February 2017
Because We Are Committed to Compassion

Read our latest  Circle of Compassion  blog post by Henrita Frost, SSND, who is a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Original Mandala artwork by Henrita.

Recently I finished this mandala.  For it, I had chosen the theme from Scripture, John 15:5.  Why I chose it, I don’t remember except the words of Jesus came to me “I am the vine and you are the branches". Read More.

The Christine Center is a member of the International Charter for Compassion.  Visit their website.
February Retreat Programs

Visit our  retreat calendar web page  for more program offerings and descriptions.  Visit the reservation page for information  or call 715.267.7507. 

Compassionate Presence to Mind and Body

February 17-19 (Friday-Sunday)

Susan Mickel, MD and Pamela Eyden

Both mindfulness meditation and yoga are ultimately about compassionate presence to our experience of body and mind, to our being and all being.  This weekend retreat in silence will offer instruction in both yoga and mindfulness meditation, with an emphasis on gently turning inwards in presence to our experience of mind and body.  Learn More

Painting from Soul: Intuitive Pain ting Open Studio

February 24-26 (Friday-Sunday: Daily 10 am-12:30; 2:30-5:00 pm, including Sunday.) Commuters welcome!

With S. Gabriele Uhlein, OSF, PhD

Jumpstart your natural creativity in a fun and supportive community of happy painters! (Come with a friend!) For those with every level of artistic experience.  Learn More

Mid-life: What Do I Do? Where Do I Go?

February 24-26 (Friday-Sunday)

With Tom Roberts

Much is written about the Mid-life time in our lives, yet we remain confused and perhaps a bit fearful about what this time means for us. Where am I? Who am I? What is important? Roles are changing, children are leaving, health questions and concerns, financial uncertainties. It has been described as trying to drive through fog! Feeling an urgency to hurry up and get to where you think you have to go but not really being able to see clearly ahead. Learn More                                                                               

Health and Inner Peace with Relaxation and Full Natural Breathing

February 24-26 (Friday-Sunday)

With Roberta Hodges

Relaxation of body and breath releases the tensions caused by stress in your life. Healthful relaxation creates space within for peaceful spirit and life force energy to enter. Come learn many body and breath relaxations of varied length and styles that can be done while lying, sitting, walking or standing. These techniques can be used in almost any situation where you find yourself in need of calming alone or with others. Learn More

Save the Dates for Our Three Festivals in 2017

By Women for Women. . . . Coming in March
March 3-5 (Friday-Sunday)
Our exciting and dynamic annual fest presented by women donating their talents and wisdom in wondrous and varied ways. Read program description.  
Yoga Festival Fundraiser
June 30-July 2 (Friday-Sunday)
Experience a variety of yoga practices with highly skilled teachers to nourish body, mind and soul.  
Hildegard Fest
September 15-17 (Friday-Sunday)
Discover fresh, exhilarating ways in which the greening, vibrant light of the 12th century St. Hildegard can nourish and sustain a 21st century mystic clarity.  

Here's How Much You Mean to Us

We love having you as our guest. We appreciate your presence, for sharing yourself with us just by being here.
Even in silence, sharing your light and your special and unique energy is a gift to us. 
And if you wish, we love hearing your wisdom and your way of viewing life as it unfolds for you. 
We learn from you. Your work nurtures our vision.
Together we deepen spiritually and transform the world. 
We just wanted you to know.

Be Inspired and Inspire Your Friends with St. Hildegard: Reflections of Soul

Celebrate St. Hildegard of Bingen with us this year! Each week, we’ll post a St. Hildegard: Reflection of Soul to our blog and our Facebook page.  

These reflections are translated from the German by our own Gabriele Uhlein in her book, Meditations with Hildegard of Bingen. Santa Fe, Bear & Company.

Each post contains a meditation along with an image of Christine Center beauty or Gabriele’s exquisite artwork. 

Be inspired by Hildegard’s mystical message of Oneness. 

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Heart to Heart  Donor Notes
As always, every gift matters; we are grateful for your generosity.

by Ann Swanson, Donor Development Coordinator

Have you heard about our Founder’s Circle?

As you enter the Christine Center through the silo main entrance, perhaps you’ve noticed the Tree of Life hanging on the wall with the golden apples inscribed with names. Perhaps you’ve wondered, what’s this about?

These are the members of our Founder’s Circle and have contributed $5,000 or more to the Christine Center. It's the Founder’s Circle in memory of Sr. Virginia Mary Barta, Wheaton Franciscans, and foundress of the Christine Center. 

Our Founder’s Circle members have wholeheartedly invested in the mission and vision of the Christine Center and its future. You can join them. Our gratitude to them is boundless for their enduring support and friendship.

You can become a member of the Founder’s Circle through a single or multiple donations that total $5000 or more. If this interests you and you’d like to discuss becoming a member, please feel free to contact Ann Swanson.

 Support Our Mission. Learn how here. (check out our updated web page)

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