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Whether you have just decided to get into real estate or are simply exploring your options, the information below will give you a better idea of exactly what to expect. 

We have provided the answers to the most common questions we receive, however, if you have any additional questions, feel free to email us.


Do I have to have a license to sell real estate?
Yes. In the United States, you must have a valid, current real estate license, issued in the state you are practicing, in order to sell real estate legally.

So...What’s the first step to becoming a real estate agent?

How do I obtain a real estate license?
To obtain a real estate license, you must complete three key steps.
  • First, you must enroll in a state accredited real estate school.
  • Second, you must complete all coursework to the satisfaction of your real estate school, at which point they will issue you a certificate of completion.
  • Third, you must take and pass the state licensing exam. (When you're ready, we can walk you through this entire process.)

Can I take online classes?
Yes. In fact, online classes are more common than in-person classes. Online classes allow you to study at your own pace, and provide a digital record of your coursework and text exams. If you are interested in ONLINE courses, click here for more info.
However, if you prefer the hands-on approach of a live instructor, you may prefer the more traditional classroom experience . Click here if you are interested in an live/IN-PERSON licensing course experience.

How long does it take to complete real estate school?
In the state of California, it takes a minimum of 54 days from enrollment date to complete all 3 of your licensing courses (18 days between each course).

How hard is the state exam?
While exact pass/fail rates are not available, the vast majority of people who take the exam pass on their first attempt. If you have successfully completed all of your real estate school coursework and test exams, you will be well prepared, as the test exams are modeled after the state exam. “One Day Prep Courses” are also extremely popular among students looking for extended state exam preparation.

How much does it cost to obtain my license?
This varies from school to school, and depends on whether you plan on taking live or online courses. If you would like more specific information on pricing, simply click here.
If you have additional questions...we would love to meet you!   CLICK HERE  for our upcoming Career Night dates where you will learn more information about joining our team and becoming a licensed real estate agent.
Let me know if you have any questions, and we look forward to meeting you!
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