October 2017

California Consulting LLC: "Putting Clients First"

Grant Awards: 

CC LLC congratulates the City of Calexico (a CC LLC client) for recieveing the Healthy Play Funding Initiative in the amount of $129,000 from California Park and Recreation Society (CPRS).

The City of Calexico proposes an exciting upgrade for its Cordova Park playground. This is a $260k project that includes the installation of evidence-and research-based elements be part of a statewide demonstration project, that will provide valuable data for future improvements in design and usage. 

This latest achievement is another example of the City of Calexico's leadership to protect and promote the quality of life for its residents.

It's also a reflection of the dedication and hard work by CC LLC Project Manager, Chris Gonzalez, who ensured a successful grant application. 

CC LLC Congratulates Whittier City School District (a CC LLC client) for receiving the Riordan Foundation Instructional Innovation Extension Grant in the amount of $47,675. 

An invitation-only grant to provide continuted funding for Mill School & Technology Academy to extend and expand upon the successful implemtation of the current i2- supported programming. 

These funds will be used for immersive professional development training in Balanced Literacy and Minduflness practices, improving classroom libraries, and increasing parental involvement in at-home reading.

This latest achievement is another example of the commitment of Whittier City School District's leadership to promote the quality of life for it's students. 

It's also a reflection of the dedication and hard work by CC LLC Project Manager, Flint, who ensured a successful grant application. 

Thank you, Flint, and Congratulations WCSD!

CC LLC congratulates the Hermosa Beach Police Department (a CC LLC client) for receiving the FY17 Body-Work Camera Policy and Implentation Program Grant in the amount of $41,681 from the Bureau of Justice Administration.

The City of Hermosa Beach contributed $42,462 for a total of $84,143 to implement and extend the Body-Worn Camera Program to the Community Services Officers. 

This latest achievement is another ecample of the commitment of the City of Hermosa Beach and the Hermosa Beach Police Department's leadership to protect and promote the quality of life for its residents. 

It's also a reflection of the dedication and hardwork by CC LLC Project Manager, David Marquez, who ensured a successful grant application. 

Thank you, David, and Congratulation Hermosa Beach PD, and the City of Hermosa Beach. 

From the Desk of the Grants Manager: 

The fall season is upon us and as we enter into the final few months of 2017, there are a number of important grant opportunities available for California Consulting's clients.  Caltrans has just released their annual Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant Program, which is a popular grant.  This year, the grant is being funded in part through SB1 monies and the grant provides funds local and regional multimodal transportation and land use planning projects that further Regional Transportation Plan Sustainable Community Strategies for a given region, contribute to the State's GHG reduction targets, and also assist in achieving the Caltrans Mission and the general objectives of the grant program.  New this year, Caltrans has simultaneously released Its Adaptation Planning Grant Program.  Again drawing from SB 1 funding, adaptation planning grants tare intended to help local communities prepare for climate change impacts to reduce the damage from climate change and extreme weather events. Adaptation is distinct from, but complements, climate change mitigation, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Both the Caltrans  Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant and Adaptation Planning Grant Programs are due October 20, 2017.  

Those public agencies wishing to pursue park development projects will likely be interested in the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant available from the California Department of Parks and Recreation.  LWCF provides funding for cities and counties to acquire, develop, operate and maintain park and recreation areas and facilities.  Priority development projects include trails, campgrounds, picnic areas, natural areas and cultural areas for recreational use, but this is only a brief selection of the different park amenities this grant will fund.  State Parks is conducting workshops for the grant this fall with the application due in early February 2018.     
Local Educational Agencies also have a variety of funding available this fall from the California Department of Education.  The 2017 National School Lunch Program Equipment Assistance Grants will fund the purchase of equipment needed to serve healthier meals, meet the new nutritional standards (with an emphasis on more fresh fruit and vegetables), improve food safety, and expand access for school food authorities. It gives priority to those SFAs that are high need and have 50 percent or more enrolled students who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals.  This grant is due by October 19, 2017.  Additionally, CDE has just released its Education for Homeless Children and Youth grant program, the purpose of which  is to facilitate the enrollment, attendance, and success in school of homeless children and youth; as well as ensure homeless children and youth have equal access to the same free, appropriate, public education as provided to all other students.  Local educational agencies are eleigible to apply for this grant program, which is due by early February 2018.  

