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M&M 2021 News
The M&M 2021 Submission Deadline is Just One Week Away!

Make sure you submit your paper before the deadline! 
Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 11:59 PM, U.S. Eastern Time.
Click Here to Submit:
Presenters have to option to indicate their presentation preference (Virtual or In-Person) during the submission process. Even if you know you cannot attend the in-person meeting, please still submit your paper! The submission site will not open again after the deadline.
Association News
MSA News Header

Renew Your MSA Membership for 2021
If you haven't already, time is running out to renew your membership to avoid a lapse in member benefits! We hope that you'll take a moment to renew your membership and remain part of the community that brings microscopy and microanalysis professionals of all levels together. Renew today!

Last Chance!
Science News
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Imaging SARS-CoV-2 with a helium ion microscope for the first time
Scientists at Bielefeld University's Faculty of Physics have succeeded for the first time in imaging the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus with a helium ion microscope. In contrast to the more conventional electron microscopy, the samples do not need a thin metal coating in helium ion microscopy. This allows interactions between the coronaviruses and their host cell to be observed particularly clearly. Read more.

Celebrating Black History Month
Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry
In this webinar we celebrate Black History Month, recognising and celebrating Black individuals and their contributions to chemistry. We also showcase the importance to continue building on these achievements while recognising that firm action is needed to eradicate the barriers of racism and discrimination in chemistry. Read more.
MSA Student Council News

New to microscopy? Love microscopy? MSA Student Council is pleased to present Microscopy Live! Featuring live demonstrations with experts in the field. On March 4th at 3 PM EST, Microscopy Live we will be featuring a 4D-STEM demonstration hosted by Professor Wenpei Gao from NC State University. Register to join us on Zoom or watch the event on YouTube and Facebook live stream! Register here:

Stay tuned for future webinars on the following topics:
  • Proposal Writing and Applying for Funding
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Microscopy
  • Communicating Science: Data Visualization
  • Microscopy Careers Mini-series (Professors, Industry, National Labs)
  • Preparing for M&M

Social Media Committee Is Now Recruiting
  • Looking to get involved? Help us create content for microscopists (informational) and for public outreach (creative)
  • Responsibilities tailored to your schedule
  • Contact Chris or Louisa for more information:

Region V Update

An interesting new paper has published which talks about the relevant changes in electron's coherence and purity after interaction with nanoparticles. A framework has been developed based on quantum electro-dynamics, which enables a quantitative account of decoherence due to interactions and excitations in any general optical environment. In electron microscopy, this provides new analytical capabilities and will help in designing new quantum information experiments. The research was published in OPTICA - Chen Mechel, Yaniv Kurman, Aviv Karnieli, Nicholas Rivera, Ady Arie, & Ido Kaminer - "Quantum correlations in electron microscopy", DOI:
Local Affiliated Societies
Local Affiliated Societies News
by Ru-ching Hsia, LAS Director

MSA members across the country have also established 25 local affiliated societies (LAS). These LAS hold regular meetings, social events and publish newsletters to provide regional networking and outreach opportunities for the local microscopy community. Find out more about your local microscopy society and their activities in the LAS community page at

LAS Programs
MSA provides LAS support with Tour Speakers, Grants-in-Aid and Special Meeting grants. Details can be found at

LAS Business Meetings
Our first LAS Business Meeting of 2021 was held virtually on 02/05/2021. Officers and Members of 14 LAS attended the meeting. We shared many tips and ideas for running local societies and events during the meeting. LAS are encouraged to work with regional liaisons from the MSA Student Council (StC), local colleges, and other regional scientific or teachers' societies. We will be holding quarterly meetings in the month of March, June, September and December. Different LAS will be featured in each meeting to present their activities and events and discuss issues related to running local societies.  

The next LAS business meeting will be held on March 11th, 1 to 2 PM Eastern Time featuring Appalachian Regional Microscopy Society (AReMS) and New York Microscopical Society (NYMS). Please join us at

If you are interested to start an Affiliated Society in your region or have any questions and concerns, please feel free to contact me at

Focused Interest Groups

Renu Sharma, Chair

Diagnostic and Biomedical Microscopy Focused Interest Group (DBM-FIG) will be hosting a Pre-meeting Congress "Contemporary Electron Microscopy Advanced Biomedical Research " (PMC X61) on the Sunday of August 1st. This is a full day symposium focused on the biological electron microcopy research and technologies. The same abstract submitted to the M&M symposia can be submitted to the PMC as well. PMC X 61 abstract submission deadline is March 18th, 2021. Please go to for more information about PMC X61 and abstract submission.

Join a FIG! FIGs are groups of scientists that practice or have interests in specific disciplines (currently 11) to which microscopy and microanalysis is applied. As an MSA member, you can join one or more (FIG Communities). FIGs not only boost scientific understanding through knowledge sharing, but also provide opportunity to network with scientists who share common interests. FIGs may organize lunches, symposia or pre-meeting congresses at M&M. A complete list of FIGs is on MSA website or by clicking here. You may contact the FIG leader directly or attend a business meeting at M&M to learn more. Visit the FIG Store to sign up. Are you already a member of a FIG? Consider volunteering and make an impact! It's members are what makes FIGs successful. Talk to your FIG leader. Interested in starting a FIG? Start by reviewing the updated version of the FIG Guidelines and then contact me. FIGs are for students too! If you are a student, your fees are waived for the first FIG you join.

Are you interested in highlighting your FIG in an MSA Update? Contact me for more information.
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