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First, I want to apologize for typos in last weeks email (I do my own editing and sometimes miss a few items as I am not a professional writer) The obvious typo should have been 'SHIFT' and I hope if you saw that, it gave you a good laugh! LOL 
I want you to know I feel privileged to enter your heart each week through my words. I never take it for granted that you have a choice of what information you choose to bring into your life, and you choose to have positive, uplifting content via my newsletter as being part of your life.
I hope to provide you with support, inspiration and a ray of sunshine in your day. You are always welcome to reply to my emails.  
Today, I was inspired to deliver the below message to you ...

Today's inspiring thought was also featured at The Wellness Universe blog. I am honored to share this inspiration with you, as it will change your life.
Thank you is a magical phrase.
It sets in motion a ripple.
It closes a circle of receiving and appreciating.
It opens new doors to blessings you never dreamed possible.
It is the expression of gratitude, and we all are grateful for something.

Let's express our thanks, morning, noon and night.

It is because of the great love we have, the thanks we give and respect we pay to have the privilege of an abundance of blessings that makes the world go round.

It is never too late, you ... are never too busy or too burdened to say Thank You God.

Sending you divine blessings my Friend!

Yes it is! Call them into your life.

My Dear Friend Pamela Dussault has a wonderful webinar 12/12 - Connecting and Working with Archangel Jophiel for Healing

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Archangel Jophiel is the angel of beauty and helps you to develop a positive and optimistic attitude, a fresh approach to life and pleasure. She helps to beautify our thoughts when situations, people and life appears bleak or dark - something that we can all use during this stressful holiday period! She has personally re-aligned my thoughts back to love and away from ego-based fear and lack. In this class, you'll learn more about her and how you can connect with her to bring more beauty into your mind and into your life!


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More of my inspiring posters for you to enjoy!

May you be blessed beyond your imagination!
Sending you Love & Light

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