Today the Christ Grids of Diamond Light are awakening on a never-before-experienced-in-our-life-time level!
12 New Lion Portals of Prosperity have been activated today! 
Today's 8:8:8 Celebration & Lions Gate Transmission is available for you to download for free from my website. Please share! :)
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an awesome and amazing gathering this morning. Your presence and participation is greatly appreciated. 

I am loving sharing all the new developments happening at an accelerated rate within our Universal Time Matrix as we gear up toward December 20th 2020, which is when we step fully into the Aquarian Age. However, very important steps still need to be completed before we get there, in order to ensure that the full blueprint of the Divine Cosmic Mother, the Divine Cosmic Father and Divine Cosmic Child of Golden Living Light - Christ Consciousness - is anchored in our personal and collective Divine Matrix as well as that of Goddess Gaia, ensuring full ascension into Harmonic Universe Four, ascending through it's dimensional processes, and then into Harmomic Universe 5 and beyond. I talk about this in detail in the introduction to this monrning's event. 

At the end of 2017 we make the very important mass consciousness shift into Harmonic Universe 4, just like we made the mass leaps in 1996, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2012 and 2013 through Hamonic Universe 1,2, and into 3. There have been a number of these ascension leaps along the ascension spiral, but now the spiral is spinning faster and the loops are getting smaller because our density is lighter, and shall continue to lighten and liquify, until we leave this Universal Time Matrix altogether.

This amazing ascension gate is awakening within us the TRUE knowing from deep within ourselves that we are TRULY making our way out of the relentless cycle of re-incarnation. We DO NOT have to re-incarntae as we have been, on the wheel of karma (repetitive time loops). The "Switch-On" of humanity's 13th partcile taking place between the 10th and 13th of August 2017, is awakening the Living Liquid Kryst-All (Crystal) Light from witin us. We are in other words receicving a powerful energtic infusion of the Elixir of Unconditional Living Love and dissolving more barriers of illsuon so as to be able to step fully into what this next leg of our spiritual journey is bringing us.

We MUST ALL develop the habit of deliberately choosing to be at peace, especially when the rest of the world appears to be coming apart at the seams, which it is. And this is good. We MUST CHOOSE to remain aligned with the Unconditional Living Love and Living Wisdom of the Universal Presence of our Higher God-Mind whilst the paradigms and time-lines shift, elevating our field of energy to meet up with this next density level of creative expression and therefore, our new life experience. We ARE now FREE to merge with every quality of life that brings bliss, harmony and deeper connections to Unconditional Living Love into our world. This means we are "growing up" on a new level as we embrace this new journey of maturing into our Avatar and Rishi Selves. 

May the messages, tones, codes, vibrations and keys in this transmission bring upliftment, joy, faith and trust to you and fill every part of your being with the knowing that the Good God has got our backs and it's time to get a move and do what we came here to do at this very crucial time. Remember, we are the ground crew and we must do our share to ensure the success of the collective.

If you would like to know mo re about what this mass transition entails and how to navigate these waters, feel free to tune into another of our free platforms supporting our shift into HU4 - Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith. We chat about everything the new energies are transmitting to us. If you can't join us live, download the Mp3 from my or Faith's website. Here is the link to register and join us live if you wish.

We are also in the process of converting all my free material into video's and publishing on You Tube, so visit my channel if you prefer the You Tube experience.  It does take a while to make it YouTube viable so give us a few days with new material. Because I value the transcendent quality of the energy we share as a tribe, I'd also be grateful to you for sharing these transmissions with other's whom you know are feeling Hamonic Univers 4's call.

Have a blessed an d prosperous day!

Much love,
Michelle and Sean

Palace of Peace| Michelle Manders ||

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