Dear APAP Members and Colleagues,

As always, we want to keep you updated on the latest SBA news on the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant (SVOG) program, including providing the latest SVOG numbers, which are at the end of this email.

But first, TODAY the SBA is hosting an Award Reconsideration Information Session from 2:00-3:30 p.m. (EDT). Those eligible for an award reconsideration are applicants who were awarded an amount of at least $100 less than they had requested. If you believe that you are eligible for an award reconsideration, want to be part of this process, and have not yet received an invitation, you may attend the session via the link above. Also, please send APAP an email with your grant #, so we can alert the SBA if you did not receive an official invitation email from the SBA and should have.

THE SBA'S PROGRESS REPORT: In case you missed it, on Monday, the SBA released its latest program report. While many numbers have since been updated, it does provide more detail that may be of interest. The SBA also released the most recent awardee data.

In today's stakeholder briefing, the SBA reported that with 13,903 decisions issued, it is getting close to completing the decisioning process (where an award or decline is issued) for the initial award phase. The SBA stated, "every application counts" as it looks to resolve each application over the next several days in order to turn its focus to supplemental awards the week of August 23.

To that end, the SBA noted that from here forward:

  • Technical Corrections: Those applicants who received a request for a technical correction will have two chances to provide the necessary proof of eligibility. If eligibility requirements are not satisfied, the application will be declined.
  • Budget Adjustments: If the request for adjustment expires, the applicant will be send a Notice of Award (NOA) for the lower amount.
  • 4506-T Issues: Applicants with this issue outstanding will be given two more opportunities to correct it.

OPEN NOW: DECLINE APPEALS AND AWARD RECONSIDERATIONS: Both of these processes began this week. Please review our July 30 email update for more information.

ICYMI, SUPPLEMENTAL FUNDING: The week of August 23 (specific date TBD) invitations will be sent to all eligible applicants, defined as "recipients of first, second, and third priority round awards who suffered a 70% or greater revenue loss for the most recent calendar quarter (as of April 1, 2021, or later). Please review our July 30 email update for more information.

REMINDER: PORTAL CLOSING TO NEW APPLICATIONS: The application portal will close to new applications at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Daylight Time) on August 20, 2021.


As of earlier today, 15,373 applications have been "decisioned" of which 13,903 applicants have been notified of their status.

  • Of the 15,373 "decisioned", 10,718 applicants have been notified of their awards, and 611 are queued for award notification, many of which are awaiting a tax process by the IRS or regional tax authorities.

  • Thus far, award notifications represent $8.3 billion of which $7.5 billion has been disbursed.

  • 3,185 applications have been declined, and 22 are queued for decline.

  • 837 have been sent requests for technical correction.
If you need to reach the SBA about your application, you can send it to We suggest that you include "high-level customer support requested" in your email subject line.

Do you have a specific SVOG application issue you'd like APAP to submit to the SBA on your behalf? If so, please submit your case (along with your grant #) to Jenny Thomas, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Sarah Martin, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications, at

APAP continues to advocate on your behalf. We are stronger together.

The APAP Team