Over the nearly 10 years of Family PASS programs,
97% of Family PASS clients who have completed the program remain in their homes.
A Message from the President-A Good End to 2015
As Family PASS prepares for its new collaborative role with Shelter House, it can do so knowing its program of providing intensive case management and rapid re-housing is achieving results with success measured by clients safely housed and well on their way to financial self-sufficiency.

And they do succeed: in 2015, every one of the adults currently in our program has transitioned from homelessness to permanent housing while they continue their employment, education and self-sufficiency goals.

The Family Pass program goal is to have clients permanently housed and economically self-sustaining when they exit the program. Some of our clients transition out of the program in less than three years. Others need the full three years and sometimes more. Over the nearly 10 years of Family PASS programs, 97% of Family PASS clients who have completed the program remain in their homes.

Clients are referred to Family PASS through Fairfax County's Coordinated Services offices and shelters. Participation in our program is voluntary, so we know our clients are motivated. Family PASS case managers focus on helping clients problem-solve and encourage them to make decisions that will increase their chances for success.
Allan O. Steinhardt
Family PASS - Shelter House Collaboration on Homeless Victims of Domestic Violence Program Launched in January

Family PASS and Shelter House begin a joint venture in 2016 to improve services to homeless domestic violence victim-families. Family PASS will serve as long-term case managers for these families, providing seamless transitions from Shelter House's temporary facilities into safe, permanent housing. Family PASS has agreed to provide case management for up to 30 client families beginning January 2016 through December 2017.

Shelter House, Inc. is a community-based, non-profit organization serving homeless families in Fairfax County, Virginia. In 2007, Shelter House was awarded Fairfax County's contract to operate the Katherine K. Hanley Family Shelter in Fairfax. In 2010, Shelter House became the first non-profit to operate Artemis House, Fairfax County's only 24-hour Domestic Violence Shelter.

Family PASS will also work with Shelter House and the county to move victims directly from abusive situations to safe, permanent housing, bypassing the temporary shelter system.

In preparation for this program, Family PASS's staff attended a series of sessions on Domestic Violence Training and Immigration Remedies for Survivors of Sexual & Domestic Violence, sponsored by the County's Domestic Violence Network, which includes the Domestic Violence Action Center and the Office of Women and Domestic and Sexual Violence Services.

Family PASS volunteers interested in attending the next Domestic Violence Training can contact the office at info@familypassfairfax.org. The next session is scheduled for February.
Begun Foundation/Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Awards $100,000 Grant to Family PASS

The Begun Foundation, whose funds are administered by the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, has awarded Family PASS a grant to expand our capacity to serve more clients in 2016. The grant funds a second case manager in 2016, which will enable Family PASS to take on 15 additional client families.

This grant recognizes the success of the model that Family PASS uses in helping families become self sufficient, which includes rapid re-housing and long-term intensive case management. The grant also supports Family PASS's goal of expanding the number of families that we help. Our goal is to serve up to 90 families by 2020 in collaboration with multiple county agencies and shelters.
Family PASS Launches Friends In Deed Program

Family PASS is often approached by people asking to help with specific needs identified by our client families. Although they may already be making generous financial donations or volunteering at Family Pass, they also want to provide additional help knowing their donation of a gift card or requested item is meeting a specific family need. The
Friends In Deed program formally provides an opportunity for them to do so.
Client needs vary depending on the time of year and family situation. Most of our clients earn just enough to pay basic bills and put meals on the table. The Family PASS program includes assistance for those basic needs as well as re nt and education subsidies. However, families have additional expenses such as athletic activities, tutors, school fees, school supplies, clothing, etc. These are some of the areas where Friends in Deed can help a struggling family.

If you are interested in Friends in Deed , please submit your contact information including name, email, home address, and telephone number to friendsindeed@familypassfairfax.org. For a complete FAQ sheet, please contact mrosen@familypassfairfax.org.
Family PASS Brings Fairfax Homeless Issue
to the Business Community
How does a small organization extend its reach? For Family PASS, it takes help fromsupporters in Fairfax County's business community.

At a fall dinner at Wildfire in Tysons Galleria, more than 70 members of the business community got acquainted with the scope of homelessness in Fairfax County. Many were hearing for the first time about our work in getting families back on their feet. Family PASS President Allan Steinhardt welcomed the group and highlighted clients' recent education and job achievements-two key steps toward self-sufficiency.
The evening was a success, thanks to our volunteer table hosts who invited their colleagues from the business community. Family PASS is a local nonprofit-very local. We work only in Fairfax County and thus depend on local-area businesses and residents for support. We are grateful to our table captains for introducing their colleagues to Family PASS. With their support, we can increase the number of families and children we help.

Table captains included Brock Jolly and Grant Leighty at Veritas Financial ; Kathy Albarado , CEO of Helios HR ; Susan Pelczynski , principal of Intec Group 's DC office; Jason Knight , co-founder and principal of TrueShred ; Joe Clarke , senior vice president and head of retail operations for EagleBank ; and Ran Wei , manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers .

