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MMS Monthly E-Newsletter | February 2018
Dear MMS Families,

It's been great to connect with you following your classroom observations! I encourage all families to schedule an observation in your child's class. If your child is at a transition point (Primary moving to Lower Elementary, Lower Elementary moving to Upper Elementary, Upper Elementary moving to Middle School), this is a great time to come in for an observation of his/her next classroom environment as well. Please call Beth to schedule observations in Primary and Elementary and email Bridgett - - to schedule an observation at the Middle School.

Observers are asked what they find most interesting about the observation. Recent responses include:
  • "fostering of independence in the classroom - the space to build confidence"
  • "two kids helping each other carry a tray - coordination and cooperation!"
  • "teachers' quiet voices as they make their rounds guiding the children"
  • "The bead chain work was very interesting to observe in progress."
  • "how the children moved seamlessly from task to task. They were so focused - my child hardly knew I was there!"
  • "the excellent math lesson"
  • "I love how Samantha and Michelle calmly and quietly monitor, engage and guide."
  • "seeing so many children in one room without turning into a circus - very calm and organized - wonderful atmosphere"

Schedule your observation soon!

Best wishes,  Jennifer
Our January Parent Education Night session included an interactive discussion of outcomes of Montessori education. We asked parents to develop lists of desired academic, social, and personal outcomes by posing the question: "What qualities would you like for your child to have by the time they leave Mountaineer Montessori School?"

Below are the top three outcomes for each area, as determined by the parent groups:

  • Critical thinking
  • Strong reading/literacy and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math)
  • Transition successfully to traditional schools
Social :
  • Community service/activism
  • Multiculturalism/understanding diversity
  • Being respectful to others and the environment
  • Accountability
  • Self-driven
  • Good citizens of the world

A panel of lead guides addressed each area, giving concrete examples of how our school and the Montessori approach provide for the development of the listed outcomes. Below are a few excerpts from their responses:

" In the primary classroom, the children talk with each other about their different beliefs and traditions. I often hear children who speak multiple languages teaching vocabulary to friends. It is precious because it's a spontaneous process that happens naturally in the environment." ---  Samantha Van Den Berghe Lynch, Primary Guide

"In the Lower Elementary classroom there are a lot of new characteristics of the child emerging, including a strong sense of justice. The children are able to learn and practice problem-solving strategies and tools for managing themselves within the larger classroom community." ---  Becca Moor e,  Lower Elementary Guide

"Critical thinking is one of the major focus areas of Upper Elementary. We look at the work through asking questions. Every time the children have a lesson they determine a research question and learn the skills to find the answers to their questions. We are currently working on persuasive essays, in which the children examine a position from all angles and learn to express and defend the opinion they have cultivated." ---  Jason Winesburg, Upper Elementary Guide

"At the middle school level, students have learned the foundational, step-by-step lessons and are ready to move toward more experimentation. The students can use what they've learned to take their own path. They have the ability and freedom to explore things that may not be readily available in the classroom. " --- Bridgett Steveson, Middle School Guide
Open enrollment at MMS has begun.  If you have any questions, please call or email Jennifer at 304.342.7870 or
Please note that an Application for Enrollment is required for new siblings. Log in to ParentsWeb to access the application process. If you have any difficulties accessing ParentsWeb, contact Beth. She will walk you through the process

The online financial aid application process is open, and applications are due by March 30. Please note that applications for financial aid must be completed online through our website ( ), using the FAST program. Click on Admissions, then Financial Aid. Financial aid applications for the 2018-2019 school year must be completed in full and submitted to FAST by March 30, 2018. A new FAST application must be completed each year, regardless of prior financial aid awards. 
NO SCHOOL | February 17 - 25
School resumes on Monday, February 26. 
Montessori Education Week | February 26 - 30
Watch for details in a separate email!
Primary Parent Education Night | Tuesday, March 6 | 5:30 pm
Middle School Parent Education Night | Tuesday, March 6 | 6:15 pm
MMS Has Talent! (talent show) | Friday, March 16
Note the date change - watch for more details soon!
Lower Elementary Parent Education Night | Tuesday, March 13 | 5:30 pm
Upper Elementary Parent Education Night | Tuesday, March 13 | 6:15 pm
Board Meeting | Monday, March 19 | 6:00 pm
We meet in the main Upper Elementary classroom. Everyone is welcome.
NO SCHOOL | April 2-6
School resumes on Monday, April 9.
"Flight of Fancy" - spring event | May 19 | Woman's Club of Charleston
Annual event to support Mountaineer Montessori School

We appreciate the following volunteers who have recently shared their time and resources with MMS. Many thanks to:

  • Terry Hudson, for working with the middle school students to build a low tunnel.
  • Ryan Kennedy, for assisting with middle school creative expression classes.
  • Matt and Tessie Wallace, for hosting our middle school students for a project at Wallace Metalworks.
  • Kenley Hanna for coordinating our Book and Bake Sale.
  • Dan Carlisle and our friends at Taylor Books for working with us to present the Book and Bake Sale.
  • Katie Clark, Samantha Hicks, Hollie Hubbert, Diana Johnson, Shelley Whittington, Susan Lopinsky, Amy Tolliver, Kari Peyatte, Darlene Spangler and others for providing baked goods for our Book and Bake Sale.
  • Anna Holliday, Nasrin Chbarek, Kiran Faridi, Hollie Hubbert, Susan Lopinsky, Kassy Kelley, Lindy Hoeft, Kate White, Susana Duarte, Amy Tolliver, Jason Wandling, Lauren Winter, Jay Stevens, Sarah Bailey, Jean Storm, Jennifer Preston, and Kenley Hanna for working shifts at the Book and Bake Sale.
  • Katie Clark, Amanda Davis, Shelley Whittington, Susan Lopinsky, Samantha Hicks, Amy Tolliver, Wendy Braswell, and Bettina Werner for providing cookies for the Winter Concert.
  • Troy Anderson and Kari Payette for organizing and bagging the Winter Concert cookies.
  • Dr. Jerry Forster and our friends at the University of Charleston, for hosting the Winter Concert.
  • Catherine Carter, Jack Rogers, and Brenda Morris for transporting Karen's instruments back to school after the Winter Concert.
  • Chad Cordell, for fixing Karen's keyboard stand.
  • Abbey Fiorelli and JoEllen Zacks, for developing our annual fund materials and new tour materials.
  • Keri Darlington, for leading the weaving class at the middle school.
  • parent drivers, for making excursions possible for our students.
  • Eric McEwuen, for donations to the Plus program.

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A not-for-profit organization based in New York City, with nearly 13,000 members worldwide, AMS is also a hub of all things Montessori: an information center for its members, the media, and the public; a voice in the public policy arena; and a mobilizing force for the global Montessori community, through support services, research, and professional development events.
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