February  2019

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M&M 2019

Book Your Hotel Today for M&M 2019!

M&M 2019 is heading back to Portland and the Oregon Convention Center for a week of unparalleled science, networking, and exhibits--and to wonderful scenery and summer weather in the Pacific Northwest.
Hotel reservations are now open and available to book online using  this link . Special rates are guaranteed until July 5, 2019, however, we strongly encourage you to book early for the best availability Book your room through the M&M 2019 Housing to take advantage of the special meeting rates and to get an immediate reservation confirmation. A valid credit card is required to reserve a room.

Meeting registration will open on Monday, March 4. 
All M&M 2019 symposia, workshops, and official events will be held at the Oregon Convention Center. 
Association News

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The MSA Council at the 2019 Winter Council Meeting

Seated: Executive Committee Members Peter Crozier, Esther Bullitt, Paul Kotula, Bob Price, Pam Lloyd. 
Standing: Directors Beth Dickey, Melanie Ohi, Jay Potts, Deb Kelly, Lena Kourkoutis, Yimei Zhu, Patricia Jansma

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Have you renewed your MSA membership for 2019?  Keep your membership active in order to maintain access to exclusive member benefits including peer networking, discounts on educational materials, savings on the annual Microscopy & Microanalysis conference, and much more. Please take a moment to renew your membership and remain part of the community that brings microscopy and microanalysis professionals of all levels together. Click here to renew today.

M&M Tutorials Now on Vimeo!

You can now access past tutorials from M&M on Vimeo.  The MSA Online Video Library provides you with free access to videos of M&M Tutorials and other MSA sessions for online viewing and downloading/archiving.  Follow us on Vimeo where you can view tutorials of your choice anytime and anywhere from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. 

MicroscopyTodayMicroscopy Today

Micrograph Awards
The goal of this international competition is to identify and showcase scientific micrographs and movie clips. While there must be scientific content in the images, winning entries will also exhibit exceptional composition and other esthetic qualities. The competition, open to all types of microscopy, is divided into three categories:
          Published micrograph category: Still images first published within the calendar year prior to the contest.
          Open micrograph category: Unpublished still images acquired by any microscopist.
          Video micrograph category: Movie clips up to 60 seconds in length, acquired directly with a microscope or generated as a video of a reconstruction from microscopy data. Confocal light microscopy image stacks that create 3-D images may be submitted as a still in the Open category or as an animated sequence exhibiting 3-D characteristics.
          The micrograph submission site will be open January 1 to February 21, 2019. A panel of judges will identify a number of finalists in each category and also select the first ($500), second ($300), and third ($100) prizes in each category. Members of the microscopy community will have the opportunity to vote for the "people's choice award." All micrograph awards will be presented at the annual M&M meeting.

The submission deadline is February 21, 2019 .
Science News

The MSA Facebook page  regularly posts science news for you 

Photo credit: www.medgadget.com
New Microscopy Technique for Nanoscale Imaging of Living Brain
Scientists collaborating on both coasts of the United States have developed a new technique for imaging the brain that provides an incredible new look at the detailed functionality of the organ. The technique combines expansion microscopy and lattice light-sheet microscopy, two techniques that on their own can provide impressive imaging of living tissues.  Read more here .

Manipulating cell networks with light: New frontiers in optical microscopy
A new optical microscope system called SIFOM (Stimulation and Imaging-based Functional Optical Microscopy) can stimulate multiple cells simultaneously by a holographic method and monitor cell activity after the stimulation using 3D (three-dimensional) measurements based on fluorescence holography. This system has potential applications as a tool for the reconstruction of lost nerve pathways, constructing artificial neural networks, and food resources development. Read more here
MSAStudentCouncilMSA Student Council News

The MSA Student Council (StC) is organizing the 3rd annual Pre-meeting Congress for Students, Postdocs, and Early-career Professionals in Microscopy & Microanalysis (PMCx60), to be held on the Saturday preceding M&M 2019 in Portland, OR.
The PMCx60 is a one-day conference organized by and for students and early-career professionals and offers a highly interactive forum for participants to share cutting edge research, network, and engage with peers ahead of the main meeting.
Remember to CHECK THE BOX on the Author's tab when submitting your paper to M&M 2019. The organizers will contact you with meeting information and registration details.

The StC is soliciting financial support from the MSA community and welcomes corporate sponsorship and donations from individuals/organizations to help build the future of microscopy and microanalysis. 

Please consider sponsoring, donating to, and attending the 2019 PMCx60 in Portland, OR. To learn about the benefits of being a PMCx60 sponsor, email the StC at studentcouncil@microscopy.org, or donate to the PMCx60 via the MSA donation page ( microscopy.org/donation, include "PMCx60" in the "Donation Made by:" field).
For event details visit https://www.microscopy.org/students/x60.cfm . Please email the PMCx60 Program Chair, Ethan Lawrence, at ellawren@asu.edu if you are interested in sponsorship or have any questions about the PMC.
LAS Local Affiliated Societies 

Local Affiliated Societies News
by Patty Jansma, LAS Director

MSA's Local Affiliated Societies provide networking and outreach opportunities for the microscopy community. The list of LAS can be found on the LAS community page at http://microscopy.org/communities/local.cfm.
LAS Meetings  
Check the individual LAS websites for more details.

Support your local affiliated society! Invite students, early career scientists & technologists to your LAS meetings. Better yet, bring a new member to your local meeting and get them involved!

LAS Programs
MSA provides LAS support with Tour Speakers, Grants-in-Aid and Special Meeting grants. Details can be found at
http://www.microscopy.org/communities/programs.cfm .

As always, you may contact me at
pjansma@email.arizona.edu with comments, questions or concerns. 

Focused Interest Groups

Focused Interest Groups

Andy Vogt, Chair

Join a FIG! FIGs are groups of scientists that practice or have interests in specific disciplines (currently 11) to which microscopy and microanalysis is applied. As an MSA member, you can join one or more. FIGs not only boost scientific understanding through knowledge sharing, but also provide an opportunity to network with scientists who share common interests. FIGs may organize lunches, symposia or pre-meeting congresses at M&M. A complete list of FIGs is on MSA website. You may contact the FIG leader directly or attend a business meeting at M&M to learn more. Are you already a member of a FIG? Consider volunteering and make an impact! Its members are what makes FIGs successful. Talk to your FIG leader. Interested in starting a FIG? Start by reviewing the updated version of the FIG Guidelines and then contact me.

Three FIGs are organizing symposia in Portland: 3D Electron Microscopy in the Biological Sciences, Facilities and Operations Management, and Pharmaceuticals! Consider attending. More information will be available in a later MSA Update.

Are you interested in highlighting your FIG in an MSA Update? Contact me for more information.
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