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May 2017 

What's the Buzz About CLIPP? 

What is all the buzz about being CLIPP certified? A CLIPP professional is not just a band aid for those who currently need help.  CLIPP  professionals are trained through a comprehensive program of recognizing and discussing issues in every home and making positive recommendations for designs and products that improve everyone's lives - now and for the future.

professionals learn how to create 
i nterprofessional teams to help end our nation's crisis in home safely. Only  CLIPP  professionals have access to a simple and powerful electronic checklist that makes home assessments a snap and creates a plan for work Now, Soon & Future. 

CLIPP  is the ONLY program recognized for CEUs by the National Kitchen &
 Bath Association, American Society of Interior Designers, American Society of
 Designers, Interior Designers of Canada, American Society of Home
 Inspectors and complies with CEU requirements for the National Association of Home Builders, American Institute of Architects and many more.

"CLIPP is the  HOW TO  for Universal Design and Aging-In-Place"
Office Chair Education
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May 18, 2017 Noon Central Time:  Sponsored by  NARI  - National Association of the Remodeling Industry
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"Storage for Living In Place" Aug
"Smart Technology for Living In Place" Sept
"Create Interprofessional Teams for Living In Place" Sept
"Kitchen Designs for Living In Place" Oct
"Bathroom Designs for Living In Place" Oct

Make a Difference in 2017

Help a Friend, & Yourself!
If both you and a friend register ON THE SAME DAY, both will re ceive a $100 rebate in the classroom. This can be combined with your association savings and Early Bird discount for a total savings of $250 for each of you!

Two-Day Certification Classes
One attendee will win an Amazon Dot and each attendee will receive a  Snap Power nightlight electrical outlet cover plate.

June 7-8 Prineton, NJ July 19-20 Chicago, IL
June 20-21 Bozeman, MT August 3-4 Orem, UT
June 14-15 Dallas, TX August 9-10 Manhattan, NY
June 27-28 Tysons Corner, VA September 27-28 Minneapolis, MN
July 10-11 Wellesley, MA Watch for more being scheuled!

One-Hour Seminars
One attendee will receive a  Snap Power nightlight electrical outlet cover plate.
May 15 Chicago, IL June 20 Suquamish, WA
May 27 Green Bay, WI June 1 Salt Lake City, UT

Ask us to bring a seminar to your area. Call 888-467-3220
"Designing for Independence and Dignity, Without Talking About It!"
"Remodeling for Independence and Dignity, Without Talking About It!"
"Architecture for Living In Place"
"Lighting for Living In Place"
"Home Assessments and Modifications - The Role of an OT as Collaborative Team Leader"
"Safe Flooring for Living In Place"
"How Electronic Adaptive Technology Helps Everyone
Live In Place"
and more!

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