August 2016 Edition
National Drive Electric Week, More Electric Buses(!), EV Roadmap Awards, Member Updates, Renewable Diesel,  WWCC Job Opportunity, Polaris Vehicle Demo, And More!

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Vehicle Bulk Buy Opportunities

Interested in a chance to buy alternative fuel vehicles at a discount? 

We are participating in TWO separate grant-funded initiatives that seek to reduce the cost of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure for fleets, by aggregating demand nationwide. 

Both initiatives are currently gauging local fleets' interest in alternative fuel vehicle procurement via surveys:

  • The Fleets for the Future initiative is developing an effective procurement process to consolidate bulk orders of alternative fuel vehicles and supporting infrastructure, for both public and private fleets. This initiative is being led by the National Association of Regional Councils. Most fuels and technologies are included and any fleet can participate.

  • The EV Smart Fleets initiative seeks to aggregate public fleet purchases of electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure. This initiative is being led by CALSTART, and the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services is also on the project team. This is EVs only (includes PHEVs) and for public fleets only.

If you haven't already,
please fill out these surveys by September 9

Although the information requested is somewhat repetitive, they both offer ways for fleets to collectively reap the benefits of collective bulk buying. Feel free to share these surveys with other fleets or organizations who might also have an interest.

Questions? Let us know

Where To Go For National Drive Electric Week

It's almost September, which means it's nearly time for National Drive Electric Week

This year, September 10-18 marks the annual celebration of all things around electric and plug-in vehicles, complete with local events across the country (plus a few in Canada). EV experts and novices alike gather to talk about their shared experiences, demonstrate the benefits of driving electric, and even take some EVs out for a spin! 

Western Washington events:

Electric Buses For Everett & Pierce Transit

In case you missed it, two of our Clean Cities members recently received some exciting news!

Pierce Transit and Everett Transit both are successful awardees of the Federal Transit Administration's LoNo grant program. As a result,  Pierce Transit will buy two all-electric battery buses, each capable of driving over 60 miles per charge, with an estimated ten-minute recharging time. 

Everett Transit plans to replace four of its oldest buses with all-electric versions that feature an extended range. The buses are expected to travel up to 150 miles per charge and may be put into service on several of Everett's busiest bus routes. 

Kudos To Our Workplace Charging Awardees!

We recently attended the annual EV Roadmap conference last month, and it was a blast! On top of learning about the latest strategies and best practices for growing the electric vehicle market, the conference was abuzz as attendees imagined a clean energy future. 

A couple of Clean Cities members were recognized for their commitment to the Workplace Charging Challenge. Providing workplace charging to commuting employees and visitors doubles the range of EV drivers and is critical to the widespread adoption of electrified transport.

Congratulations to the City of Seattle and Washington State for being EV pioneers! And kudos to the Washington stakeholders honored: Snohomish County, Puget Sound Solar, Eastern Washington University and Olympic College. 

More information on workplace charging can be found on our website

At A Glance: Electric Drive Vehicles 

Want to share the basics of electric vehicles with your organization? The Department of Energy has put together a new, small-format brochure that a nswers the most common questions asked by novices about PEV technologies -- like "what's the difference between traditional hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles?"

WWCC Member Updates

Here's what several of our members have been up to in the field of alternative fuels and advanced technologies. 

Jefferson County: A Biodiesel Leap

Jefferson County has officially ramped up its biodiesel use to a B20 blend -- a notable transition from B0 just a year ago!

Sixteen of the Jefferson County's 18 diesel trucks run on the B20 blend. The other two trucks serve remote parts of the County.  In addition, all of the County's non-road diesel equipment are powered by B20, as well as a handful of other diesel vehicles from local government partners, such as the school and fire districts.

The County initially started the changeover to B20 last fall by mixing it with their existing fuel supply. After a brief pause over the winter, the County has continued to watch their blend levels increase with each order of biodiesel. 

Those who wish to use Jefferson County's master contract to purchase biodiesel (or have any questions) can contact Matt Stewart.

Mercer Island: Cutting Gas (& Grass) With Clean Fuels

Last year, the City of Mercer Island introduced a new Kia Soul EV to their fleet. Since then, the City has made additional moves towards fuel efficiency by swapping older, dirtier fleet assets with alternative fuel replacements. 

The Public Works Department recently acquired a Tier IV tractor that eliminates 90% of the previous tractor's air pollution. Not to be outdone, the City Engineering Department now has a 2016 Nissan LEAF for its site visits. 

The City also operates all of its mowers in the Parks & Recreation Department on propane autogas, a move that saves money and reduces pollution through greater fuel efficiency. The mowers are much quieter and have no risk of fuel spills, which makes the operators love them!

Thurston County: Breaking In Biodiesel

Using the Washington State master contract, Thurston County now purchases a B10 biodiesel blend for their diesel-powered vehicles. In fact, B10 is used in all of the County's 160 diesel-powered vehicles and pieces of equipment.

Thus far, Thurston County reports no maintenance issues with the fuel switch and intends to continue using B10 through the upcoming winter season with potential plans to move to a higher blend or renewable diesel (if available) next year. 

Curious About Renewable Diesel? Start Here

Renewable diesel is all the buzz recently, especially along the West Coast. But what exactly is it, and does it actually work?

Check out our newest fact sheet which explores where renewable diesel comes from, how it's different than biodiesel and the fuel's potential impact on air pollution. More of our research regarding propane autogas, biodiesel, and electric vehicles are also available on our website

Question of the Month

What are the current light-duty vehicle fuel economy and emissions standards? 

Join Western Washington Clean Cities!

Want to kick some gas in the Pacific Northwest? We're hiring! Our Coalition is looking for a technical lead on clean fuels & technologies. The position closes on September 7. 

Test Drive The Polaris GEM

Polaris' GEM vehicles are fully electric (and almost completely silent), boast an impressive payload, and even offer a solar roof option. Want to take one out for a spin? 

If you'd like to test one of these vehicles, Polaris representatives will be in Washington in mid-September (9/12-17). Contact Scott Olsen (206-602-9555, or Jim Johnson (800-732-1108, for more information.