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Takhlakh Lake photo by Jack Moskovita

World Class Fishing 
What, Where, & When to Fish along the Byway

There are hundreds of outdoor recreation opportunities accessible from the White Pass Scenic Byway. Some of the most popular activities involve water! You will find a complete list of lakes and boat launches on the White Pass Byway's website and the free mobile app (WhitePassWa). We have also provided a chart of  peak season   fishing along the Cowlitz River. 

Whether you fish for steelhead, Chinook or Coho salmon, cutthroat or rainbow trout, or even the fighting tiger muskie, each have their own peak season all year long. Come join the fun!

Popular lakes are: Mayfield Lake, Carlisle Lake, Riffe Lake, Swofford Pond, Mineral Lake, Takhlakh Lake, Lake Scanewa, Dog and Leech Lake, Clear Lake and Rimrock Lake.  We weren't kidding about many opportunities! Many backcountry lakes in the Wenatchee and Gifford-Pinchot National Forests offer a more rugged, yet relaxing experience in beautiful scenic settings. 

More of a river angler?  Rivers fishing fun includes: the Cowlitz, Tieton, Tilton, Skate Creek Ohanapecosh, and Naches. Smaller tributaries join these rivers and can accessed from locations in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest  or in the Naches Ranger District on the east side of White Pass.

Other resources: 
  • DeVaul's Fishing Guide is available in local businesses along the Byway
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Prepare for Summer
Look at What's Happening! 

May 1        Lewis and Clark and Ike Kinswa State Parks
May 5        Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center at Paradise
                  open d aily
May 11      Road open to Grove of the Patriarchs
May 12      Naches Run, Walk, Bike, Brew
May 18      Anniversary of Mount St. Helens eruption
                  (free entry  to Johnston Ridge Observatory)
May 18      Paradise Inn at Mt. Rainier opens (Annex
                  rooms are under renovation)
May 24-28 Packwood Memorial Day Flea Market
May 25      Ohanapecosh Campground and Visitor 
                  Center opens
June 2       Saturday Night Fireside Events begin through the summer in Packwood
June 2       National Trails Day (free entry to Johnston Ridge Observatory and Washington
                  State Parks)
June 9       Lake Scanewa children's fishing derby
June 9       Get Outdoors Day (free entry to Johnston Ridge Observatory and Washington
                  State Parks)
June 10     Fishing Day for Washington State Parks with free entry to Lewis and Clark and Ike
                  Kinswa State Parks
June 11     Chinook Pass (Hwy 410) and Cayuse Pass (Hwy 123) open (tentative)
June 28     Sunrise Lodge at Mt. Rainier tentative opening

Find more info on events at our website or on the mobile app (WhitePassWa).
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The White Pass Scenic Byway is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization created for the purpose of public education and promotion of the byway's natural and cultural resources as well as enhancing the assets and resources located along the byway.

The White Pass Scenic Byway, U.S. Highway 12, extending from I-5 to Naches is an exceptional journey, offering travelers experiences of wildlife, outstanding scenic and natural landscapes, and unlimited outdoor recreation. The location between Mt. Rainier National Park and Mt. St. Helens National Monument and Mt. Adams is a premier recreation destination. 

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