These grants for cities and schools are only a selection and there are a variety of other grant and loan funding available for California Consulting clients during 2017 Fall season.  Please feel free to contact California Consulting if your agency is interested in any of the grants discussed above as well as other funding opportunities.  

Municipal Grant Opportunities: 

Education Grant Opportunities: 

Welcome, New Clients!

  California Consulting welcomes City of San Bernardino, Poway Unified School District, City of Aliso Viejo, and City of Ripon   as our newest clients. We look forward to working with you strategically to meet the needs of your communities.

Thank you for your renewal!

California Consulting is delighted that City of Palmdale, City of Coachella, and Santa Paula Unified School District    have  renewed their contracts. Thank you for your continued confidence in our services!


9/21/17 - California Consulting, LLC  Director of Operations,  Dan Rodrigue z,  recently attended the OC Roses and Radishes dinner. This even t is one of the most well attended every year in Orange County with a sold out crowd. Many elected officials from all across Orange County. Congratulations  Francisco Barajas  on a great event and thank you to O.C. Super Star  Dirissy Doan  for hosting us! California Consulting is proud to provide grant writing services for many public agencies in Orange County. Great to see so many federal, state, and local elected officials at the dinner.

9/21/17-  California Consulting, LLC Management Team Members Tristan Shamp and Holly Choon Hyang Bachman met on Sept. 21 in Fresno to discuss serving our central valley clients and our grant writing programs.

9/21/17- California Consulting Statewide Senior Director, Holly Bachman,  represented CC LLC at  Fresno County Latino Elected Officials Luncheon where she got to meet many of the Latino elected. Holly is pictured with Mario Santoyo, Director and Technical Advisor for the California Latino Water Coalition.

9/19/17-  Los Angeles County Business Federation BizFed Leadership team members at today's BizFed Board meeting hosted by the Port of Los Angeles. Chairman Mike Lewis, CEO  Tracy Rafter, and Executive Committee Members  Roozbeh Farahanipour of the West L.A. Chamber, Joe Ahn of Northrup Grumman, and Steve Samuelian of  California Consulting, LLC. Special guest  Harout Harry Semerdjian joined us for the BizFed Board meeting.

9/18/17- Scott Carpenter, District Director for Senator John Moorlach and California Consulting CEO Steve Samuelian meeting on Sept. 18, 2017, at the Senator's District Office in Costa Mesa.  California Consulting, LLC is pleased to provide grant writing services for several public agencies throughout Orange County.

9/15/17-  California Consulting, LLC CEO, Steve Samuelian, and CalTRANS Director, Malcolm Dougherty, at the  Los Angeles County Division, League of California Cities Lunch

California Consulting has worked closely with Cal-TRANS for many years and Director Dougherty recently was the special guest speaker at a briefing organized for California Consulting municipal clients. The topic of the briefing was SB 1 and the grant funds that are becoming available via SB1.

9/14/17-  California Consulting, LLC Director of Operations,  Dan Rodriguez and Senior Associate  Maryann Marino, attended the Orange County Public Affairs Association 17th Annual Legislative Aides Luncheon held earlier this week. Many community leaders, legislative staff members, supporters, and friends attended the event. California Consulting is pleased to provide grant writing services to several public agencies throughout Orange County. Always great to see OC super star  Dirissy Doan!

9/14/17-  Thank you City of Monterey Park City Manager Ron Bow for stopping by the  California Consulting, LLC  booth at the  League of California Cities  annual conference.  California Consulting is proud to provide grant writing services to the City of Monterey Park

9/13/17-  Thank you Cosumnes Community Services District Fire Chief  Mike McLaughlin  for stopping by the  California Consulting, LLC  booth at the  League of California Cities annual conference. California Consulting is proud to have Cosumnes as a longtime client and to have landed several grant awards for the District. 

9/12/17- California Consulting, LLC CEO, Steve Samuelian, and Director of Operations, Dan Rodriguez, had the honor of attending a recent event in Huntington Beach supporting Westminster Mayor Pro-Tem Tyler Diep. The reception was well attended with special guests including Orange County Supervisors Michelle Park Steel and Andrew Do as well as Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, Huntington Beach Mayor Barbara Delgleize and Councilmember Michael Posey, Westminster Councilwoman Dr. Kimberly Ho, and several others. Great event!

