When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Families Forward provided rental assistance to Valerie and her daughter, Samantha. Because of donors like you, Valerie and her daughter were able to stay safely housed. But Valerie needed to find stable employment. Our career coaches referred her to one of our partners, a cyber security training program, and after completing the training, Valerie was hired for full-time employment! She now earns $65,000 per year AND works remotely to protect the health of her family.
Donate today to help families like Valerie and Samantha overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable.
In the coming months, as California’s eviction moratorium lifts, we anticipate an unprecedented number of families across Orange County will face homelessness. While there are unforeseen challenges ahead, with your help vulnerable families will receive the assistance they need to achieve housing stability.
We hope you'll join us and provide parents like Valerie the tools and resources to create a stable home for their families.

Madelynn Hirneise
Chief Executive Officer
Families Forward is among the top 2% of rated charities nationwide. For every dollar contributed, $0.90 directly funds programs and services for client families.

The CARES Act raises the charitable deduction limit on your gift to Families Forward, a nonprofit, 501c3 organization, #33-0086043. Consult your tax preparer or IRS for details.