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December 3, 2020
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How Can We Help Our Employee Care for Family During

Dear Rita:

Our nonprofit has an employee who has been with us five years. She is a good worker who has always been able to balance work and personal needs well.

Until the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

This employee has three school-age children whose school closed because of the coronavirus in the spring of this year. The employee was provided paid leave under the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act (EPSLA) and expanded Family Medical Leave (expanded FMLA) when the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) was passed. That paid leave has now been entirely exhausted.

After the school physically reopened at the beginning of the school year, and her children returned to on-campus classes, the employee returned to work. However, shortly after the school reopened, there was an outbreak. And there have been several starts and stops ever since due to continued community and student breakouts of the virus. As a consequence of this interrupted schedule, we have noticed some departures from the employee’s usual high-performance standards.

Our employee now needs more time off to take care of her children and to support them during periods of virtual learning. Her position is not one that would easily permit her to do her job remotely. While we do have an unpaid personal leave policy, we are reluctant to provide more leave since the work she does requires sustained consistency and attention to detail, which, as I mentioned, seems to be slipping anyway. Since we know of no other leaves of absence available to her, we may, regrettably, need to separate.

Any thoughts on how we can help this employee care for her family in this difficult time, yet not harm our nonprofit in doing so?


Wanting to Help

Dear Wanting to Help:

Unfortunately, what you have described is playing out in real time in thousands of workplaces, and homes, across the nation.

One of the things the pandemic has taught us is that many of the rules and tools we have traditionally used to deal with HR issues are no longer valid or useful in today’s circumstances. In earlier times, the response to the situation you describe would have been easy: “No more leave? We need the work done — you’re fired!”

Although, that message would have been more politely expressed.

Now, delivering such a message, even in the most politic of terms, fails to consider and appreciate the helplessness and desperation this employee—and innumerable others—are experiencing every day when having to confront the choice between taking care of themselves and their families and sacrificing their careers and livelihood.

As trite as it may sound, if there’s anything the pandemic has done to benefit the workplace, especially nonprofits, it’s that it has led to a renewal of the golden rule, both in letter and in spirit. To the greatest extent possible, empathy and compassion should now play a role in every difficult HR decision and action.

How can this be done in your situation when, at first blush, there seems to be no way to reconcile the dilemma?

Try this approach:

  • Express your concerns with the employee. Explain that you want to help resolve the situation in everyone’s best interest—which would also include clients and people the nonprofit serves, whose wellbeing might be adversely affected by the issues the employee is facing—and that keeping minds and options open are the best way to do so.
  • Ask the employee what solutions she would suggest or what she would like to see to resolve this situation.
  • Be creative and engaging, not disengaging, in discussing available options.
  • Honestly and creatively review the personal leave of absence policy to see whether there really is any harm in providing the leave in this case. This would include talking with the employee about how much time she realistically needs, discussing the impact of not having job protection or income for this period of time, and also thinking through options for providing some income, such as unemployment benefits or other available employer paid leave, assuming it does not financially burden the nonprofit. It would also be a good idea to enlist the employee’s ideas on how to deal with the negative effects of her taking this leave.
  • Consider some financial support to assist the employee. For example, if the employee’s children’s care is what requires her being home, offer to help secure an alternative source of daycare if possible.
  • Reevaluate the option to telework or work remotely. It is important to not be too hasty to rule out this option. Explore all angles of this possibility, including discussing how the work can be completed remotely: what technology options are, alternative scheduling, and how performance can be monitored. As we have also learned from the pandemic, working remotely is a new reality in the HR world, and its expanded use has certainly allowed more employees to keep their jobs and more employers to get their needed work done than one would have thought in earlier times was possible.
  • Remind the employee that empathy works both ways. It is important to discuss with her, as it’s the employee who is usually in the best position to appreciate this, how the nonprofit’s mission and service to others might be adversely affected if she can’t return in some form to handle her duties and tasks.

