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Over the past 15 months, we have worked to maintain a sense of community and, in fact, have witnessed a tremendous outpouring of generosity and a renewed vitality across the parish. Still, the relaxation of COVID restrictions creates an opportunity for us to re-engage as a parish -- to reconnect with one another and with the broader community, more deeply and more faithfully, and therefore more fruitfully.

With this opportunity in mind, we are asking every adult in a household, including those under 18 who have already been Confirmed in the Church,

to complete a brief anonymous Survey.

The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete!

To complete the survey on-line, use this link: On-line Survey

It is also possible to print a hard copy of the survey

(which can be turned-in to the rectory or the collection baskets at Mass) 

To complete the survey on paper, use this link to access and print a .pdf file:

Print Paper Survey

At the parish picnic, following the 11 AM Mass, on June 13,

we will hold a drawing for a gift certificate to Jimmy Cone at 2:15 PM.

Click here to print your entry form for the drawing: Jimmy Cone Drawing


Tell us how it's going
Enter Jimmy Cone Drawing 

Thank you!

We appreciate your time!

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