September 2017

California Consulting LLC: "Putting Clients First"

Cosumnes Community Services District  Awarded $1,947,191 for FEMA SAFER Grant

California Consulting LLC congratulates Cosumnes Community Services District (a CC LLC client) for receiving the SAFER Grant in the amount of $1,947,191 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 

This award will go to fund 8 firefighters.

This latest achievement is another example of the commitment of CSD leadership to protect and promote the quality of life for its residents. 
It's also a reflection of the dedication and hard work by CCLLC Deputy Statewide Grants Manager, Danielle Sotelo who ensured a successful grant application.

Thank you Danielle and congratulations CSD!

Azusa Unified School District recieves 1991% Return on Investment

California Consulting client, Azusa Unified School District, has been a client since 2014. We are excited to announce that California Consulting has written the following grant applications that have been awarded: 

School Breakfast Program and Summer  
Food Service Program  Start-up  and Expansion Grant                $44,000
CA State Preschool Program Expansion Grant                         $741,410
CDE Specialized Secondary Schools Program                        $ 135,000                                                                                          
Classics for Kids Foundation Instrument Matching 
Grant Program                                                                              $5,000

CDE National School Lunch Program Equipment 
Assistance Grant                                                                         $54,275
National School Lunch Equipment                                               $54,250                                                         
CDE California State Preschool Program 
(CSPP) Expansion Funds                                                          $ 412,462                                                                  
California Math and Science Partnership (CaMSP)                 $1,839,504                                                                               
CDE Gold Ribbon School Award                                            Merit Award                                                                                                          
California Language& Learning Innovation 
Collaboration (CALLI)                                                     In-Kind Services

California ASCD - Outstanding Instructional 
Leader 2017                                                                          Merit Award

California Consulting has generated $3,285,901 in grant awards for Azusa USD  which is a 1991%  return on their investment.


CC LLC congratulates Earlimart School District (a CC LLC client) for being awarded Scale Up MTSS Statewide Initiative in the amount of $25,000. This latest achievement is another example of the commitment of Earlimart's leadership to promote the quality of life for its students. It's also a reflection of the dedication and hard work by CCLLC Project Manager, Dana Leusch, who ensured a successful grant application
Central Union Elementary School District, a CC LLC client, received $139,759 for the CDE American Indian Childhood Education Grant. Congrats to  California Consulting, LLC  grant writers and to Central Union Elementary!

Municipal Grant Opportunities: 

Education Grant Opportunities: 

Welcome, New Clients!

California Consulting welcomes the Orthopaedic Institute for Children,  City of San Bernardino,  Ephesus Development  Corporation,  Boys and Girls Club of Brea, and  Duke Media Foundation    as our newest clients. We look forward to working with you strategically to meet the needs of your communities.

Thank you for your renewal!
California Consulting is delighted that Azusa Unified School District, Temple City Unified School District,  City of Palmdale,  City of Waterford, and the  City of Carson  have  renewed our contract. Thank you for your continued confidence in our services!


8/24/17- Senate President Pro-Tem Kevin DeLeon and  California Consulting, LLC  CEO Steve Samuelian at a private lunch honoring international singer Charles Aznavour today in Hollywood. DeLeon nominated Aznavour for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the ceremony was this morning followed by a small group lunch honoring the famed singer

8/17/17- California Consulting Senior Director,  Holly Choon Hyang Bachman attended the League of Cities API Caucus Summer Social Reception hosted by  MenloPark's  Mayor Kirsten Keith that took place at the beautiful historic Menlo Park, California's Barron-Latham-Hopkins Gate Lodge.

8/17/17-  Maryann MarinoCalifornia Consulting, LLC Sr. Associate, attended the League of California Cities Orange County Dinner. She is pictured with Seal Beach City Councilman Thomas Moore.

8/16/17-  California Consulting, LLC is making great strides providing grant writing services in the Bay Area region. California Consulting Senior Director  Holly Choon Hyang Bachman has made two trips to the Bay Area over the last two weeks meeting with clients and several public agencies. Pictured here earlier this week in San Francisco are Holly and California Consulting Senior Associate Amiee Alden. Amiee is based in San Francisco. The two met to discuss client relations in the Bay Area region. The California Consulting Bay Area team also includes Senior Associate  Stephen Sanger based in Oakland. Great work Holly, Amiee, and Stephen serving the Bay Area region and providing grant opportunities to cities, school districts, special districts, non-profits, and other

8/16/17-  California Consulting, LLC Senior Director  Holly Choon Hyang Bachman with City of Artesia Councilman  Ali Sajjad Taj at the  Contract Cities Dinner in Arcadia, CA. As the largest grant writing company in the State, California Consulting is proud to provide grant writing services to many municipal governments.

