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Dear Golden Friends,
Just a quick heads up for everyone about next fall’s
Online Silent Auction.

This past week I received a message from a longtime supporter of the GRSRS&EC Program asking if we will be accepting auction items again this year. She had visited Ireland this spring and purchased some lovely items to donate for the On Line Silent Auction. She hopes that it will be held again this fall.

After much deliberation we now plan to have another on line Silent Auction in November, but it will be a smaller event featuring only special items, dining experience certificates and mini fun vacations for two certificates donated by individuals (think vacation homes at the seaside, lake or skiing areas) and commercial Inns, Hotels and other sites that will be asked to participate. We are gratefully accepting these donations starting now for the November event.
Money generated by this fundraiser will be used to assist our three supported Sanctuaries and other smaller rescue programs that may need emergency financial assistance due to extreme weather events such as prolonged heat waves, fires, hurricanes, floods and even mud slides.

We plan to offer our new incredible unique Golden Retriever Poster Event starting in August, continuing until they are all sold. The income from this event will be used to provide both emergency services coast to coast to rescue programs and other emergency response animal welfare programs and to help with the funding needed to provide our yearly program funding for the three Sanctuaries we support.

Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue
Founders Receive
Lifetime Achievement Award

Many of you know that Susan Foster and I founded the Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue Program in MA in 1983. It became the first breed specific 501(c) (3) Rescue Program in the country. A year later Joy Viola joined us and together with an active Board of Directors we established the facility that is now known as Riverview in Hudson, MA. This beautiful mini estate situated on a magnificent river that flows peacefully through the forested acres surrounding it features a state of the art kennel facility and a heated and air conditioned training building, a large in the ground therapy pool, a separate senior living site within the kennel building, a home simulation room to help dogs learn about living in a house and for adoption interviews, multiple large grassy fenced in play yards and an onsite caretaker/kennel manager apartment. To visit it on line go to www.YGRR.org .

This year at the Yankee Golden Retriever Breed Club’s Annual Meeting Susan, Joy and I were given a lifetime achievement award and life time membership in the Yankee Golden Retriever Breed Club, which is a member of the National Golden Retriever Club of America. The following is a segment from the award ceremony:

Annual Meeting January 14, 2018
Report of the President, Donna Morgan

Joan and Susan met in 1979 at a YGRC eye clinic. As I mentioned these ladies' lives have been intertwined for over 35 years. When they realized they lived within a couple of miles of each other, they became fast friends. Traveling to dog shows with their dogs to compete in obedience and breed, brought them a bit of success and lots of laughs!

As a YGRC member Joan was active in many club activities and served as columnist for the newsletter, as a member of the board and as Vice-President. She joined GRCA in 1978 and later, with Pagey Elliot's encouragement and sponsorship, she became a member of the Golden Retriever Club of England and was lucky to have imported a beautiful bitch from England.

When Joan presented to Susan her idea of forming a rescue organization in 1984, there were no handbooks or instruction manuals. There were a few
individuals around the country who did independent rehoming of golden retrievers, but there was not a single organized rescue program that had been
established for our breed.

Susan still doesn't know how Joan talked her into joining her on this mission . Joan had two children, ages 10 and 14, and she worked full time as an Early
Intervention Pediatric Nurse. Susan had 3 dogs and 4 children, ages 3 to 14 her full-time job. Somehow, she managed to convince Susan that with just a little hard work, a typewriter, a copier and some willing volunteers, YGRR could become a reality. Their kids still wonder if they cared more about the dogs than
they did about them, but Joan was right. Her leadership and unending positivity is what brought us to Riverview.

If you have had the opportunity to visit YGRR's home at Riverview; imagine what it was like in the very early years with no land, no buildings, no vehicles, no employees, no hotline, no internet, no computers, no veterinarian, no Golden Goodies, no endowments, no Fidelity accounts, no grants, little financial support and fewer than 20 active volunteers. YGRR now has a
state of the art facility that was Joan's vision from day one. There are now hundreds of volunteers who have contributed time, money, and energy along the way and know this was possible because they were inspired by Joan. She always said if there are more than two people in a room, you can have a
fund raiser! Just ask Joy Viola, fund raiser extraoidinaire.

Joan has been friends with Susan for 30 years. The reality is that there is no one Susan knows who has been more committed to the success of YGRR than Joan. She has a generous heart, not just for the dogs, but for her friends and colleagues. She has never expected anything in return for the countless
hours she has devoted to Rescue and has never put herself in the spotlight.

YGRR is without question the most effective program of its kind in the country and has inspired clubs and individuals to start rescue programs across the
country and Canada. In the 33 years since its inception, YGRR has faced many struggles and hardships. Joan & Susan rose above those adversities
by working together to find solutions. They are a great team!! Joan continues to this day with her nonstop fundraising to provide financial assistance to
rescue groups across the country for their senior Goldens in need.


A few years after my retirement from the YGRR Program in 2008, I started working with other people interested in helping Golden Oldies receive appropriate care in Sanctuaries and other facilities nationwide. Feeling that the many years of experience in the field of rescue programming would enable us to organize a program that would best help other Rescues/ Sanctuaries fulfill their mission statement, (especially in regard to meeting short term care needs for Senior Rescue Goldens in need and also lifelong services for those who because of age or medical issues, would require life time care) the Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center was formed. Today, GRSRS&EC stands strong and loyal to Golden Oldies coast-to-coast!
will start this fall as part of our
...More to come in our next Golden Oldies Gazette!
The winner of our "Filled with Love" Supper Bowl Donation Contest, Quarterly Donation event r ecipient is Antoinette LaPorte. She will receive a beautiful Three Scoops of Vanilla bracelet featuring a Golden Retriever. 

Special Thanks! A donation was made by Sallie Lennox in Memory of Carol Allen in recognition of her never wavering dedication to providing care, safety and love to dogs in need especially Golden Oldies.
Thank You for All YOU Do for the Senior Goldens!
Sky’s Helpful Hints   
Information that is incredibly important to read and then pass on to others.

Dangerous items that can be fatal for a dog. Anything from the allium family which includes garlic, onions, leeks and chives can be poisonous to dogs. These foods cause damage to dog's red blood cells causing hemolytic anemia. These foods, particularly in their raw state even in small amounts , can also lead to serious gastrointestinal issues too. (Think picnics and other outdoor events that dogs may get such foods at.)

Other dangerous foods for dogs to ingest are grapes & raisins, garden plants including lilies, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, lily of the valley, chocolate, the artificial sweetener xylitol is also extremely dangerous. The ingestion of a pack of gum with this sweetener in it is enough to kill a small/medium size dog by causing the body of the dog to produce huge amounts of insulin thus causing insulin shock and death.

If you have a question for Sky to answer, email jepgoldens@yahoo.com.
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This is a new product which is said to be less damaging to kidneys and the stomach lining and addresses both the pain and actual inflammation process in the joints. 

Expensive, but worth it for many dogs who have other medical conditions or that have not responded in a positive therapeutic manner to other medications for osteoarthritis.
Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center, Inc.
PO Box 484, North Reading, MA 01864

Joan Puglia, Founder/President