August Update
We Heard You. 
Thanks For Your Feedback on Proposed Public Register Changes
We had more than 160 responses to the bylaw consultation and noted a few common questions:
  1. What about the privacy of OTs?
  2. Why is the College doing this? What about the other health professionals?
  3. Why did the College ask for feedback about changes to the bylaws without providing the related implementation policies?
  4. Why is the College posting information about an OT's history in another jurisdictions? Is this within the College's scope?
  5. When do these changes go into effect? Is the College going to publish a conviction for driving under the influence from 10 years ago?
  6. What kind of offences will be posted on the public register? 
Find clarification and answers to these questions on our consultations page

Update on Clinic Regulation 
As reported in the spring 2015 edition of On the Record, the College is participating in a multi-College initiative to explore the regulation of clinics in this province.

At its June 18, 2015 meeting, Council confirmed its commitment to the initiative to propose new legislation for clinic regulation and begin consultation with stakeholders on the preliminary model.

We will continue to provide updates about this initiative through our publications and If you wish to be added to a dedicated clinic regulation distribution list, please send an email to
Professional Duty to Report Child Abuse and Neglect
In an effort to increase professional awareness and knowledge with respect to the duty to report child abuse and neglect as set out in the Child and Family Services Act, 1990 (CFSA), the Ministry of Children and Youth Services has asked health regulatory Colleges to share the following information with registrants:

The Child and Family Services Act, 1990 (CFSA) recognizes that the public, including professionals who work with children, must promptly report any suspicions that a child is or may be in need of protection directly to a children's aid society. This is referred to as one's "duty to report".

Read the reminder. 
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