8/11/17-  Lee NevesCalifornia Consulting, LLC Associate, and Councilmember  Derek Robinson from the City of Madera at the  League of California Cities - South San Joaquin Valley quarterly dinner held on August 10, 2017. California Consulting is proud to serve as a "League Partner" for the  League of California Cities. We are proud to provide grant writing services for several public agencies throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

8/10/17-  Los Angeles County Business Federation  BizFed PAC (BizFed) hosted one of the best events of the year last week. The annual BizFed Freshman Rush party. Great people, great venue, great cause, and great organization BizFed. Over 400 attendees and more than 100 elected officials all in one room. It is easy to see why BizFed is one of the largest and most respected business organizations in the Nation. BizFed Founder David Fleming and BizFed Founding CEO Tracy Rafter-Hernandez deserve high praise for their outstanding leadership. The BizFed PAC is lead by stellar leaders  James Ward Litz ,  Robb Korinke, and the PAC team! Our incoming BizFed Chairwoman  Hilary Norton is a top shelf leader that will take the organization to even new heights! Pictured from L to R are BizFed CEO  Tracy Rafter, incoming BizFed Chairwoman HIlary Norton, BizFed Founder David Fleming, and  California Consulting, LLC CEO and BizFed Executive Committee Member Steve Samuelian.

8/9/17- California Consulting Co-Sponsored a Special Luncheon with Special Guest Senate President Pro-Tem Kevin DeLeon in the San Joaquin Valley. Steve is pictured with   Consul of Mexico David Preciado.  California Consulting, LLC is pleased to provide grant writing services to many public agencies in the San Joaquin Valley. The event was a public policy forum attended by more than 85 local elected officials, mayors, city councilmembers and community leaders to discuss water and other important issues.

During the special luncheon, California Consulting CEO,Steve Samuelian, was pleased to meet with U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein's Central California Director Shelly Abajian at a public policy meeting in Fresno. 

The event was hosted by the Latino Mayors and Elected Officials Coalition of Fresno County and the California Latino Water Coalition Foundation and featured special guest speaker Senate President Pro-Tem Kevin DeLeon. California Consulting, LLC served as a co-sponsor for the meeting. Here is a pic of Steve, Shelly Abajian, and Don Hunt from Norton, Rose, Fulbright.

8/5/17- California Consulting Associate  Francine Castanon recently attended the Ventura County Special Districts Association quarterly meeting.  California Special Districts Association  California Consulting, LLC is proud to serve as a sponsor of CSDA and provide grant writing services for several special districts across the State.

8/4/17- California Consulting Associate,  Maryann Marino, and Fullerton Mayor Bruce Whitaker at the North Orange County Chamber Legislative Reception on August 3, 2017. California Consulting is proud to be one of the sponsors for this great event.

North Orange County Chamber of Commerce Legislative Reception
North Orange County Chamber of Commerce Legislative Reception

8/4/17 -   California Consulting, LLC was pleased to be recognized as a sponsor at the North Orange County Chamber of Commerce Legislative Reception on August 3, 2017 held in Buena Park at the Knotts Berry Farm Hotel. The event was attended by local elected officials and community leaders from across Orange County. California Consulting Senior Associate  Maryann Marino represented the firm at the reception. California Consulting is pleaesed to provide grant writing services for several public agencies across Orange County

8/4/17- California Consulting, LLC Associate  Imelda Padilla and L.A. County Assessor  Jeffrey Prang at the Florence/Firestone/Walnut Park Chamber 78th Annual Installation Dinner co-sponsored by California Consulting. Director of Operations  Dan Rodriguez also attended the event and represented the company.

8/2/17-   California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon recently met with a leadership team from the L.A. County Business Federation (BizFed) for 90 minutes in South Gate to discuss public policy issues. California Consulting CEO Steve Samuelian is a Board Member and Executive Committee Member of BizFed. 

