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The Solution to School Shootings
By Kevin Blake

With the most current shooting at a Florida high school, we once again find ourselves debating guns and how to secure our children while attending school. Like always, the debate has turned to how to fix the problem. If we are to fix this problem we must use history as a means to measure what works and what is an utter failure. Here is what we know. 
After the Pulse shooting at a Florida nightclub, Governor Rick Scott committed to asking for an additional $5.8 million dollars to hire an 46 FDLE terrorism agents. Later, Governor Scott is quoted saying, "We will do everything in our power to make sure this never happens again. By investing in our state's counter-terrorism efforts, our law enforcement officers will have the resources they need to curb this senseless violence." We must understand that no amount of money will fix this issue and that new taxes and creating more government, while a noble thought, will not work either. Source
Governor Scott's quote is just a more recent illustration when compared to the numerous examples of money that is wasted politically, legislatively and bureaucratically to prevent a problem that will not be cured by money. Mark my words, watch for those in the coming weeks who want to convince you that giving them more money, higher taxes, political power and growing government will fix the problem. 
In 1990 congress passed the Gun Free School Zones Act (GFSZA) of 1990 in order to secure our schools from shootings. Let's measure the success of this act by looking at two 30 year periods 1960-1990 and 1990 to present.  
From 1960-1990 leading to the passage of the GFSZA, there were a total of 35 reported incidents of gun violence in schools. Source
From 1990-Present, after the passage of GFSZA there have been a total of 185 incidents of gun violence in schools. Source 
If we are to measure whether or not Gun Free zones are effective in preventing school shootings, it should also be noted that from the period of the 1700's-1990 there have been 95 gun violence incidents in schools. Since the passage of the Gun Free School Zones Act school shootings have nearly doubled in a 30 year period when compared to 95 recorded incidents in a 295 year period. This tells us that Gun Free zones are an utter failure and that no amount of government or gun free zones will save lives. Well that is a lie, as Nikolas Cruz is alive and well. The Gun Free Zone saved his life so he could take the lives of others. The GFSZA is an utter failure and has led to an increase in gun related incidents in schools.  

Every time we find ourselves facing this situation, we diminish the mourning of those who lost their lives with a political agenda of taking guns away from law abiding Americans, for the actions of one mad man. Where is our humanity? Some of us are more mad at a piece of metal than the person responsible for the tragedy and that hatred for guns is then projected on an entire group of people who in turn have to defend themselves from the senseless political attack, naturally fanning their flames of frustration and anger. 
Then our solution is to turn to legislators and pass legislation that serves more of an agenda than it does the American people. Even legislation that would repeal gun free zones will still take so much time to pass, it still leaves our children vulnerable to the failures of history.  Legislating our way out of the problem with gun control is not the solution as history has proven this time and time again.  
It is time that we put all the failures of the past aside and looked to common sense for once. Would you believe that there is a solution that we can safely and securely apply to minimize if not prevent school shootings while being fiscally responsible, and not creating more government or a ton of new laws? It is time to train and arm our teachers.  
The CSPOA will be the at the center of that solution and we firmly believe that it is again the county sheriff who is this bastion of hope to fix the problem. Though eventually it will take a repeal of various state laws to enable us to arm teachers, that will take lots of time and our children deserve to be protected now.  
Currently, we are reaching out to sheriffs across the country with hopes to develop a plan of action for sheriffs to foster and or enable a solution to train and arm teachers who wish to protect their students. In the coming weeks we will have more on this and will continue to keep our members up to date as to our status. The CSPOA is here to work with our LEO professionals and other elected officials, as well as educational leaders at all levels to develop a winning solution.

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Former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack emphasizes the importance of individual commitment to right and wrong and to the U.S. Constitution, encouraging each of us to stand against oppressors of governmental power with faith as David did against Goliath.


"It's Time To Put Armed Security In Every Public School In America"
By Rick Dalton

So wrote Matt Walsh in the Daily Wire for today.  And he's right.  CSPOA has supported this idea for years.  And further, we believe that trained faculty and staff in all schools up to and including high schools, should be allowed to carry for their safety and that of students.  In post-secondary schools, any adult not specifically and individually
prohibited by law from possessing a weapon should be allowed to do so, including students.

As Walsh wrote: "What's the counterargument? That security at school may infringe on our liberty somehow? It may if the government were forcing private schools to take this measure. But we're talking about property that the government already owns, staffed with people it employs.