9/11/17- City of Coachella Council, City Manager, City Attorney, and Planning Commissioner with  California Consulting, LLC CEO Steve Samuelian at the League of California Cities Conference in Sacramento. California Consulting is proud to provide grant writing services for the City of Coachella.

9/8/17-  California Consulting, LLC Associate, Matthew Park, recently attended the ACSA Region 11 Membership meeting recently held in Bakersfield. California Consulting is proud to provide grant writing services for many school districts across the State.

9/06/17- California Consulting Director of Operations,  Dan Rodriguez, recently attended the California Contract Cities Association Board of Directors Meeting.

9/5/17- California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon recently met with a leadership team from the L.A. County Business Federation (BizFed) for 90 minutes in South Gate to discuss public policy issues. California Consulting CEO Steve Samuelian is a Board Member and Executive Committee Member of BizFed.

9/3/17-  Cali fornia Consulting, LLC , LLC Director of Operations  Dan Rodriguez  wit h Senator  Connie Leyva  at labor day picnic for the inland empire community. California Consutling is proud to provide grant writing services for many cities, school districts, special districts, and non-profits throughout the inland empire. Senator Leyva recently hosted two grant workshops in her District featuring California Consulting as the special guest speakers!

 9/2/17 -  California Consulting, LLC Director of Operations  Dan Rodriguez with Senator Tony Mendoza and community leaders at the Senator's labor day picnic. California Consulting is honored to provide grant writing services for many cities, school districts, special districts, and non-profits throughout L.A.

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Client Spotlight:              
City of Lynwood

California Consulting is pleased to spotlight the City Of Lynwood. Lynwood has been a client since, 2013 and California Consulting has secured over $1,175,177 for the City.

City of Lynwood's leadership has strategically worked with California Consulting to make their vision come into fruition through the funding  that has been secured. 

These awards have funded projects that are aligned with Lynwood's mission statement as stated on their website. 

" To  create and maintain a clean, safe, attractive, well-informed, self-reliant and pride filled community that provides access to outstanding social, cultural, recreational, educational and economic opportunities for residents and businesses." 

Team Member Spotlight: Stephen Sanger

California Consulting is pleased to spotlight Stephen Sanger, our Bay Area Senior Associate. Stephen Sanger has over 20 years of substantial public sector experience working as a consultant and public employee.  Mr. Sanger's expertise lies in the areas of fiscal and economic impacts of development, economic development, community development, public finance, housing, and land use planning. His expertise is a result of having authored well over 50 complex analyses for various California cities, counties, school districts, and special districts.  His studies have provided the basis for federal and state grant applications for economic development, community development, and housing for municipalities and special districts across California.

Mr. Sanger also has a background in housing policy analysis, housing development, and community development. Mr. Sanger has conducted demographic and fiscal projections, as well as legislative and policy analyses for local governments and elected officials. In previous positions, Mr. Sanger has completed sales and use tax, property tax, and demographic projections, analyzed proposed legislation and existing codes and regulations relating to property tax, land use regulations, and development impact fees, analyzed bond issuances and budgets, and conducted nexus studies for school impact fees and school enrollment forecasting.

Mr. Sanger holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration (M.P.A.) and a Bachelor'Degree in Social Sciences (B.S.) from San Jose State University. Mr. Sanger is a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI), California Redevelopment Association (CRA), California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED), Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM), and the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). Mr. Sanger is the past Chair of the City of Oakland Housing, Residential Rent, and Relocation Board (7 years), and Chair of the Alameda County Parks, Recreation, and Historic Commission (10 years), and served as an Intern to the United States Senator Dianne Feinstein.  

Mr. Sanger resides in Oakland, CA with his wife and three young children.


CalRecycle: FY2017-18 Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA) Grants

Deadlines:  November 1, 2017; and February 1, 2018

Amount: Individual grants up to $300,000

Match: Any project or materials costs not covered by the grant.