8/2/17-  California Consulting, LLC Director of Operations  Dan Rodriguez and Associate  Imelda Padilla represented the firm at the recent San Gabriel Valley Civic Alliance annual BBQ held at Mt. SAC. Congrats to SGVCA for organizing a well attended event with several state and local elected officials in attendance. California Consulting provides grant writing services for many public agencies throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

8/1/17-  California Consulting, LLC Senior Director, Holly Bachman, and Project Manager, Karen Simpson, presented a grants update to the City of Lynwood City Council at the July 31st City Council Meeting. The City Council voted unanimously to extend California Consutling's contract for another year. Thank you City of Lynwood and we look forward to our continued work together! 

8/1/17-  California Consulting, LLC, LLC Associate  Imelda Padilla and CEO, Steve Samuelian were pleased to attend a reception with special guests L.A. City Councilmembers Monica Rodriguez (the guest of honor) and  David Ryu. Wonderful to see two hard working Council members. Steve was honored to serve as Co-Chair for the reception and see many community leaders . A big thank you to  Cerrell Associates for opening up their beautiful office to host the event. 

Issue: 21
In This Issue
Team Member Spotlight: Chris Gonzalez

Chris Gonzalez is a project manager with California Consulting. She has written grants for 20 years with a focus on efforts in medicine, minority health, workforce and community development. Chris is familiar with Federal and State funding as well as private and public foundations. Located in the Inland Empire, Chris works with agencies within Southern California. She attended UCLA and Anderson @ UCLA where her MBA field study introduced her to fund development and grant writing

Upcoming Grants: 

Municipal Opportunities:

CalRecycle: FY2017-18 Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA) Gran ts

Deadlines: November 1, 2017; and February 1, 2018

Amount: Individual grants up to $300,000

Match: Any project or materials costs not covered by the grant.

Eligibility: California local government entities (including cities, counties, and cities and counties); Special districts (including transportation districts); Joint Powers Authorities (JPA) (where all JPA members are also otherwise eligible applicants); Public school districts; Institutions of higher education; for-profit entities, nonprofit entities.

The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) administers a program to provide opportunities to divert waste tires from landfill disposal, prevent illegal tire dumping, and promote markets for recycled-content tire products. The Tire-Derived Aggregate (TDA) Grant Program (Program) provides assistance to civil engineers in solving a variety of engineering challenges. TDA, which is produced from shredded tires, is lightweight, free-draining, and a less expensive alternative to conventional lightweight aggregates.  Projects must be located in California and use California waste tires.  Projects generally fall into one of four categories :
1)      Category 1: Lightweight fill (slope stabilization, embankment fill, landslide repair, and retaining walls).
2)      Category 2: Vibration mitigation (under rail lines).
3)      Category 3: Low impact development/storm water management.
4)      Category 4: Landfill application (aggregate replacement projects such as leachate and gas collection systems, drainage layers, leachate injection).  Projects that are currently underway or that have been completed at the same location within the same facility within three years of application are not eligible. Landfill application projects do not include use of shredded waste tires as alternative daily cover or alternative intermediate cover. Additionally, these landfill application project(s) are not eligible for consideration as a Very Large Project (see below for definition).

California Department of Parks & Recreation: Habitat Conservation Fund

Deadline: October 2, 2017

Amount: $2 Million allocated to entire program

Match: 50% dollar-for-dollar match from local, private, non-State sources

Eligibility: Cities, counties, and regional park or open-space districts

Established by the California Wildlife Protection Act of 1990, the Habitat Conservation Fund Grant provides funds to local entities to protect threatened species, acquisition and development of wildlife corridors and trails, and to provide for nature interpretation programs which bring urban residents into park and wildlife areas.  Eligible projects must follow one of several topic areas, including: Deer/Mountain Lion Habitat; Rare, Endangered, Threatened, or Fully-Protected Species Habitat; Wetlands; Riparian Habitat; Anadromous Salmonids and Trout Habitat; Trails; as well as Wildlife Area Activities 

US Department of Transportaion:  Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) Grants
Deadline: November 2, 2017
Amount: $5 Million for small projects; $25 Million for large projects
Match: 20% - $40% of the total project costs
Eligibility: A state or group of states; a metropolitan planning organization serving an Urbanized Area; a unit of local government or group of local governments; a political subdivision of a State or local government; a special purpose district or public authority with a transportation function, including a port authority; a Federal land management agency that applies jointly with a State or group of States; a tribal government or a consortium of tribal governments; or a multi-State or multi-jurisdictional group of public entities. 

