February 2017
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Stormwater Cooler Talk

Want more news? Visit the California Stormwater Quality Association's website for the state's leading news.  
Calendar of Events
Tire Amnesty Day
February 4, 2017
7:30 a.m. - noon
17105 Mesa Street 
Hesperia, CA, 92345
Enter from Santa Fe only

Recycling Center
Monday through Friday
 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Saturday's 8 a.m. - noon
Victorville Recycling Drop-off
15164 Anacapa Road
Victorville, CA, 92392
 Faucet Fact:
An inch of rainfall on an acre of land is equivalent to 27,154 gallons of water. 
Stormwater Shoutout!

We would like to give a stormwater shout out to Oak Hills High School for being our very first assembly of 2017! Thanks for letting us share a few stormwater savvy tips with you!

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From the Pipes...
Welcome to the Mojave River Watershed Group's "The High Desert Droplet" - your source for stormwater pollution revolution news!

The High Desert Droplet is an educational resource for stormwater pollution prevention. Each month we'll bring you local and national stormwater news, useful at-home tips for prevention, updates on MRWG's school and community outreach, fun facts, and more!

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Teamwork  Makes The Dream Work 
The Mojave River Watershed Group (MRWG) partnered with Liberty Utilities and the Mojave Water Agency to provide information and prizes to help make new homeowners in the High Desert stormwater savvy. With the help of Shear Realty in Apple Valley, realtors hand stormwater-savvy kits to new homeowners as soon as they are given the keys to their new home.

Each kit is a reusable MRWG tote bag with helpful lawn and landscaping pointers provided by the Mojave Water Agency, for plants that conserve water and thrive in the desert climate. Additional tip cards include advice on pet care, how to recycle used paint and the do's and don'ts of fertilizers and pesticides. To help residents be water wise, each tote is packed with a Liberty Utilities shower timer, tote and reusable water bottles, along with MRWG doggie-doo bags, and a spray bottle with an eco-friendly pesticide recipe inside.

Thank you to our partners who help keep our desert and watershed pollution free one resident at a time!

Stormwater Savvy Students Become Stormwater Troopers

We are back in action Stormwater Troopers!

To kick-off the 2017 assembly season we visited Oak Hills High School, where we presented to three classes of Earth Science students who are now full-fledged stormwater troopers. Thanks to Mr. Saenz, these teens were familiar with water topics and our presentation complemented recent water chapters they had read as part of the curriculum.

Our team taught students the devastating effects of stormwater pollution on the High Desert through an interactive presentation. After the students heard all of our tips on how to be stormwater savvy, they were asked to brainstorm a new program or policy that they would like to see implemented in the High Desert to prevent stormwater pollution. We had a great time educating and encouraging our local youth to help keep our watershed clean. 

Plants Need A Pick-Me-Up!

Get a head start on spring by giving your plants a good ol' cup o' Joe! Did you know that when put together, the amount of K-cup pods sold a year can circle the earth about 10 times? Rather than throwing away used K-cups, let's reuse them!  When you are done with your K-cups you can use them as plant starters for your garden. Use any seeds you would like to plant, mix used coffee grounds in the soil, plant seeds, lightly water and watch the sprouts rise. Watch our K-cup DIY tutorial here!

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