Eligibility: California local government entities (including cities, counties, and cities and counties); Special districts (including transportation districts); Joint Powers Authorities (JPA) (where all JPA members are also otherwise eligible applicants); Public school districts; Institutions of higher education; for-profit entities, nonprofit entities.

The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) administers a program to provide opportunities to divert waste tires from landfill disposal, prevent illegal tire dumping, and promote markets for recycled-content tire products. The Tire-Derived Aggregate (TDA) Grant Program (Program) provides assistance to civil engineers in solving a variety of engineering challenges. TDA, which is produced from shredded tires, is lightweight, free-draining, and a less expensive alternative to conventional lightweight aggregates.  Projects must be located in California and use California waste tires.  Projects generally fall into one of four categories :

Category 1: Lightweight fill (slope stabilization, embankment fill, landslide repair, and retaining walls).

Category 2: Vibration mitigation (under rail lines).

Category 3: Low impact development/storm water management.

Category 4: Landfill application (aggregate replacement projects such as leachate and gas collection systems, drainage layers, leachate injection).  Projects that are currently underway or that have been completed at the same location within the same facility within three years of application are not eligible. Landfill application projects do not include use of shredded waste tires as alternative daily cover or alternative intermediate cover. Additionally, these landfill application project(s) are not eligible for consideration as a Very Large Project (see below for definition).

State Water Resources Control Board: Water Recycling Funding Program (WRFP)

Deadline: Accepting applications via FAAST system on a continuous basis.

Amount: $75,000 (for Planning Grants); $15-$20 Million (for Construction Grants)

Match: 50% (for Planning Grants); 35% (for Construction Grants)

Financing: For Construction applications Interest at 1/2 General Obligation Bond Rate; 30 year term; Allowance following the CWSRF Policy

Eligibility: local public agencies

The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) provides funding for the planning, design, and construction of water recycling projects that offset or augment state fresh water supplies.  There are two programs within this fund:
  • Planning Grants: The purpose of the planning grant is to assist agencies or regions with completing feasibility studies for water recycling projects using treated municipal wastewater and/or treated groundwater from sources contaminated by human activities.  Only local public agencies are eligible to apply for planning grants.
  • Construction Grants: The Water Recycling Funding Program provides grants and financing to eligible applicants for the construction of water recycling facilities. Construction projects may be funded with grants and low interest financing from a state bond, a CWSRF financing agreement, or combinations of funding sources.  Eligible applicants are local public agencies, nonprofit organizations, public utilities, state & federal recognized Indian tribes, and mutual water companies.

State Water Resources Control Board: Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) Program

Deadline  : Continuous

Amount: No maximum disbursement limit.

Financing Terms: Interest rates average 2-3% and 20-year loan.  Public water systems that serve small, disadvantaged communities may be eligible for 0% and 30-year loan.

Eligibility: Community water systems and non-profit, non-community water systems.

Established by an amendment to the federal Safe Drinking Water Act in 1996, the DWSRF provides low-interest loans, additional subsidy (principal forgiveness), and technical assistance to public water systems for infrastructure improvements to correct system deficiencies and improve drinking water quality.  The purpose of the DWSRF is to provide financial assistance for the planning/design and construction of drinking water infrastructure projects that are needed to achieve or maintain compliance with federal and state drinking water statutes and regulations. Funding for the DWSRF comes from federal grants, state sources, and loan repayment.  Eligible projects include Planning/design and construction of drinking water infrastructure projects including: treatment systems, distribution systems, interconnections, consolidations, pipeline extensions, water sources, and water meters.  Applications are offered for the following two categories:
  1. 1.      Construction Financing - These funds are for applicants with complete final plans, specifications, and environmental documentation.
  2. 2.      Planning/Design Financing - These funds are for applicants who do not have final plans, specifications, and environmental documentation.

