February World of Wolves
Above and Beyond
In our Fall Appeal , we asked you to consider making a gift to help us improve the living conditions of the animals living in our sanctuaries in Washington and Montana - and you did! With the additional funds raised, Wolf Haven has been able to restructure and enlarge living space, separate large groups into smaller ones, build corridors connecting enclosures and a beautiful new deck pen, reinforce fencing and build an entirely new enclosure.

A very special thank you to Moore Trees and Southgate Fence Inc. in Washington, Shannon Courtney with C & P Construction and Bar J Lazy C Fence Co in Montana, Wolf Haven animal care staff; two anonymous donors, and YOU for helping make our wish list a reality.

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Upcoming events
Wolf Haven will resume scheduled guided visits on March 16.
Wolf Haven news
Wolf Haven will be closed to the public from February 15 - March 15 due to breeding season. As a sanctuary, we never breed our rescued wolves because of our philosophy that wolves belong in the wild, not in captivity. Our residents are either partially spayed, neutered or separated during this time. They experience the same hormonal cycles as wild wolves and we close annually during this period.

Administrative offices remain open and we will be available to answer questions about donations, memberships, education programs etc during this time.