This kind of interactive, flexible, and, yes, empathetic approach may work to create a mutually satisfactory compromise that prevents you from losing a highly skilled, highly valued employee.

Empathy and flexibility also play a role in dealing with performance issues that might develop in the wake of the pandemic. Supervisors should always let employees know that they are aware of the impact of Covid-19 both on employees’ personal well-being and on the work they do.

Supervisors should also take measures to let employees know they can expect cooperation and understanding if they’re having problems handling work pressures and juggling responsibilities as they cope with the impact of Covid-19 in their lives. An “open door policy”—digital or otherwise—should be in effect, so that employees can readily discuss their issues and concerns with supervisors and management. This will help you to head off serious problems early on.

Remember that if a supervisor sees an employee demonstrating signs of succumbing to the enormous pressures of the pandemic, signs such as social withdrawal, performance issues, or unexplained changes in behavior, don’t wait for the employee to knock on your “open door.” Be proactive in engaging with that employee to offer support in helping them to deal with this difficult new world and the challenges it presents. Offer them time off, the opportunity to get professional assistance, and reassurance that they are not alone in having to face these pressures or in finding solutions to them.

You may not always be successful in helping employees in these uncertain times. For example, one of the considerations of providing this assistance to employees is ensuring that the interests of the nonprofit are not sacrificed in light of the many challenges, financial and otherwise, that nonprofits face in these times. However, consistently adopting this kind of approach will strengthen your relationships with these employees and your entire workforce. Remember, too, that there are many measures of success. Demonstrating basic decency and humanity, especially in response to the demanding pressures of the workplace, is one such measure.

A final thought: What we are all facing now as the pandemic continues to take its toll is not something most of us imagined we would ever have to deal with. In the workplace, while we want our employees to be productive, engaged, and dedicated to their nonprofit employer’s mission, we must realize and understand that, for many of us, there is an existential and omnipresent distraction keeping us from perfectly fulfilling those expectations.

As employers, we can only adapt to, and deal with, the ramifications of this deep distraction. We can’t make it go away. In doing our best to deal with the effects of the pandemic, the generous use of empathy, understanding, and flexibility is necessary to ensure that we help our employees, and in turn, our nonprofits survive and flourish.

After all, isn’t this what you would like to see happen if the roles were reversed?
People on the Move
Congratulations to Interact for Health Board Member Julie Geisen Scheper and her husband, Chuck, who recently were awarded the Devou Cup by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.
Bethany Doverspike was recently promoted to Director of Develop-ment at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, where she will oversee the Development Department annual and capital campaigns.
Alisa Berry has been promoted to Executive Director at Cornerstone Renter Equity.
Special Announcements
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio is grateful to The Daniel & Susan Pfau Foundation for providing a generous $12,000 grant to purchase an accessible pool lift for Camp Whip Poor Will. This grant will make Girl Scout camp more equitable and ensure that every girl can participate in aquatics programming at summer camp.
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio is thankful to Duke Energy Foundation for providing a $10,000 grant to support the installation of an aquatics exploration and water conservation station at Camp Whip Poor Will. This grant will help conserve the natural environment and waterways in Warren County, Ohio and enable Girl Scouts of all ages to learn about the principles of aquatic science, environmental education, and water conservation.
Assistance League of Greater Cincinnati is pleased to receive a $4,500 grant from the Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation in support of their Kinship Foster Care Program. This program provides support to foster children and the relatives who care for them making it possible to distribute briefs, camisoles, socks, bras and hygiene kits to girls; briefs, socks and undershirts to boys; and diapers, training pants, wipes and swaddlers to families with babies.
Redwood is grateful for its recent $25,000 grant from The Spaulding Foundation. The grant will be used to complete renovations and other upgrades around Redwood's 86,000 sq. ft. facility.   
After more than two years, construction is complete on the $42 million expansion of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati. The 99-room addition brings the total number of rooms to 177, making it the largest of 376 Ronald McDonald Houses around the world.
Magnified Giving hosted a virtual celebration to honor the donors who support over 7,000 students who give their time, talent and treasure to magnify the impact of philanthropy in our region. Magnified Giving partners with local high schools and middle schools by giving groups of students $1,000 and inviting them to invest this money in the local nonprofit community.
Central Clinic Behavioral Health has received a $50,000 grant from the John A. Schroth Family Charitable Trust, PNC Charitable Trust. This grant will fund all services delivered in the Adult Services division. The adults served are in distress, diverse and lack access to mental health services due to income or other reasons. These services are offered both in person and by telehealth. The grant funds will be used to help clients now as well as after the pandemic.

