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September 2017 

Scroll down for some tips about writing your bio, by Fred Burns...
In the News:
National Education 
Partnerships Announced

 Both the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) have announced partnerships with the Living In Place Institute. Members in good standing of both of those organizations will receive a special discount when registering for any Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) class. 
If you and your local or national organization would like to receive registration discounts, please contact us to discuss how this no-cost Education Partnership can help professionals in your area make all homes accessible, comfortable and safe! Erik 720-581-0277 or Louie 303-726-6828
Office Chair Education
FREE WEBINARS - LIVE educational opportunities.
Keep checking HERE  for more FREE - LIVE webinars

"Smart Technology for Living In Place" Sept 7 - NKBA
"Create Interprofessional Teams for Living In Place" Sept 26 - NARI
"Living In Place Kitchens - The HOW TO for Universal Design" Oct 2 - NKBA
"Living In Place Bathrooms - The HOW TO for Universal Design" Oct - NKBA
"Financing Options for Remodeling Projects" Nov 16 - NARI

In-Person CEU Education

These are Double-CEU events hosted by Miele. Join us for one or both on the same day.

CEU 1 - "Designing and Remodeling for Independence and Dignity, Without Talking About It!"
Learn how to make accessibility, comfort and safety a key focus in every project. Experts share useful tips on how to increase your client's independence and dignity, while also anticipating their future needs.  Create professional networks, helping your business grow as you learn to design spaces for everyone to safely Live In Place! 
CEU 2 - "Creating Opportunities Through Better Communication"
Creating business opportunities through effective communication is the most important skill for every business professional. Join this dynamic, informative and interactive class to learn strategies and techniques to become a better communicator instantly!

More In-Person CEU Education

October 25 9:45-10:45 "Ergonomics in Kitchens and Bathrooms for Living In Place" Dallas INSPIRE Event. Register here

October 25 "Bathroom Designs for Living In Place" Dallas I NSPIRE  Event.  Register here

Special Events

September 23 "How Occupational Therapists Will Shape the Next 100 Years of Home Design"  Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado - Annual Conference, Blackhawk, Colorado

September 27 "Designing and Remodeling for Independence and Dignity, Without Talking About It!"  O'More College School of Design, Franklin, Tennessee
Presenter: Emily Petre, Master of Occupational Therapy (MOTR/L) and Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP)

November 13, 2017 "Living In Place - Housing for All Ages and Abilities"  Universal Design Summit, St. Louis, MO
Presenter: Louie Delaware, CLIPP, BSME, MBA, ACPC, CAPS and Co-Founder - Living In Place Institute

Certification Classes
Become a Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) and make a difference today for all of your clients, regardless of their age or needs.

Make a Difference in 2017 - 
Help a Friend...and Yourself!

If both you and a friend register ON THE SAME DAY, both will re ceive a $50 rebate in the classroom. This can be combined with your association savings and Early Bird discount for a total savings of $200 for each of you!

FREE Goodies at Two-Day Certification Classes
One attendee will win a free grab bar from HEWI, plus one attendee will win an Amazon Dot from the Living In Place Institute
Product Spotlight

How 'bout those new grab bars, they look great!

From John O'Meara, CLIPP #29 and President of HEWI US.

HEWI has announced they will give to one
 attendee of each Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) class one free grab bar. Lots of colors and sizes to choose from. 

The first was given to Lynne Giacobbe, CLIPP, from  Kendal at Home

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(Thank you Fred for this important information, Erik & Louie)
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