Office of the President
Dear St. Serra parents,
Your fundraising support, short term and long term, makes a difference.
Thank you for supporting us with your time, talent and especially your treasure. It is a daunting task to maintain such an exemplary Catholic school: the educational staffing to provide a comprehensive and challenging faith-based curriculum for all learners, our state of the art facilities (old and new), and ensuring your students have the best and most current forward thinking programs available.

Your fiscal support in the fundraising areas that touch your heart makes a difference in both the day-to-day operations of the school and the updated programs we provide. What you see today is because of YOU and those who believe in the Mission of SJSC. We know every dollar counts in every way. As we have often said, "It is not the amount given, it is the effort and care to give".

We know you look closely at your gifting; we look closely at our funding. We don't want to impact educational costs, and have been successful at keeping educational costs within reason for what we provide as a school through fundraising. It is because of your support!

In the coming weeks you will continue to see different fundraisers or opportunities to give emerge and be shared with our community. We know you will support what touches your heart-because each one gift will make a difference.
What constitutes "short-term" and "long-term" fundraising?
Short term fundraising:
  • Makes up the difference in our operating budget between what it costs to educate each student and what each family pays (the fundraising gap)
  • Keeps current year educational costs down by 15%
  • PTO sponsored events (Harvest, Golf, Anchor Ball, Parent/Child events, etc.)
  • Scrip Rebate program - benefits you and the school
Long term fundraising
  • Secures the financial strength of the school
  • Ensures the forward movement of curriculum, educational programming and other items that advance the educational experience of all students without impacting educational costs.
  • Advancement oversees these funds (Annual Fund, Capital Campaign, Tuition Assistance program, etc.)
Ultimately, all fundraising keeps educational costs down and allows each family to give what they can to better their school through a tax-deductible vehicle. Educational Costs are not tax-deductible.  

Thank you again for the gifts of your time, talent and treasure and supporting St. Junipero Serra Catholic School. 

God is good...all the time
All the time...God is good.

Mrs. Angeline Trudell