Council on Aging (COA) is the recipient of a $25,000 grant from Humana as part of its Bold Goal population health strategy to improve the health of the communities it serves. The grant will help COA sustain its award-winning COVID-19 comfort meal program, which has provided nearly 46,000 restaurant meals to low-income older adults in COA’s service area. 
Deaconess Associations Foundation has announced it has awarded $1,069,800 in grants to 12 organizations across Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and southwest Ohio. The grants, which focus on primary care and oral health services, will provide services to underserved neighborhoods and at-risk individuals in our region. Learn more…
OneSource Center celebrates the collaboration of corporate/nonprofit partners and community members who unselfishly give of time and resources to positively touch the lives of many in our community. Annually, OneSource Center recognizes three leaders who lead through example on making a difference in our community. The Fall 2020 Honorees were honored at a recent virtual award ceremony and include The HealthCare Connection, Photonics Inc. and community volunteer Dick Fencl.   

Nonprofit Funding and Resource Opportunities
Research shows that wearing masks can help reduce the spread of COVID-19. To support our partners, Interact for Health is accepting requests for disposable surgical masks. Applicants must be a public or private nonprofit or governmental organization that provides services in at least one county of Interact for Health’s 20-county service area. Only adult masks are available, and they must be provided at no cost to people living or working in those 20 counties. To request masks for your organization, complete this brief online form here by12:00pm on Friday, December 4th, 2020. 

The AFP Greater Cincinnati is offering The AFP Chapter Seeds Scholarship which provides a Small Organization AFP membership. The AFP Greater Cincinnati Chapter is committed to helping small nonprofit organizations get the seed money they need to secure an AFP membership. This seed money is an investment to help small nonprofits build their fundraising toolbox. The Seeds Scholarship promotes fundraising professionals that will become long-term members through the kick start funding. This is an ongoing application window. Learn more here
StandUp Wireless, which currently serves Kentucky residents with wireless services, will now offer unlimited talk and text and 3GB of data to qualifying Kentucky residents to ensure they are able to safely connect to the services, friends and family needed during this time. This benefit will be extended to both current and new StandUp Wireless customers. StandUp Wireless partners with the federal government's Lifeline program to offer discounted wireless service to people participating in programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, Veterans Pension and Federal Public Housing, or based on household income. Kentucky residents can find out if they qualify for the program here.
Cincinnati Public Library's Grant Resource Center is now available online. The Grants Resource Center provides visitors with free public access to grantmaker directories, books on fundraising, proposal writing, and nonprofit management, as well as the Foundation Center's electronic databases. Learn more here
Ohio Development Services Agency is offering low interest loans from $250k to $2.5M to help small businesses, manufacturers, nonprofits and local governments implement energy efficiency improvements through the Energy Loan Fund. Learn more here.
Professional Development

The free Virtual Grants Research Lab Friday, December 4th, 10:00am-11:30am This is a roughly 90-minute virtual demonstration covering the basics you need to quickly start searching the Foundation Directory Online database to identify the best potential funders for your nonprofit organization. Register here.

Virtual Introduction to Proposal Writing will be held held on Wednesday, December 9th, 10:00am-11:30am. Introduction to Proposal Writing is a roughly 90 minute that offers tips and techniques in successful proposal writing for nonprofits, including what goes into a successful proposal, how the material is organized, how proposal budgets are prepared, and how to present proposals to grant makers in ways designed to promote a positive response. Register here.