CalRecycle: Illegal Disposal Site Abatement Grant Program (FY 2017-18)

Deadlines:  November 2, 2017, February 6, 2018

Amount: Up to $500,000 per grant award

Match: Any program or project costs not covered by the grant

Eligibility: Public entities, including counties, cities, districts, state agencies, and Joint Powers Authorities

Widespread illegal dumping of solid waste adversely impacts Californians in many ways. Properties on which illegal dumping occurs lose economic value; create public health and safety and environmental problems; and degrade the enjoyment and pride in the affected communities. Abandoned, idled, or underutilized properties due to unauthorized dumping impact what were once the sources of economic benefits to a community. Many such properties have been abandoned or have owners who are unable or unwilling to pay the costs of cleanup. This program provides financial assistance in the form of reimbursement grants up to $500,000 to help public entities accelerate the pace of cleanup, restore sites, and turn today's problems into tomorrow's opportunities.



F ruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF): Fruit Tree Orchard Gran t

Deadline:  Continuous

Amount : Varies. FTPF provides high-quality fruit trees and shrubs, equipment, on-site orchard design expertise and oversight, horticultural workshops, and aftercare training and manuals.

Match:  None

Eligibility:  nonprofits, NGOs, public schools, or government entities serving a charitable purpose

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF) is an award-winning international nonprofit charity dedicated to planting fruitful trees and plants to alleviate world hunger, combat global warming, strengthen communities, and improve the surrounding air, soil, and water. FTPF orchard donations are available for recipients who pledge to care for the trees and utilize them for a charitable purpose. If selected for an orchard donation, FTPF will provide high-quality fruit trees and shrubs, organic soil amendments, equipment, planting volunteers, and on-site orchard design work, horticultural workshops, and aftercare training-with the goal of improving the surrounding environment and providing a source of healthy nutrition for the community. We also help coordinate all aspects of the planting, and offer an educational experience for volunteers interested in learning more about tree planting. Free community arboricultural workshops are also available the day of the planting

California Department of Education: 2017 National School Lunch Program Equipment Assistance Grants

Deadline:  October 19, 2017

Amount:  Up to $100,000 per School Food Authority (SFA)

Match:  None

Eligibility:  Local Educational Agencies

This grant will allow school food authorities (SFA) to purchase the equipment needed to serve healthier meals, meet the new nutritional standards with an emphasis on more fresh fruit and vegetables, improve food safety, and expand access. It gives priority to those SFAs that are high need and have 50 percent or more enrolled students who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals.
Required Eligibility Criteria: Public school districts, county offices of education, directly funded charter schools, private schools, and residential child care institutions that participate in the NSLP can apply for this grant. The Nutrition Services Division (NSD) will give priority to those sites that did not receive funds from the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grants or the 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, or 2016 NSLP equipment grants. The NSD may consider SFAs with excess net cash resources (NCR) to be ineligible to receive an equipment grant. In accordance with Title 7, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 210.14(b), an SFA shall limit its NCR to an amount that does not exceed three month's average expenditures for its food service account.

Other Eligibility Considerations: The CDE will award competitive grants of up to $100,000 per SFA. Each SFA may apply for no more than five sites. The NSD will give priority to those SFAs with a higher free and reduced-price percentage. The NSD will also give priority to those SFAs that can explicitly document how the equipment purchased will reflect the intent of the grant with specific emphasis on impacting nutrition quality, serving healthier meals, and meeting nutritional standards.

The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County: Free Buses for Schools Program

Deadline:  Continuous while funding is available

Amount:  Varies.  LACSD will reimburse schools for bus transportation costs.

Match:  None

Eligibility:  Teachers/classrooms for grades 5-12 at a public or private school in the Sanitation District's service in LA County.

The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County are offering you a free field trip to our facilities (while funds last). If you qualify, we will reimburse you for your bus transportation costs to visit either a wastewater treatment plant, materials recovery facility or one of our other sites. This is a unique opportunity for you and your students. You will get to see, learn, and really experience what happens to your sewage or trash. It is fun, interesting, and educational! Please note that funds for buses are limited and may run out. A school is eligible for one free bus during the school year.

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation Grants

Deadline : Quarterly (December 1, 2016; March 2, 2017; June 2, 2017; September 7, 2017; December 1, 2017)

Amount:  $15,000 - $25,000

Match:  None

Eligibility:   Public Safety Organizations, including fire departments, police departments, military entities, schools, registered non-profits, etc. in communities served by a Firehouse Subs restaurant. 

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation was founded in 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The foundation will fund projects in the following areas: Life-saving equipment, prevention education, scholarships and continued education, disaster relief and military support.

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