The Department of Transportation  (DOT) Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) discretionary grant program will make approximately $1.5 billion available to projects that are in line with the Administration's principles to help rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure.  In addition to providing direct federal funding, the INFRA program aims to increase the total investment by state, local, and private partners. INFRA advances a pre-existing grant program established in the FAST Act of 2015 and utilizes updated criteria to evaluate projects to align them with national and regional economic vitality goals and to leverage additional non-federal funding. The new program will increase the impact of projects by leveraging capital and allowing innovation in the project delivery and permitting processes, including public-private partnerships.  Additionally, the new program promotes innovative safety solutions that will improve our transportation system. INFRA will also target performance and accountability in project delivery and operations. INFRA grants may be used to fund a variety of components of an infrastructure project, however, the Department is specifically focused on projects in which the local sponsor is significantly invested and is positioned to proceed rapidly to construction. Eligible INFRA project costs may include: reconstruction, rehabilitation, acquisition of property (including land related to the project and improvements to the land), environmental mitigation, construction contingencies, equipment acquisition, and operational improvements directly related to system performance.


Barnes & Noble: Sponsorships and Charitable Donations Program

Deadline: Continuous

Amount: Varies

Eligibility: 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organizations, pre-K-12 schools, and for-profit organizations (sponsorships only)

Barnes & Noble, a bookstore chain that has stores throughout the U.S., supports nonprofit organizations that focus on literacy, the arts, or education (pre-K-12), at both local and national levels. The company also considers sponsorship opportunities with organizations that focus on higher learning, literacy, and the arts.  The Local Sponsorships and Donations program provides fundraising opportunities at the local level that include in-store book fairs and holiday gift-wrapping. In addition, the company offers a limited number of sponsorships and donations to organizations that meet its mission.  Opportunities must be located in the community or communities in which the company operates, and serve the greater good of the local community or region. The company seeks partnerships that offer in-store events, visibility, and reach a wide audience.  Programs are set up at the store level, and inquiries should be directed to the store manager or community relations manager.

California Department of Education (CDE): 2016-2017 School Nutrition Programs (Apportionment)

Deadline: Applications or other data may be submitted at any time during the fiscal year (October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017)

Amount: Allocation.  Agencies are reimbursed for the number and types of meals or pints of milk served, per the student's household eligibility for free, reduced-price, or paid meals or milk. There is $2,093,630,000 in federal funds and $156,705,000 in state funds available.

Match: None

Eligible Applicants: Local educational agencies

Required Eligibility Criteria: Public and private nonprofit schools (including public charter schools) are eligible to participate. Also eligible are public and private, nonprofit licensed residential child care institutions (e.g., group homes, juvenile halls, orphanages).  Residential child care institutions and all for-profit schools and agencies are not eligible for the Seamless Summer Feeding Option or the State Meal Program. No for-profit schools or agencies are eligible for federal or California state School Nutrition Programs funding.

Funding supports five school meal  and milk programs to assist schools, districts, and other nonprofit agencies in providing nutritious meals and milk to children at reasonable prices or free to qualified applicants. The five programs are the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), School Breakfast Program (SBP), Seamless Summer Feeding Option (SSFO), Special Milk Program (SMP), and State Meal Program (STMP) 

US Department of Education:   Project School Emergency Response to Violence (SERV) Program

Deadline: Continuous

Amount: Immediate Services grant: Up to $50,000 for a period of six months; Extended Services grants: Up to $250,000 for 18 months

Match: None required

Eligibility: Local education agencies (LEAs) and institutions of higher education (IHEs)

This program funds short-term and long term  education-related services for local educational agencies (LEAs) and institutions of higher education (IHEs) to help them recover from a violent or traumatic event in which the learning environment has been disrupted. LEAs and IHEs may apply for two types of assistance under Project SERV: Immediate Services grants and  Extended Services grants.  Immediate Services grants are intended to provide short-term support shortly after a traumatic event. Immediate Services grants are intended to provide a limited amount of funds to meet acute needs and restore the learning environment.  Extended Services grants are intended to address the long-term recovery efforts that may be needed following a traumatic event. Extended Services applications are considered unsolicited grant applications and undergo a rigorous internal review by the Office of Safe and Healthy Students and the Office of the General Counsel. After review by staff members, the application is peer reviewed by an outside panel before being considered for funding.

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