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December 30, 2016   

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Your Generosity Has No Limits
As 2016 comes to a close, I would like to congratulate you on the eve of this New Year. We wish you, your family, and your friends the best of the holiday season, surrounded by your loved ones.
In 2016, with your help Child Foundation:
  • Increased number of student scholarship recipients to more than 8,700 students, 272 of them were accepted to attend universities to further their educational needs. 
  • Donations received surpassed $3 million for the first time in our history.
  • Lowered its administrative costs to 3.39% and marketing expenses to 2.87%. This translates to 93.74% of every dollar donated to supporting our children and the humanitarian needs of their families.
  • Still enjoy Charity Navigator's highest rating (4/4 Stars) and the "Best" rating award from America's Best Charities.
  • Distributed more than 2,000 "Backpacks of Hopes" to children in need at the beginning of the year.
  • Provided more than 1,000 food baskets to families in urgent nutritional need.
  • Sent a group of dental student volunteers to the Dominican Republic to provide dental services to children
  • Purchased, shipped and distributed Persian language books for children who live in refugee camps in Greece.
  • Created a special fund for Syrian refugees in the United States.
  • Sent help to victims of Hurricane Matthew.
  • Provided more than 450 pairs of new shoes to children in the developing areas of Fonooj.
  • Attended the United Nations Special Human Rights Commission and met with Mr. Ahmad Shaheed to object to the continuation of Iranian related sanctions, which limit our humanitarian activities.
  • Conducted two international conferences on educational rights of children in war zones and refugee camps.
  • Provided financial assistance to Afghan children who lost their legs in terrorist mine explosions.
  • Provided financial assistance to the families of children with thalassemia and organized blood drives to help them with their treatments.
  • Organized a Nowruz bazaar in Los Angeles.
  • Collaborated with professional organizations such as Ziba Design and Google for branding assistance and effective outreach and management.
This list is only a portion of what we did in 2016. On behalf of all of my colleagues around the world, I would like thank our wonderful volunteers in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia who have helped us make everything possible. By the same token, I would like to thank the 3,200+ generous sponsors who trust us with their monthly donations to help children gain access to education.
Since its inception 23 years ago, Child Foundation has helped tens of thousands of students to escape poverty and find better means for themselves and their families. With your continued support, we want to increase our 8,700 monthly students to more than 10,000 before the end of 2017.
If you are not yet a part of our sponsorship family, we hope you will join us by sponsoring a child today. Just $1 a day can help change a child's life and help him/her ultimately become a productive member of our global community.  
To our generous sponsors: thank you. Your help has meant everything on this road to helping our children rise above poverty. We also encourage you to consider increasing your monthly donation and sponsoring another child. Beyond gaining an end-of-the-year tax benefit, you will foster a family of children to become educated change makers. With your help, we will reach 10,000 children in 2017.
Thank you again for your support in helping children in need. On behalf of all our children and our management team, we wish you loved ones a very happy new year.

Peyman Raoofi, Psy.D.
President & CEO
Your Kindness  Touched Children's Heart
This year, we had another successful toy drive. All toys collected were delivered to the Los Angeles Children Hospital and Children of the Night.

Many thanks to KIRN 670AM, Iman Foundation, Eretz Cultural Center, Pro Family Group and our wonderful team of volunteers who created a wonderful Christmas experience for hundreds of children .
Your Generosity Has No Boarders
Child Foundation's second group of volunteers distributed gifts and children supplies in the camps in Lesvos, Greece. We also provided them with needed supplies such as diapers, blankets, jackets, winter clothes (gloves and shoes) and strollers.
We thank our wonderful volunteer, Nourah and all of her friends for their help in this harsh weather and in these unfortunate conditions. They are still in Greece and if we can provide them with additional funds, they can distribute more supplies. The need is beyond imagination.
Nourah and her friends currently trying to help one of the families whose 4 year old child is in dire need of medical treatment and with help of a legal partners to process their papers to Switzerland to get medical attention.  Recently the mother of another family also had a stroke and no medical attention was given due to their dire situation in camp Moria. Hence, everyone is trying to process their papers and place them in a safe place for a few weeks until they get the approval to leave to Switzerland. 
Again, we cannot stress how grateful we are to all of our volunteers and donors. If you wish to donate to help Syrian refugees, please do so here. 
Hi, I'm Mustafa!
I am eleven-year-old from the city of Nikshahr, province of Sistan and Baluchistan. I am a smart young boy currently studying in fifth grade. My father passed away from cancer and since then my mom had been taking care of the children all on her own. Our family's income used to come from farming, but due to drought in the past few years, our income got less and less every year, and after dad's death what little we made is gone quickly.

We live in a small village in a small mud-hut; we don't have a carpet, fridge or other basic necessities. We just struggle to get by every day. I am in desperate need of your help. Your generosity will help me stay in school and work towards a better future for myself and my family.

Hi, I am Asal
I'm ten-year-old from the city of Karaj. I am smart and talented and currently studying in 4 th grade. My father had left us many years ago. Finally after seven years my mother filed for a divorce. We now live with my grandmother in a small rental house.

I have been suffering from a gastrointestinal illness since birth and had a few surgeries. My mother hardly can afford our living expenses let alone my medical bills. She works as a part time housekeeper and her limited income is not enough for us.

I need of your help to continue my education and have a better and brighter future.

Tabriz School
A generous lady donated a large piece of land to be used for building a school for children in need in Tabriz. 

Child Foundation has finished surveying the land and have blue prints ready.

For additional information, and to participate in this project, please visit our page here.

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