Introduction to Corporate Giving webinar will be held on Wednesday, December 9th, 2:00pm-3:00pm. This class provides a basic overview of the different types of corporate giving, what motivates corporations to give, and how to find potential corporate partners. Register here.

Expand Your Fundraising and Donor Engagement with Digital Marketing and Cloud Computer will be held on Thursday, December 10th, 2:00pm-3:00pm. Join Candid, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and AmazonSmile to learn more about how AWS's cloud computing services and the AmazonSmile program can help support your nonprofit's fundraising and donor engagement goals. Register here.

Make a Difference
Pomeroy Living History Farm is seeking volunteers to help with fundraising for farm events and operations. This opportunity requires no experience--just a passion for sharing history with the community and raising funds for this Clark County treasure! Must be comfortable with soliciting support from local businesses, funding organizations, and individuals. Opportunity is remote, though we can arrange a meeting to get you acquainted with the farm if necessary. Learn more…

National News
Grants: focus on concepts not terminology Is an objective the same thing as a goal? Is a method the same as an output? “It depends on who you ask,” said Barbara Floersch of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif. “When it comes to terminology in the world of grants, the only thing you can count on is inconsistency.”

Bitcoin hits all-time new high: is it #gvingtuesday or #bitcointuesday? On November 30, Bitcoin hit a new all-time high of nearly $20,000. This follows an exciting year for the cryptocurrency industry, as PayPal opened up cryptocurrency payments to more than 300 million users and Facebook announced it will launch it’s cryptocurrency (Libra) as early as January.

How should leaders speak to others so they listen? The current pandemic highlighted that leadership communication goes beyond presenting information to people – it’s about inspiring people to want to act on what they hear. While logic might make people think, it’s emotion that makes them want to act.

