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Gun Violence and Gun Control Policies
GenForward is a bi-monthly survey of Millennials led and founded by Professor Cathy J. Cohen at the University of Chicago. The GenForward Survey is the first of its kind-a nationally representative survey of over 1,750 young adults ages 18-34  with oversamples of African American, Latinx, and Asian American millennials. GenForward pays special attention to how race and ethnicity influence how young adults or Millennials experience and think about the world. 
Millennials and Gun Control
In recognition of young people walking out of their classrooms in a nationwide demonstration for gun control, we want to highlight important millennial perspectives and opinions from our recent studies. We focus attention on millennial attitudes toward gun violence and gun control measures. We find that young adults' personal experience with guns and gun violence varies substantially based on their race and ethnicity. Young adults support a range of policy proposals designed to reduce gun violence in America. We invite you to browse our data and reflect on this important moment today.
Source: March on Washington for Gun Control
Gun Violence and Attitudes toward Gun Control
More African Americans (37%), and to a slightly lesser extent Latinxs (24%), report experiencing gun violence in the last year, compared to just 12% of Asian American and white young adults. Despite their lower levels of experiencing gun violence, young whites are far more likely to report owning a gun (29%) than the 10-11% of young adults of color who say they own a gun. 
Source: Fabrizio Rinaldi, Brother, September 5, 2007
How do Millennials approach Gun Control?
Majorities of African Americans (63%), Asian Americans (76%), and Latinxs (60%) say that it is more important to control gun ownership than to protect the right to own guns. A majority of young whites take the opposite stance with 53% saying it is more important to protect the right to own guns than to control gun ownership. 
Newest Report
Millennials and Technology:
An overview of usage, news consumption, the future of work, and public policy.
What do Millennials have to say about the role of technology in their lives? What  devices do they own? How do they use and engage with technology across domains? Are there significant differences in the realm of technology between Millennials of different racial and ethnic backgrounds? This GenForward report addresses these questions by presenting an overview of Millennials' relationship with technology in both their professional and personal lives as well as their opinions on several tech- related policies in the United States. This report will be available later this month.
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