May 2020 | Issue 1
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self-care offerings to help you thrive
In this time of unknowns, it becomes easy to forget to take care of your personal needs. We encourage you to join a virtual meditation or explore ways to continue your practice in this new normal.

I thrive when I am fearless.
Excerpt from: I Come From I Stand for I Thrive When - 2017 Artists Thrive Summit Participants

Just Breathe  
Led by Pratt Institute staff, these free daily 30-minute sessions offer a wide variety of mindfulness & contemplative practices. Follow this link to sign-up for one or multiple sessions.  

Finding Opportunities for Insight and Growth During Isolation
BY  Kelly Barron  
April 23, 2020  
WELL-BEING  Mindful Magazine

If you are lucky enough to have your basic needs met right now, how can you find space to allow your creativity to thrive?

tips from experts to inspire you to thrive
In this issue, we highlight the Mid-America Arts Alliance's informative webinar series on financial help for artists, plus a story from our archives featuring artist Margie Livingston on the importance of your network.
Artist INC Cares: Finding Financial Help
View a series of webinars from April 2020 designed to help artists locate what financial relief is available, how to navigate the system and what actions to take to help stabilize your finances. Read More →
Building a Network of Support
Artist Margie Livingston shares how she has intentionally cultivated a network of artists that she depends on for support.

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opportunities that bring artist together to support you thrive
Connect with a national network of artists and arts administrators, funders and educators. We encourage you to share your successes and struggles, post your questions and best practices, and join us to learn and teach. Follow the links below to our website for more details.
June's Virtual Meet Up:
Creativity Think Tank
Join other creative minds to envision the future of our arts community post-pandemic.

Thursday, June 4 - 4:00-5:00pm EST
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