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When was corrugated cardboard
first patented?

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Upcoming Holidays & When to Ship By
Flag Day: June 14th
Send a friend or loved one a new American flag to be flown on this holiday honoring the adoption of the United States flag.

Estimated Days in transit via FedEx Ground or UPS Ground
(End of Day delivery):

Local (States: NY, VT, NH, MA, CT, NJ, DE, & ME) – 1-2 days
Ship by: June 12

Cross Country (States: CA, NV, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY, UT, AZ) – 5 days
Ship by: June 7
Father's Day: June 17th
Show your Dad he really is #1 by sending him
the best Father's Day present.

Estimated Days in transit via FedEx Ground or UPS Ground
(End of Day delivery):

Local (States: NY, VT, NH, MA, CT, NJ, DE, & ME) – 1-2 days
Ship by: June 13

Cross Country (States: CA, NV, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY, UT, AZ) – 5 days
Ship by: June 8
Monthly Feature -
How To Best Use Packing Products
Custom Crating
When you are shipping an item that requires a custom wooden crate, Arnoff can provide you with just the right one! Our experts will build a crate unique to your shipment, ensuring its safety while in transit. Items that are oversized, overweight, fragile and/or high value are all good candidates for custom crates.

What We Need
In order to give you a quote for the cost of the custom crate, please email or call us with the following information:
  1. The dimensions of your item (length x width x height) rounded up to the nearest inch
  2. The weight of the item
  3. If there are any areas that need special attention during packing and handling
  4. Whether you will be able to bring the item in to us or if it needs to be picked up from your home or business
  5. Whether you plan to have us ship the crate for you*
Once you have gathered this information, we will be able to put together a quote for your custom crate.

Let the experts who handle your items with the utmost care take care of your crating process, too. Email or call Arnoff Pack & Ship today!

*Additional information necessary for shipping crates.
Every one of our crates are custom built and vary widely in price.
Call 518-400-8090 or email PackShipMalta@Arnoff.com
to get your quote today!
Community Connections
At Arnoff Pack & Ship, we believe it's important to be part of the local community. We are here to serve you, our customer, and sometimes that means connecting with other local businesses. That's why we're excited to be part of the Ballston Spa Business Professionals Association (BSBPA) and the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County (CSSC). Both organizations host great events where business professionals can establish community connections, and learn more about what local businesses have to offer.

This May, the BSBPA and CSSC hosted a joint business mixer at Dunning Street Station, on Route 9, just 6 minutes north of Arnoff Pack & Ship. We learned that, while Dunning Street Station is a newer restaurant, the building it is in has a very long history in Malta (it was built while they were putting in Route 9!).

Now that we know all about Dunning Street, we suggest having a day where you let the professionals do the work for you. First stop in to Arnoff Pack & Ship and have your shipping boxes packed for you. Then head up the road to Dunning Street Station where their team will whip up impressive drinks and dinner while you relax. We call that working smarter, not harder.
Portable Self Storage
Do you have home improvement projects this summer that require more storage than your home has? We have the perfect solution!
Our portable storage units are delivered right to you, and are rented month to month for as long as you need.
Plus, our Malta location is currently offering a great deal where all 16-ft containers are only $99/month *! This means you save $51/month , which can go toward your projects. Don't miss out on this great deal and call today.

Call (800) 633-6683 to schedule your delivery.

*Monthly rate does not include NYS tax. Delivery $75 and pickup $75 rates still apply.
While supplies last.
About Your Pack & Ship Expert:
Hi, my name is Carmel Harwood, and I'm your Arnoff Pack & Ship expert! When you come into our pack and ship store, I will be happy to help you with all of your shipping needs.

If you have questions about shipping costs, how to pack, or need assistance bringing in a large or heavy package (I have a very handy cart!), please feel free to call the store at 518-400-8090 and I'll be glad to assist you. Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Trivia Answer:

Corrugated cardboard was first patented in 1856 . That's more than 160 years ago! Two Englishmen got the idea from ruffled lace collars, which were popular in the 16th century. They first used the pleated paper product to line the insides of top hats.

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