GC Nonprofit News' publisher, Jane Page-Steiner, and editor, Kelli Tarantino are compiling additional resources on the GC Nonprofit News website to help you stay informed and connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have resources that would be helpful information for nonprofits send a brief description and a link to jane2@jpsnonprofit.com.
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Blue & Co., LLC: is an independent accounting and advisory firm with more than 450 people in 11 offices across Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. Our growing list of not-for-profit clients (more than 1,000 and counting) is proof of the expertise we demonstrate in areas that are relevant to you as a not-for-profit organization. We are able to identify day-to-day management issues and operational concerns - such as internal controls, software implementation and improvement, accounting process improvement, and segregation of duties issues in addition to assurance and tax services. Please contact Bob Findley (bfindley@blueandco.com or 513-287-7571) for more information.
VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm: With offices in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm is one of the largest private CPA and Advisory Firms in the region with over 140 employees. Having served the nonprofit sector since 1946, VonLehman's Nonprofit Group has a profound understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing charitable and tax-exempt organizations. During this time, we've helped nonprofits negotiate the push-pull between capacity and mission. VonLehman currently supports over 250 nonprofits throughout our region. Our firm has more than 30 professionals dedicated to the nonprofit sector, providing audit, accounting, tax and consulting service expertise. Learn more about how we help nonprofits achieve their mission at www.vlcpa.com/nonprofit or contact Stephanie Allgeyer at sallgeyer@vlcpa.com with any questions. 
Association of Fund Raising Professionals (AFP): AFP-Cincinnati Chapter fosters the growth and development of philanthropy, the fund-raising profession, the chapter and its individual members.
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JPS Nonprofit Strategies: services include board development and strategic and organizational planning. JPS can help you improve your board engagement, recruitment, fundraising and board committees. Services also includes the development of board action plans. JPS's President, Jane Page-Steiner is a well respected trainer and facilitator. Jane is a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer, and regularly presents local workshops and at regional and national nonprofit conferences. Contact Jane at jane@jpsnonprofit.com or 859-261-4145 for a complimentary phone consultation to explore how we can assist your organization.
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Discounted rates for nonprofits are available for the Cincinnati Business Courier's popular People On The Move feature! Your listing appears on the Courier's website, in the Afternoon Edition email newsletter, and published in the print edition, reaching thousands and thousands of readers and followers. Introduce your organization's newly hired or promoted employees for only $150, a $100 savings. To submit, use the online form at http://bizj.us/1pstp8
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BOLD (Board Orientation + Leadership Development) is Greater Cincinnati's leading nonprofit board training program. BOLD serves the nonprofit community by providing accessible board education to the public and private sector. Our diverse graduates from these organizations are connected to the nonprofits where board leaders are needed. For more information about the program, please contact Jack Fitzgerald at bold@leadershipcouncil.us.
Executive Search and Talent Advisory
Gilman Partners: Every nonprofit organization needs leaders who are passionate about its mission, fit with its culture, and will drive success with the right mix of expertise and leadership. Our Nonprofit Leadership Practice partners with Boards and Search Committees to navigate critical succession planning decisions and recruit and develop the best leaders to guide you forward. Gilman Partners is also proud to offer GP Elevate, a leadership development program uniquely designed to prepare high-potential leaders for executive roles. Contact Barry Elkus at 513-842-5331 or belkus@gilmanpartners.com to discuss your talent needs. 
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Vachon Fundraising helps nonprofits raise more money with less stress. Our services include strategic fundraising planning, appeal writing, campaign project management, and more. Whether you need to start a fundraising program or want to take your current program to the next level, we can help. Visit our website, or contact Rebecca Vachon at rebecca@vachonfundraising.com to schedule a time to chat more about your needs.
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HR Elements: We provide HR support for non-profits that need HR professionals only as much as required for their organization's size and situation. Services include: legal compliance, performance management, Handbook and employee communication, compensation design, employee relations, training, recruiting. We operate as an ongoing partner to your organization with on-site support as needed. In addition, we provide a variety of customized trainings and workshops for your employees and leaders. From mandatory compliance and legal best practices to team building and organizational effectiveness, explore best practices for planning, communicating, executing, and sustaining change. Contact Tina Taylor at ttaylor@hr-elements.com or 513-313-0501 to discuss your training needs or visit our website.
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Manley Burke, LPA, is a Cincinnati law firm with a practice group focused on the issues facing non-profit and tax-exempt organizations. We commit to delivering excellent legal counsel, with careful attention to the client's bottom line, time after time after time. These principles have guided the attorneys of Manley Burke since 1979 when Bob Manley and Tim Burke first opened its doors. In the 40 years since then, Manley Burke has sustained its commitment to excellence and efficiency. That's how we keep offering big law talent in a hometown firm environment. You and your staff already go above and beyond to fulfill your mission. Call us at (513) 721-5525, email us at sean.callan@manleyburke.com, or visit our website to see how we go above and beyond for you.
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Cincinnati Marketing Solutions: We understand that nonprofits are small businesses trying to reach the community, donors and volunteers with a consistent message and a compelling brand story. We also know the needs of nonprofits can be unique in terms of governance, budgeting and human resources. Our experienced team of nonprofit specialists will listen to your needs and create a plan that encompasses your mission, goals and budget. Visit our website or contact Kelli Tarantino, President kelli@cincymarketingsolutions.com to schedule a discovery call today.
Whiteboard Animation Videos
Dean of Creative Marketing creates Audio, Digital and Animated Whiteboard Explainer sales marketing solutions. Whiteboard Explainer Animations are a creative and effective way to tell your story and inform a prospect or donor about your organization, in as little as :90 seconds. Master Provisions and I Have Wings are just two local nonprofits who have used Whiteboard animations to tell their story and generate donor revenue. View our animation video to see how it could work for you!  