Thanks also go to board members Allan Steinhardt of Booz Allen, Deepak Jain of Freddie Mac, Chris Gaugler , and former board members Therese Dyer Caplan and Hunter Pollitt for their work in making the dinner a success. The dinner was made possible, in part, with support from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

If you know of any businesses that are interested in strengthening our community by supporting a nonprofit with a record of success, please pass this newsletter along to them.

Family Pass works with the Fairfax County Partnership to Prevent and End Homelessness and receives program support from Fairfax County's Consolidated Community Funding Pool.
Thank You!

Thank you to all our supporters. This has been a year of achievements that would not have been possible without the ongoing support of the Vienna/Fairfax community and for that Family PASS is extremely grateful. Your contributions and volunteer time do make a tremendous difference in the lives of our families.

A special thanks to St. Mark Catholic Church for its continued support in so many ways. St. Mark has again contributed substantially to the Family PASS case management program and provides community support throughout the year. This year the summer campers donated household goods for our clients and dedicated Thanksgiving Mass to both monetary donations for Family PASS and food. St. Mark's pantry provides much needed food and household goods for our families.

AND TO: Temple Rodef Shalom for a grant to continue our programs in the community.

AND TO: The Church of the Good Shepherd for providing clients' children with Easter Baskets and back-to-school backpacks! As any parent knows, buying school supplies is an expensive proposition but this year those backpacks were filled with notebooks, pencils and general supplies.

There are so many individuals, organizations, and businesses to thank and we hope we haven't missed any - but if we did, please accept our apologies.

The Artisans, Bloomingdale's, Burton's Law, The Closet of Herndon, Crunch Fitness, Family Chiropractic Center of Oakton, Freddie Mac, Helios HR, Integrity One, The K Foundation, Jetton Scaffolding Solutions, Long & Foster, Next Tier Concepts,
Nova Family Dentistry, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Printing Ideas  Stone's Cove Kitbar, Rodi Salon and Spa, Tax Executives Institute, Urban Mattress, Vale Club, Veritas Financial, Vienna Business Association, Vienna Volunteer Fire Department, and Vienna Women's Club.

Individual Donors

Kathy Albarado, Charles Allen, Irwin & Janet Auerbach, Edward Baranoski, Michele Bolos, Erin and Mark Brahms, Michele Brondy, Mary & Ed Burrows, Anne Buttarazzi, Matt Caplan, Therese Caplan, James Carroll, Cheryl Carter, B.J. Carter, Stephen Childress, Marty & Maureen Cohen, Ann Cole, Cindy Covell, Carol Cross, Mary & John Crossin, Jennifer & Robert Damashek, Steve Delane, Kirk & Cheryl Graczyk Denee, Darlene & Fielden Dickerson, Joan Durman, Gary & Annette Engel, Sheryl Etelson, Ed Falkowitz, Natalie Finn, Rachel Foster, Jake Fox, Elizabeth Friedman, Christine & Han-son Gaugler, Bill Grossman, Cindy Gunn & C.M. Andrews, Jane Gurin, Lie Min Hioe, Nathaniel Hoelk, Teresa Hogge, John & Mariann Horejsi, Jennifer Hulsey, Margaret Hyer, Lindsey Iacovino, Deepak Jain, Jeffrey & Shannon Jamison, Rog-er Jetton, Karen Jiron, Cathy Johnson, Davis Johnson, Stephen Johnson and Lynn Rafferty, Brock Jolly, Pat Kearns, Vic and Patricia Kimm, Kathe King, Don & Linda Komai, David Konstantin, Steven & Laura Krich, Lanneth Lee, Sarah Lundquist, Joyce and Stephen Lynn, David MacGillivary, Carol Martz, C.R. McCown, Judi Medwedeff, Christine & Joseph Matney, Christine Menza, Gregory Montgomery, Daniel Moore, Angela Morgan, Tim Morgan, MaryAnn Moyer, Diane & Tim Naughton, Joan Negash, Cynthia Pearson, Robert and Jane Picardi, Timothy & Elizabeth Pierson, Annette Porter, Kath-leen Rafferty, Ariana Raines, Ann Ramish, Ana Ramon, Kevin Reilly, Kara & Robert Reynolds, Pamela Rothenberg, Melis-sa Rosen, Gregory Rowles, Rob Rudd III, Ruth & Dale Sanderson, Eva Sereghy, Nancy Sheehy, Robert Silva, Alexander Sirpis, James Snow, Sherry Spinelli-Hester, Allan & Suezette Steinhardt, Cindy Stewart, Mary Strickler, Brian & Rebecca Tenshaw, Marci Love Thomas, Judith Weiand, Germaine Williams, Jacqueline Wooldridge, Stacy Yike, Marilyn Zett, Elizabeth Zolper, Peter Zou, and Charles and Marcia Zuhoski.

