the workplace by increasing your understanding about Microsoft Office programs most commonly used in business.

A full course listing for this FREE workshop series can be viewed here.
Are you a seasoned Executive Director willing to share your experience and skills with the next generation of leadership? Our Executive Director Mentorship Porgram is need of your expertise. Please contact Sherry Maceachern to get involved. Further details can also be found online.
Examine Your Risk -
Your COVID-19 Assesment Guide for the Workplace

As a result of the unprecedented challenges the COVID-19 pandemic brings, businesses are being forced to rethink their daily operations to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees and the public.

A critical first step of this process is to assess your exposures and review your protocals before you can take appropriate precautions and adjust your policies and procedures accordingly to protect your workforce and manage your operations.

We highly recommend you take a look at this useful assessment questionnaire for your opportunity to review specific concerns related to COVID-19 in your workplace.
The 2021 Convergence Advisory Committee is recruiting new members! If you would like to be part of this dynamic team of cross-sector leaders contact Jennifer Kennett.
How FuseSocial is Adapting 
Workplace Policies

At the onset of COVID-19, with organizations finding alternative ways of working, our FuseSocial leadership decided to move to a more adaptive workforce. Demonstrating workforce agility as the team initially began working from home in March before transitioning to a high flex work arrangement as re-entry phases allowed. This strategy has helped increase productivity, provide work life balance for staff with young kids, and ease health concerns. 

FuseSocial is setting the pace for a more adaptive workforce which helps integrate work and life demands and ensure overall safety of staff, clients, and our community as we all navigate this tough season.  
Upcoming Roundtable & Networking Opportunities
Contact Chantal Beaver Executive Director, for further participation details.
Board Training Opportunities
Good board governance is at the heart of any thriving organization, no matter its size. We are committed to supporting strong local governance with training, resources and personalized workshops for your board and officers. Contact Shannon Rex for more information.

Join us for any or all of the following free online webinars, but registration is required.
Shared Services in 2021
We are extremely excited for the opportunity to continue to offer Shared Services to the social profit community in 2021.

Interested in learning more? Stay tuned as we announce the date for our upcoming Shared Services Virtual Information Session this October. For more information, please contact Melanie Drever.
Does your organization, agency, or group utilize the power of volunteers in some capacity?
We know how often things change in the social profit world and we need to be adaptable in order to recruit, train and support our volunteers for the benefit of the community. This is why we've created a virtual, online space to find & share relevant resources regarding all things volunteerism that will inspire and support your volunteer program and empower you in your role.
Email Shelby Marshall for your access to our virtual collaboration space.
Volunteerism is looking forward to announcing a very exciting relaunch to everyone's favourite volunteerism event - Timeraiser.

Stay tuned to our social media for an announcement on September 23!
Join us on October 20 as we explore how balancing aversion and innovation to risk impacts our volunteers, programs and agencies, now and in the near and far futures.
Congratulations to our Leadership Wood Buffalo 2020/2021 Bursary Recipients
Jennifer Vardy
Sana Elache Memorial
Bursary Recipient
Michelle Farrow
Syncrude Sponsored
Bursary Recipient
Kayla Lushman
Suncor Sponsored
Bursary Recipient
FuseSocial 2019 Annual Report

Miss our AGM? Check out our 2019 Annual Report to see how our work impacts the sector and our funders and partner agencies' support will continue to support our efforts for a stronger social profit sector and a stronger Wood Buffalo community.
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