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"Thanks to our ad in the GC Nonprofit News, we have leased the office space at Mount Auburn Presbyterian. We have another space that we expect will be available soon. When that happens, you will be hearing from me again".
 - Dave Simon, Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church
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Development Assistant, Ohio Valley Voices (Posted 12/3/2020) Ohio Valley Voices is seeking a part time Development Assistant in Loveland, OH. The Development Assistant supports all aspects of the development department at Ohio Valley Voices and reports to the Director of Development and Marketing. They will play an essential role in data collection and donor tracking. Some other tasks would be assisting with the cultivation of relationships with donors or maintain campaign records and materials. Learn more…

Administrative Assistant, Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank (Posted 12/3/2020) Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank (SCDB) is looking for an Administrative Assistant to help their departments become more efficient and productive so we can serve more babies in need. Tasks include basic administrative work and program assistance. Microsoft Office and Google Drive experience are needed as well. Learn more… 

Controller/HR Manager, Junior Achievement of OKI Partners, Inc. (Posted 12/3/2020) The Controller/HR Manager is a member of the organization’s leadership team, responsible for maintaining financial systems and providing financial reports to the President and Board, adding value to the decision-making process; manages human resource administrative functions; develops and implements policies and procedures both in the finance and general operational areas. This position reports to the CEO. Learn more…

Civic Inclusion Manager, Greater Cincinnati Foundation (Posted 12/3/2020) Greater Cincinnati Foundation is looking for someone to fill the Civic Inclusion Manager role. Main responsibilities of the Civic Inclusion Manager are program management and government outreach. They will also report to the Advocacy Director of the Women’s Fund and will work closely with the entire Women’s Fund team and our community of supporters and volunteers. Learn more…

Women’s Fund Coordinator, Greater Cincinnati Foundation (Posted 12/3/2020) The Women's Fund of Greater Cincinnati Foundation is looking for a full-time Women’s Fund Coordinator. The Coordinator ensures that the Women’s Fund is running at full capacity to achieve its mission by providing comprehensive administrative and donor services support to the team and by working with internal and external parties to coordinate and execute the various tasks needed to initiate, run and conclude projects. Learn more…

Religion Teacher, DePaul Cristo Rey High School (Posted 11/25/2020) DePaul Cristo Rey High School is seeking an experienced Religion Teacher. The Religion Teacher supports the unique mission of the school as a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and a member of the Cristo Rey Network of high schools. The role of Religion Teacher at DePaul Cristo Rey High School is a special calling. Not only do teachers of religion strive to open the Catholic tradition to young people through formal religious instruction, but they also serve as witnesses of faith. Learn more…

Inclusive Giving Advisor, Greater Cincinnati Foundation (Posted 11/19/2020) The Inclusive Giving Advisor (IGA) drives engagement of qualified prospects and donors from diverse backgrounds by developing and executing a comprehensive strategy for prospect identification, donor cultivation and stewardship. The IGA promotes GCF as a comfortable, inviting, and welcoming resource for donors from diverse backgrounds, highlighting our commitment to racial and gender equity. This position is full-time, with benefits and is located at Greater Cincinnati Foundation. Some evening and weekend hours are required. Learn more…

Automotive Technician, ChangingGears (Posted 11/5/2020) ChangingGears has an immediate opening for an Automotive Technician who will increase our capacity to turn cars into poverty fighting machines. The mission of ChangingGears is to remove transportation barriers for people who are working their way out of poverty. This position accomplishes this mission by restoring donated cars, repairing cars owned by clients, and maintaining cars. Learn more...
Regional Coordinator of Service and Volunteerism, Miami University (Posted 11/5/2020) Miami University Regional Campus is searching for a Regional Coordinator of Service and Volunteerism. This position will have Regional responsibilities to build and maintain external community partnerships; Collaborate with academic departments to develop and coordinate placements including service-learning and community-based learning; Coordinate and implement service-based experiences, volunteer placements (both on-going and episodic), and programs. Learn more...
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