We Couldn't Do It Without You!

Our Volunteers

Maria Barba, Marie Baranoski, Elizabeth Basalyga, Vincent Billett, Erin Brahms, Tan Bui, Sara Caicedo, Stacy Capra, Jason Chung, Cliff & Patti Cooksey, Linda Cooper, Therese Dyer-Caplan, Tasha Durrett, Lee Ellis, Ed Falkowitz, Rachel Foster, Chris & Hanson Gaugler, Sawol & Sam Gebre, Bill Grossman, Jane Gurin, Joseph Han, LeighAshley Harden, Henry Hosking, Lindsey & Paul Iacovino, Deepak Jain, Roger Jetton, Linda Karanikas, Navi Kaur, Tasha Khan, Kathe King, Leanna Kirkland, Supin Koo, Kris Levenhagen, Ann Marquis, Dixie Mayall, Wendy Mayer, Julie & Ray McGraw, Kimberly Menzies, Barbara Michels, Eugene Moy, Kerry Nikolich-Jetton, Julie Nutter, Mason Park, Jane & Bob Picardi, Hunter Pollitt, Saurav Prasad, Vijay Rathinasamy, Nancy Robbins, Faith Roberts, Lisa Shedd, Renita Snowden, Suezette & Allan Steinhardt, T.D. Taegel, Stacey Thornburg, Stacy Yike, Steve Young, and Jeff Zhang.

In-Kind Donors

Many thanks to all those who have donated clothes, furniture, bicycles, food, and household items for our families. Teresa Ahmad, Kristin Ayyar, Rosmarie Blok, Rosemarie Borges, Liz & Randy Brouckman, Peggy Brummond, Trecia Buster, Claudia Casey, Mary Madigan-Cassidy, Barbara & Joe Celios, Marguerite Choate, Marty & Maureen Cohen, Laura Cooper, Linda Cooper, Carol Cross, Rachel Darnell, Karen Dawn, Jen DesRoches, Shannon Doyle, Lee Ellis, Ed Falkowitz, Brigette Friedman, Chris & Hanson Gaugler, Alissa Giouanette, Julie Grisson, Sarah Hampel, LeighAshley Harden, Kara Hayden, Lindsey Iacovino, Deepak Jain, Jean Jennings, Karen Jiron, Sammye Justice, Carol Kelly, Sharon Kellett, Kathe King, Caroline Long, Laurie & Monte McCathern, Julie McGraw, Barbara Michels, Chris Mihm, Natasha Mohammedi, Tracey Moran, Deborah Moronese, Chur-Keen Moy, Sharon Mulreany, Liz Nguyen, Juanita Packet, Nicole & John Payne, Cyndi Perry, Truc Phan, Dante Ricci, Nancy Robbins, Faith Roberts, Ellie Rosen, Erik & Melissa Rosen, Patty Sparrell, Allan & Suezette Steinhardt, Nancy Sternberg, Pat Strickler, Christine Stuebner, Ginny Sutton, Brian & Rebecca Tenshaw, Stacey Thornberg, Kristen & Robert Udowitz, Terry Ward, Charles Weinkam, Susan Widmayer, Gerry Williams, and Judy Zakreski. Special thanks to Hair Cuttery and Joe Grooming for their in-kind services/contributions.
Vale Club & Family PASS Volunteers Host Annual Holiday Party

The Family PASS program committee and the Vale Club hosted our annual holiday
party for clients on December 20th at the Lakevale Clubhouse in
Vienna. Fourteen client and former client families totaling 18 adults and 22 children enjoyed the festivities. Children and adults and crafted homemade ornaments for their loved ones while Family PASS volunteer photographers Linda Cooper and Kile Casey captured the day's events and gave party-goers an opportunity to pose for family portraits. Prior to the party, each family provided holiday wish lists to Family PASS, which were then passed along to one our generous holiday
Vale Club, St. Mark Church, Rodi Salon, or Family Chiropractic Center of Oakton. Each family went home with their requested gifts, a grab-bag full of grocery or gas cards and other surprise goodies, and a turkey. Special thanks to Steve Young and BB&T for contributing a total of 22 turkeys. And thanks to all our volunteers who helped make the holiday party an event to remember!
Achievement Central
The achievements of Family PASS clients have been extraordinary. Below are some of the remarkable strides our clients have made:

12 clients have completed ESOL classes,
1 has obtained a commercial driver's license,
3 have become certified personal care assistants,
2 are licensed cosmetologists,
1 is a registered nurse,
1 is in the process of getting a nursing degree,
1 has become a paralegal,
5 have earned their high school equivalency diplomas,
2 are pursuing Associate's degrees,
2 are certified computer programmers,
2 have acquired early childhood development certification,
1 has received certification for human resource management from GMU
2 are dental assistants,
2 have completed IT training,
1 is currently studying software design and visual basics,
1 has a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice,
3 have health information management certifications

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