The State has not only the authority to secure the premises but the duty to do so. The State compels you to send your kids to its facility if you can't afford private school and are unable to homeschool. Attendance is mandatory. Shouldn't a very basic level of security also be mandatory? Shouldn't we expect - demand - that the State protect the kids it has forced us to send to them?"

Walsh also suggests that honorably discharged vets and retired police officers be the ones given the task.  The gun-grabbers who don't give a second thought to other government buildings having armed guards, don't seem to care enough about our children to give them the same protection.

Sheriff Richard Mack, CSPOA President, stated "It's time to talk about real action  that will help eliminate this problem.  It's true that guns are used to take lives, but guns can save lives, too.  Armed protectors of our kids should  not be a controversial idea."
CSPOA Legislative liaison, Rick Dalton, said "We are in contact with state and federal legislators to get bills passed to protect our precious children as soon as possible."

Contact your local school officials and legislators and urge them to make this long-overdue idea a reality.

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Civil Asset Forfeiture Sucks!
By Rick Dalton

Although the term is used in a different way, it is literally true of asset forfeiture.  Using it, law enforcement sucks billions of dollars from the pockets of Americans who more often than not, have not been convicted, or even charged with a crime.  And both state and federal cops are using it in ways never intended.

According to the Daily Caller, and written by Anders Hagstrom, on Monday, " Attorney General Jeff Sessions propped up civil asset forfeiture Monday, claiming the program is a "key tool" that allows law enforcement officers to effectively fight the drug war. "Civil asset forfeiture is a key tool that helps law enforcement defund organized crime, take back ill-gotten gains, and prevent new crimes from being committed. It weakens the criminals and the cartels," Sessions said in a speech to the National Sheriffs' Association.
"Civil asset forfeiture takes the material support of the criminals and makes it the material support of law enforcement. Sessions has been a staunch advocate for civil forfeiture throughout his tenure, issuing new policy guidelines in July encouraging law enforcement officers to make more forfeitures. The practice allows agents to take and keep property thought to be connected to a crime, even if its owner hasn't been convicted or even charged with a crime."

In reality, many of those who are caught up in this net are average people, many totally innocent, but most petty criminals not involved in racketeering activities at all.  And Attorney General Sessions has nevertheless just upped the ante.  His prepared remarks included these statements.

"That's why we have reinstated our equitable sharing program at the Department of Justice.  Civil asset forfeiture is a key tool that helps law enforcement defund organized crime, take back ill-gotten gains, and prevent new crimes from being committed.  It weakens the criminals and the cartels.  Civil asset forfeiture takes the material support of the criminals and makes it the material support of law enforcement.  In departments across this country, funds that were once used to take lives are now being used to save lives. And there is nothing wrong with adoptive forfeitures. There can be no federal adoption if the forfeiture is not called for under federal law. In many cases, adoptive forfeitures represent great partnerships between federal and state law enforcement." Source

And on the state level, many are willing participants in this policing for profit scheme.  Reason.com published a story from Alabama where a small business owner was ruined by money-hungry looters in uniform, and he was totally innocent.

news report from Alabama offers two textbook cases of how sweeping powers of civil asset forfeiture allow police to seize people's property with near impunity.
Under civil asset forfeiture laws, police can take property suspected of being connected to criminal activity, even if the owner is not charged with a crime. Law enforcement and prosecutors say the practice is a vital tool to disrupt drug trafficking and other organized crime by targeting ill-gotten gains. But in state after state, horror stories have emerged of regular people having their possessions expropriated and their lives turned upside down.

In the Alabama case, around 20 heavily armed officers raided Frank Ranelli's computer repair shop in Ensley in 2010, on a tip that Ranelli was selling stolen goods. Police seized roughly 130 computers from the shop, most of them belonging to customers.

The Alabama news outlet Al.com  reports what happened next:
Nothing ever came of the case. The single charge of receiving stolen goods was dismissed after Ranelli demonstrated that he had followed proper protocol in purchasing the sole laptop computer he was accused of receiving illegally.

Yet none of the property seized by police that summer morning more than seven years ago has been returned to him.

"Here I was, a man, owned this business, been coming to work every day like a good old guy for 23 years, and I show up at work that morning-I was in here doing my books from the day before-and the police just f***ed my life," he said.
CSPOA strongly opposes the current laws relating to asset forfeiture, and urges members to advocate with their legislators for strengthening the 4th amendment and due process protections in these cases. 
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